anonymous asked:

Fav blogs (not famous please), you are so cute!

I had been saved about this question until now! (it is so hard!)…

In no particular order:

  • myrisingvoice
  • thetransatlanticclassic
  • deathisntblonde
  • misstakexx
  • 1940sthrowback
  • msthrifties
  • felinavoncrop
  • koshermuff
  • sonhovintage
  • spicew0rld
  • delilahdevil
  • sellmysoulforrocknroll
  • bullet-in-the-eye
  • margotdarling
  • cuervo-ambulante (he’s my fiance <3)


Maybe i’m missing some others (sorry), but basically these are what i most reblog and what i most like. I don’t consider they are famous, i mean no one, they are just lovely people and that’s why i follow them! :) 

deathisntblonde  asked:

Say five facts about yourself and then send this to ten of your favorite followers! :) xo

Oh honey, thank you!, ok here i go:

  • I have my nipples tattooed (hearts nipples)
  • I HATE spiders, it scares me as fuck!
  • I have never shaved my legs
  • I’m a really good singer :3
  • I don’t like the term of Feminist
love, love, love!