Umineko Cosplay: Ask Beatrice & Battler - When Shit Goes CRAY (via youtube) / GIFSET

Source Video: HERE

Beatrice is redustrial-ruin, Battler Ushiromiya is maxieyi-marz

Guest Battler and Chick Beato: ducesa-photography and traumaticcandy 


Hellsing Ultimate “Alucard to Walter about Seras” - AxS Photoset

Trying to get myself pumped to fix the Seras wig and take new pictures with the bigger arm v.v

The weather is nice, and there’s a lot of dilapidated looking shit around here to go take pictures around. and I’ve yet to cart around my arm and cannon both.


Cosplayers: Seras Victoria is me, redustrial-ruin, Alucard is maxieyi-marz

Photos: 1 & 4 by:DROO Photographer, Photo 3 by: Serephita, Photo 5 by: FirstPerson Shooter Photo 6 by: Dawen Huang Photo 7 by: RS Photography Photos 8 & 10 by: Traumatic Candy


Madame Red And Grell - Kuroshitsuji 

(Because I’m happy about the reboot and I am enjoying making these)

Song: “Red Stars" by The Birthday Massacre

Credits: Madame Red cosplayed by me, redustrial-ruin, Grell Sutcliff cosplayed by maxieyi-marz, Photos: Dawen Huang,  Photo 3: Lindzar


Hellsing Ultimate: 2011-2013

Alucard and Seras Collection

Song: Transylvanian Concubine by Rasputina

Credits: Seras Victoria (Reg. and Blood) cosplayed by me, Alucard cosplayed by maxieyi-marz, Integra and Anderson cosplayed by lordonisyr

Photos by: RS Photography, FirstPersonShooter photography, droophotographer , Dawen Huang, and IceQueenSerenity 

I was lost on a title again. I’ve been playing with this one on and off. It’s another one from Otakuthon that my little Trauma babu took :D  I can’t wait to see her again for AB! <3
And speaking of AB, I want to get this arm even bigger by then. I added onto it already but I’m still not satisfied. I thought too much about functionality, which was great and all, I love being able to walk around with the arm on without it being too much of a hassle, but it’s just.. so small in pictures v.v I need MOARRRR

But I digress, as always. Enjoy! and hopefully after AB, I’ll have even better Seras pictures, with a better arm.


Seras Victoria cosplay and Photo Editing by: me ( #redustrial-ruin )
Photo by:  #traumaticcandy <3

sharing the latest my beloved Master just posted, hurrhurr <3

This is from another shoot we did at Otakuthon with two other photographers the night after we shot with DROO. This is one by Ron Sin. We have a lot of other great ones from the shoot which I’m really excited to post up :)  Lots of AluSeras Shippyness <3  We realized we were lacking in that dept. with the dawning of the red Seras cosplay. We’re gettin’ back to our roots. Meow. I love him <3


Alucard is #maxieyi-marz
Seras Victoria is me, #redustrial-ruin
Photo by:



Anime Boston 2014 - Umineko no Naku Koro ni Photoshoot - Kanon VS Beatrice

I thought it was about time I start posting photos again. I have all these great shots with my friends from AB so I’m gonna try to get them up. I tried to edit these all cool looking.. Still not sure how I feel about my attempts here with the special effects.

Credits: Kanon is cosplayed by solarflare72393, Beatrice is cosplayed by me, redustrial-ruin

Photos by: Lazzaro Studios


Another homage to fanart from our little trip to Otakuthon 2013 <3
This photo was taken by the beautiful jane of all trades, #traumaticcandy.
Thank you for such a beautiful picture, babu <3 I miss you!!!

I hope you guys enjoy the new Hellsing pics. i’m especially excite about the wig now because I’m finally happy with it and feel confident as Blood Seras now. 

And if someone knows who the source artist of this piece is, please let me know. i’ve been trying reverse image searches and all, I can’t find the artist :(

Blood Seras is me ( #redustrial-ruin )
Photo by:


Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) - Madame Red and Grell 

Lyric Post: “Before I’m Dead” by 



More of these two, because I miss them and would like to do it again. With bloodier photos. 


Cosplayers: Madame Red is me, redustrial-ruin, Grell Sutcliff is @maxieyi-marz, Photo 4: Sebastian Michaelis is nikkinevermore-model, Ciel Phantomhive is nyao-nyao

Photos: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8, & 9 by Dawen Huang, Photos 6 & 10 by Lindzar

Another shot of me as Blood Seras from our weekend in Montreal for Otakuthon. This was arduous… Marz and Trauma had me on the steps doing these insanely painful poses which apparently looked cool. Well, yeah, from what I can see, it does look cool! But ouch!  Thanks for making me look cool babies <3

People said they wanted to see scary shots, so I am making that a priority. I have more AluSeras shots of Marz and I coming in the future <3

For now have me crawling up the stairs J-Horror style 


(Blood) Seras Victoria cosplay: Me ( #redustrial-ruin )
Photo by:  #traumaticcandy  <3333333333

ohhhh, I’ve wanted a picture like this for sooooooooo LONG!!! <3 This is from Rhode Island Comic Con 2012, taken by our friend John T. Riley. I’ve been so excited to upload this. I’ve always wanted one of him biting my neck, so I’m pretty pleased right now :D

Seras Victoria cosplay: me [redustrial-ruin]
Alucard cosplay: maxieyi
Photo by: http:www/


So… I call this one “RAWR”

You don’t understand…. I’m so tired, I’m not even capable of a title right now. How low I’ve gone v.v   I wanted to get this uploaded though. I want to get a lot of things uploaded for everyone due to Anime Boston being around the corner. New pictures, better things to come <3
As always, DROO is amazing at pictures <3

I have so much more to do u_u   I need a nap. 

Hellsing Ultimate / Blood Seras / Otakuthon 2013

Seras Victoria cosplay: me ( redustrial-ruin )
Photo by: droophotographer

My turn to upload a shot from our shoot with Ron!  I love the way all of them came out!  
I’ve decided I like doing Red Seras way more, now, too. I just want to have my harkonnen w/ me one of these days. I really like this picture in particular, looks like they’re having a moment after she saves him from Anderson and snaps him out of it.. You know.. hypothetically, if Walter didn’t then interrupt. In my dreams.

So much great stuff to upload still. I hope you guys enjoy this one, and I’m looking forward to posting more! -Red <3

Alucard is  cosplayed by #maxieyi-marz

Seras Victoria is cosplayed by me #redustrial-ruin

Photo by: