Be no longer hopeless mission
For everything or none at all
See the world with code orange vision
Carve the words into your skull


1. I Am King
2. Slowburn
3. Dreams in Inertia
4. Unclean Spirit
5. Alone in a Room
6. My World
7. Starve
8. Your Body is Ready….
9. Thinners of the Herd
10. Bind You
11. Mercy

Recorded and Engineered by Kurt Ballou.
Song premieres & pre-order info coming soon.

WATCH NOW! - Is Survived By (Secret Show) Footage

August 4th, 2013 - We had finished recording our album with Brad Wood and we were eager to people to hear it. We booked a last minute show at the beloved DIY space out in La Puente, CA called Bridgetown DIY. 

Before we started playing we asked the audience kindly to please not record any of the songs we were gonna play, and to just experience with us what we worked to create. We performed Is Survived By in full. We wanted to know how it felt to play those songs in a live setting, and one that our band thrived on as Bridgetown holds about 100 people. 

At the end of the show, to thank the patient crowd we played some old songs. This was a night that we hold very special to us.

We wanted our great friend Chris Avis to film the entire set as he’s been filming our shows since our genesis. We released footage of DNA to help hype the album. The rest of this shows footage has never been online before.. until now! 

Chris Avis has always had a thriving youtube account, but due to some issues he’s decided to move to Vimeo. To celebrate his move, enjoy this performance!

Touche Amore Europe / UK tour with Loma Prieta, Dangers, and Newmoon on select dates. On Sale Friday 8th May @ 9am GMT/ 10am CET

05/08 Prague - Brutal Assault Festival
06/08 Torgau - Endless Summer Festival
07/08 Cologne - Underground
09/08 Cardiff - The Globe
10/08 Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
11/08 Edinburgh - Studio 24
12/08 Dublin - Academy 2
13/08 Liverpool - Academy 2
14/08 Lympne - Hevy Fest
15/08 Ypres - Ieperfest
17/08 Hamburg - Logo
18/08 Amsterdam - Paradiso
19/08 Paris - Glazart
20/08 Gampel - Open Air Gampel