THE Max B MIXTAPE DISCOGRAPHY —> Re-Tagged/iTunes Ready/Including Covers —> All in .mp3 format

—> Re-Tagged/iTunes Ready/Including Covers
—> All in .mp3 format

A Wave Called Yes

Coke Wave 1

Coke Wave 2

Domain Diego

Goon Music 1.5

Members Of Byrdgang 2

Members Of Byrdgang 1

Million Dollar Baby 2.5

Million Dollar Baby 2

Million Dollar Baby 3

Million Dollar Baby Radio

Million Dollar Baby

Public Domain 1

Public Domain 2

Public Domain 3 LP

Public Domain 3 Mixtape

Public Domain 5 LP

Public Domain 5 Mixtape

Public Domain 6 LP

Public Domain 6 Mixtape

Public Domain 6.5

The Waviest

Vigilante Season

Wavy Crockett


I’ve always felt the need to be different from the crowd. It hard for me to even like things other people like (hence my #FuckNike #FuckAdidas campaigns). It’s not lit being different like this like people might think. I don’t watch Walking Dead or Breaking Bad and I’m currently trying to hold off on Narcos. Even as a kid other kids would say “you talk proper” or “you think you better than everyone else”. Don’t get me wrong I feel that the world is a stupid place, but I don’t think I’m really enlightened more than others. If anything I feel like most of us just know right from wrong but choose whatever we want.i tried a fedora on the other day, and I looked lit, but this part of me won’t let me buy those fucking hunter hats everyone has. Like I said it’s since I been a kid, I wasn’t always just trying to go left when people went right, I just naturally didn’t gravitate to the same things as most people around me. It really sucks because I feel like I probably miss out on hella cool shit because I don’t can’t look like someone else or talk like someone else or make music like someone else. I’ve been working on my album for years because I never wanted to put out what other people had out (FINALLY DID IT!!!). Hopefully one day I’ll find a balance and not hate everything my peers do *sigh* feel free to comment :) #deauxboy #boymeetsworld #deadstockpizzeria

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