This chess thing is absolutely bothering me and I think I finally figured out why. At first I thought that Stiles/the Nogitsune was just placing random pieces wherever they felt like it, but after better study of the gifs I’ve realized that no, these are two people playing the game and both sides are playing really defensively. I’ve been thrashed by my dad enough times playing chess to know this. 

From the top gif, we see that the white Queen is actually out one square in front of the King, which means that piece was probably sent out, and at the first sign of a threat, decided to retreat back to a safe place, because the Queen is the most powerful piece and to loose it makes it harder to win. It was also moved to let the white bishop out, which is a common move. 

Before I go on, I’m going to explain what I think about the color of the post-its. Pink, I’m guessing are going to be the main players; yellow is insignificant, and blue is neutral. So Deaton is an oddity for Stiles/nogitsune because it doesn’t know what its going to do. 

Right moving on. We see Isaac is taken out to the side because he’s been ‘eaten’ or is out of the game. Based on the board, the logical choice for who got rid of Isaac is Allison. From what I can see, Isaac is a black piece, Allison is a white Knight. One of the special moves of a pawn is that their very first move can be moved two spaces forward. After that its only one place at a time. So Isaac moved forward, and stayed there until Allison moved back and forth across the board to reach Isaac and eat him. Peter could have come up behind Isaac at any point during or after this period. Scott, also a black pawn (I believe) either moved two spaces forward in one turn or moved one space in two turns, stopping next to Allison and being blocked by Kate. Pawns can only move a diagonal direction if there is a piece to be eaten and that is only if they are moving forward, pawns are the only piece that cannot move backwards.

There seems to be a white pawn missing from the board, whether it was eaten already or not, I don’t know.   

One of the more confusing bits is that random pawn piece standing in front of the white bishop, see the little guy? There’s no logical way for that piece to be there, so I’m just going to skip over it. 

Deaton is a castle which means he can only move in straight lines horizontal and vertically. Now, from what I can tell, there isn’t much of a reason that the piece should have been moved so soon. At most, the only pieces Deaton can feast on are pawns, and unnamed ones at that. So it could be that whoever is playing the black side wants Deaton far away from him; he doesn’t trust the dude. Not that I blame them, really. And speaking of castles, Jackson who is long gone from Beacon Hills yet still takes a place on the board moved two spaces up. Perhaps the castle movement was simply a show of power, which is rather useless gestures, especially since the castle could be used as a defensive technique to protect the king known as Castling. If you want to know more about that, just message me and I’ll tell you what I know. 

The white side has but too much emphasis on defense. Its queen could have easily taken Deaton, and not faced any opposition because there is nothing protecting the piece, but for some reason, the player decided to put Argent (we don’t know if this is to symbolize Chris of Gerard) right in the path of the queen. So I’m sort of considering that this piece is symbolizing Chris more so than Gerard because the Knight can eat Scott who is right next to Allison. Protective parents, how cute. BUT ALSO, if the Argent piece is moved once more after eating Scott, it checks Derek. The black queen will be forced to defend Derek and eat Argent, but then the queen can be eaten by the white bishop, leaving the black king with his best attacker gone. Who that is, who knows. 

Aiden and Ethan pawn pieces haven’t moved since the start of the game. They are protecting the King and so probably won’t move until more of the other pieces are gone. 

The way the black side has set itself up is problematic. Because the unnamed bishop over in the corner, can come in and eat the queen and then chow down on the knight in front of the King. It can’t directly attack the King, but it can diminish the black side’s forces without sacrificing anything because none of the pieces next to the King are in any position to eat it. The only way to defend against this is to use the pawns to block the bishop’s path and then have the pawn next to it be used as a defense for the pawn. If the bishop eats that pawn, then it will get eaten by the pawn diagonal from it. 

Something I just noticed, is that all the labels pieces are arranged in a rather specific way. The whites all seem to be people who were enemies of Derek at one point; Kate, Argent, and Jackson, however, the twins are placed closet to Derek and they were his most recent enemies. So what does this mean? Well I have no definite idea, just theories. One is that the Nogitsune wants to have fun by pitting the hunters and werewolves against each other. Jackson is just there because he is everyone’s type. Scott is near Allison because we know from past experiences that Scott will usually always side with Allison more than Derek. And Derek doesn’t trust Peter which means putting him farther away than the other wolves. But why is Stiles arranging the board this way? Because it wants history to repeat itself? Wants hunters and werewolves not to get along because it was the combination of two not so close creatures (the Kitsune and the werewolf) that brought it down the first time? Why is Derek the King? Because the Nogitsune wants to see him fall? We don’t know that for sure because we don’t know who is playing which side. And its far too early in the game to know which side would win. 

Ok, that’s all that I have for now. I think I covered most of the pieces, if not all of them. If I didn’t, let me know and I’ll revise this. 

Because I don’t think that this shot is supposed to give us an insight to Stiles/Nogitsune’s ultimate plan, if it even has one. But I think it serves as a distraction. You focus on protecting one piece that you loose sight of your other pieces. And they might not be as important as the King, but if you loose them, you’ve practically lost the game anyways. So the real question is, which piece on that board is going to be the actual game player? When you look at the board, which piece looks like the best to attack and change the tide of the game? My answer would be the white bishop for the white side and for the black side, either Peter or the unnamed Queen, provided the player finally moves the piece. But everyone expects the queen to move all across the board. And I feel like our true player is someone far more subtler.