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Can I ask you for some Chen Spam? Maybe some abs idk thanks! I love your blog btw! - CL @kpopthirstaddicted 💕

Oh hooooo you’re in for a treat @kpopthirstaddicted​!!!

WARNING: ultra loooooong post ahead!
Let’s begin!

Well let’s start from the beginning where EXO was always asked to show off their superpowers… Here we have jongdae and his slightly embarrassing lightning power:

He got the name ‘Chensing machine’ from his fans
You gotta admit he’s living up to that name these days

Aside from his dancing, his vocals are top!!!

Not forgetting rocker!dae because we need more of that

He’s a total fish sauce magnet

And an occasional resident troll in EXO

His visuals are A++++

He’s our favourite OST king

His photoshoots are always on point

And he looks so good in every single MV released
even if he only appears for a couple of seconds 

His acting deserves a grammy award

Also, his amazing taste in fashion?!

His ability to pull off all kinds of hairstyles…

And how he’s always looking out and having fun with his members

Not forgetting his unending love for his fans too…

Then there’s the occasional teasing and rudeness

And some dae abs as requested

Also the occasional appearance of the cheeseball that he is

But in actual fact he’s actually a weird ball of sunshine

Was this too long? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.. I think there are over 50 gifs here out of my collection of over 500  I hope you like this! ♡


I think this scene is super cool because it reveals the true meaning behind Touka’s change in her personality, she’s way more calmer than before and she’s the true leader of :re, she’s patient and she knows exactly what to do and how to guide the people she loves, and everyone carry a huge respect for her. 

And then he says this:

and I immediately thought of THIS

she definitely made Haise feel good at the thought of having such a beautiful person in his life *sobs*

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Hi! I was wondering if you could help me locate a fic. Phil has the ability to control water and is sent to a government school where he meets Dan, and Dan can summon or control fire. There's a dangerous class, and others. Sorry to bother you!

Nothing Burns Like the Cold - (tw) Phil Lester is different, having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy, which was built to harbor students with magical abilities. Here, he meets Dan Howell, a cold and distant pyromaniac who doesn’t get close to anyone.


Shiro has met Zarkon

In one of his first flashbacks, we see three brief moments of Shiro’s time as a prisoner:

We’ve got the drones coming for Shiro as a prisoner, the drones operating on Shiro, and then…Zarkon himself. Shiro was important enough warrant a visit from the Emperor of the known universe. Why, though? Was it just because he was a pet project of the Druids, their latest experiment? Or was it because Zarkon realized his connection to Voltron and went to…do what, exactly? I have no idea, but Shiro has come face to face with Zarkon and lived. Why though? What did Zarkon want with Shiro? I have so many questions and not enough answers.

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Do you happen to have a compilation of all the member's abs, you know for anatomy research *cough cough*.

of course, we here at kmexoplanet pride ourselves on being adamant supporters of science. we’re always happy to contribute to any studies. so on to the evidence~  ;u;











What the Olishitty fandom does to make them seem like the majority with bot accounts and spamming.

They literally need spam accounts and bots in order to trend, while the Laurel Lance fandom can do it without bots.

Y'all need to do it just to make sure you guys seem like the majority. During April, we came out of your shell and beat you guys with the title of “majority”. Now, we don’t give af and y'all spam to act like you’re the majority once again. You trended WE LOVE ARROW through this, but we trended #NoLaurelNoArrow without stupid bots.

Oh and stop acting like y'all are better than the Clexa fandom, you call them out on cheating yet y'all do the exact same, pathetic.

@queen-benanti @kindofanenigma

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*looks away shyly because i love this blog and dont want you to think im stupid* could you make a xiumin being xiudaddy spam??? youdonthavetoitsjustsomethingithoughtof....

Don’t be shy you little cutie!!

Let’s do this

Are you ready, baby girl?

Daddy stance:



Look at his does he move it like that???!?!?!

I mean LOOK at iT!

God this gif alone…

Imagine him looking up at you like this

or sitting up to watch you…..

You know you’re in for a niGHT when he looks at you like this

Let us gratefully go back to his hips

“Yes, Daddy!”

This picture makes me feel things.

How does he??

“please dance for me daddy”

yes please

I’m hurting


don’t wink at me please wink at me

You know those looks he gives?

and you just 


he has


Planed for you???

Imagine him silently watching you.


His chest is so fucking beautiful! I can’t!


THIS has to be illegal?!?!




Daddy rolls

I’m not okay…

Im gonna leave you with that, princess