"Why do you shave your eyebrows? I get that question frequently. I think my favorite answer is “because I like to work with a blank canvas”. I’m a creative person and I like the creative freedom that makeup gives me. It can be my warrior paint, my femme fatale look, my abstract painting that no one gets but me.
Some will say you’re just hiding behind it and most people prefer natural looks anyway. I’ve had my hair in all the colors you can imagine, I use contacts to make my eyes cartoonish sometimes – do you think I’m aiming for the “natural” look? Do you think I care?
Are you still presuming that my makeup is something that is done to impress or deceive other people? It always makes me giggle that people would think that I would waste my time making myself look the way I want.. for them. That I would stop painting my lips in beautiful dark shades because mr. what’s s face thinks women with such garish makeup don’t look good.
And what does your natural beauty standard means anyway? Your natural consists in shaved legs, smooth skin, no stretch marks or cellulite. Your natural beauty is made of the same makeup pretending it’s not there. Why should I follow a beauty standard that is not mine?
How could I even feel beautiful with a beauty standard that is not mine?
Your normal is my boring, your weird is my beautiful and my beautiful is being comfortable in my own skin with full on makeup or no makeup at all.”

Well, I managed to finally upload a video in HD, it’s not in fullscrren tho’ eh.


My look for my friend malediction13 ‘s event last night. Had so much fun dancing with wherbeckiv and seeing old friends. For this look, I decided to do deathrock ‘s bat wing eyeliner look again paired with a gorgeous dark lip.  I wore lime crime’s venus palette for the eyes and kat von d’s everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade vampira for the lips.