anonymous asked:

hi i just wondered what it took to become so popular as an artist/creator on tumblr. like was there a lot of posting before you were noticed etc or were you 'lucky'. also is there anything you think helped this

hi hi, oof I dunno. I think it’s luck really - the internet is so unpredictable with what it likes, loves and mehs and some of my stuff just got caught in the net. Also online popularity is definitely not a direct correlation of how talented/skilled you are as an artist - so I am always very aware of that and have so much to learn and practice. I’m still only starting out. 

My advice for anyone wanting to get their art/content seen is to post frequently, post honestly (people love to see sketches and scribbles not just finished pieces) and try to keep personal posts/reblogs to a minimum or keep a separate art blog. Most importantly: enjoy it enjoy it E N J O Y  I T