Here is an old Deathprod track (although, if I’m not mistaken, it might have been appended to the album as a bonus track - not sure) from 1994’s Treetop Drive 1-3, Towboat, the last track to be specific. This one starts like a typical drone track, although of high quality, but around the 15-minute mark it gets quite intense with cuts in and out that I really like. If you have patience for this, you’ll be greatly rewarded over the last 5 minutes. This went perfect with my nap today, actually.

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So there’s a strange affinity with death. Many school districts today are teaching a death education, where they take first graders, second, and third graders and acquaint them with death: Not in the concept of life after death, but with death itself. And, kids are being taken to mortuaries and are allowed to see, and even touch, dead bodies. There is this fascination with death, to desensitize us to death.