because i recently hit 2k i’m doing my first ever follow forever! i admire all of you and love you all so much. hope this adds a little bit of brightness to your day! 

my all time faves are bolded! 

A @accio-shitpost @aivim @annabcth @araigorn @aredhels @argorns @aryaestarks @asheathes @aeryastark @acorntrooper @arofili @arwwenn @arrgorns @aesgard @aurorharry @arthurpendragonns

B @balrogslayer @baratheons @barduil @bensolcs @brandonstark @branstarrk @bagginses @baggiinshield @baggins-of-baggend @braveburglar @bmobadil @baggvinshield @bilboo @beardedbowman @biliusronald @bulletproofpotter

C @captainpoe @cerseilannister @cerseilennistre @clarasolo @crownsofnarnia @cogsworth @confundo @clareyfray

D @daenerysn @daenerya @daenerystubborn @dreamofspring @dailytolkien @dailypotter @demelzahcarne @daisysridley @damnitfili @duirins @dumbledore @digorykirke @diegolunha @demetera @deatheatcr

E @edoras @elesheir @elfmaidens @elfwines @elizabennets @elizabetbennet @eohmers @elvenking @elvenkiing @eldcrwand

F @feysanded @flntwood @finrods @feanory @feanore @feanope @forbiddenforest @fleamontpotter @frodobaggins @flourishandblotted @fleurdelacors @firewhisky

G @gaaladrieel @gendry @greyjoyvs @gotladies @goldsteinqueenie @gaaaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaaalf @grumpybilbo @goldentrio @glorfindhel @galadrielles @ginnyweaslays @gellertgrindelward @gxnnyweasley

H @healingcordial @herowyn @hobbitbilbo @hobbitsofshire @heartoferebor @hansleia @historyy @hobbitunderthemountain @horcruxa @hermionegrangcr @hmionegrangr @hermiionegrangers

I @iheartgot @ironthrones @isildur-elessar

J @jaimelannistre @jessicallange @jonsnows @jrrtrashcan @jedianakin @jamesandlilys

K @knockturnallley @knocktvrnalley @kiminycricket@klngfili

L @lannisten @lesbiankiliel @lordstark @lordsttark @luthien-tinuviel @loona-lovegood @leiaorganu @leaiorgana @lilychosejames @lotrlorien @leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas

M @margaerytyrellsource @meraudurs @mhysaofdragons @mountainkinq @morganapendragon @mightymelkor @makebeliever @moriquendii @malfioy @merlination @mishacolins @matthishelvar

N @newtscamanders @nenuials @nimrodels @newtscmandr @newton-scarmander @nevillles

O @occlumency @olennnas @onceland @ohfili @ohgandalf @ohremus @oakenshieldbaggins @odious @ollivandirs @ofpotterandwho @orlandobloom @ohhermione @ohlumos @ohnygma @occlument @odairannies

P @petyrs @princelinglegolas @pvedameron @pottersource @pendragaon @pendragno @panlyra @pasteldameron @princemaedhros @pctter @peetaeverlark @professorflitwick @pottern @pureblud @percyjacksom @professorlockhart

Q @queeensusan @queenieqoldsteiin @qvibbler @queerdraco @quaffl

R @ricchardmadden  @rillils @riverrunn @rivendellls @rhivendell @reyskeywalker @rookbcdhi @remuz @ronaldswheezy @richard-grayson @reguluz @remusmoopin

S @sanssa @sansaregina @sauron-is-a-pretty-girl @starddust @starktasticc @starlitsilvan @sassmasterradagast @shiremaiden @shirehobbit @snuhffles @sansarya @sunlightwood @scamhunder @stuckwith-harry

T @targaryensource @thehound @thominho @thranduilion @tolkien-heroines @torhin @tywinlannister @thearkenstone-ck @thestoriesbeyond @tolkien-shitposting @timeladv @theleavesoflorien @tolkiensource @tolkien-in-beleriand @thegreylady @tossme @thraanduiil @thranduilings @thewincheters @thatbrightgranger @thcstrals @tedylupin @tullys @thranduilandhisswagstag @tlotrgifs @triwizardry @tolkiencraft @thrandiul

U @umanyar @ungoliamt

V @voldevolts

W @wanderingsilvan @woodlandcrowns @wizardingsociety

hi! so i’ve never done this, but considering how many wonderful and talented people i see on my dash i felt like i needed to show my appreciation for them somehow… and also, to proclaim my undying love and unwavering loyalty to them just a few days before valentine’s day (consider this a love letter from me lmao)! anyways, no joking, i really appreciate you all and i hope you’ll spend this year surrounded with people who love you and inspire you to do great things!

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(beware my tacky edition skills) 

i hit 250 followers the other day and honestly i am just overwhelmed by the love and attention this little blog of mine got, that’s why i decided to do a follow forever♡

special thanks

@sixshotsofgigglewater: honestly if it wasn’t for you not only i wouldn’t have gotten into harry potter as a fandom but i would not be here typing this right now. everyone should follow you to see how witty and hilarious you are, and so full of knowledge, you’re my personal pottermore! thank you for hyping me up in my best and my worst, and per cent anni♡  

@maud-eration: you’re one of the first people i got to talk in this site and i love to see your posts in my dash!!! i feel like we have very similar thoughts about several things and i could talk with you about credence for hours too

@potthr: i remember talking to you about tips for blogs and you suggested this username to me, and i cannot be more glad! i will always remember that♡

@nacrissablack: you were one of my first followers too and you’re always tagging me in personal posts and i am just so thankful for all the likes and interacting i get from you! so i hope we talk more

@pctter: your blog is GOALS and you’ve been so supportive to me that i cannot help to feel blessed and thankful, really! i do hope we can talk more as well

@burkesandborgin: you’re also one of the people i first talked to, you asked me about skincare and it made me so happy! making the tumblr awards was so fun too and i just feel so thankful to have you around

@ff-sunset-oasis: we started to talk so recently and to follow each other but i am just so happy to have found someone i can hype myself up about blaise and theo like djgdsg your fics are goals and i am just so glad i found your blog!

and to the amazing blogs i follow (mutuals are bold)

a to d: @abrcxasmalfoy @acciolunalovegood @alicelongbottom @aliciavspinnet @asktheboywholived @astohria @aurorpercival @blacksiruis @blacksistrs @burkesandborgin @chocolatetoads @cho-chang @clbuspotter @dailyprophet @deatheatcr  @dracolucivs @drerry

e to h: @emilyscartoons @episkys @evanrsiers @fantastlcbeasts @ff-sunset-oasis @findfyre  @fleuvrdelacour @flintwoods @flintxwood @flurishandblotts @foreverjily @gcnnyweasleys @ginevraparkinson @ginnyweasleu @goldstein-sisters @goldstelns @gryffinndor @gryffndrs @harryjawes @hermionesmenacinglook @herowyn @hispadfoot @howlingremus @huffelpuff @hyppogriff @hwfflpuff

i to o: @jamespottuh @jilys @johnsremus @kapitan5o @leekycauldron @lilyevians @lilygrabharryandrun @littlenifflers @luxiusmalfoy @maraudre @maud-eration @mcgonnagal @meraudurs @mlafoy @mvlfxy @mxlfoydraco @mxrcusflint @nacrissablack @njmphadora @nottxbones @nymphvdora @ohgeorgie @oliverswood

p to r: @padfootd @padmapatil @padmapatilz @pansyparkinscn @pansyparquinson @parvatpatil @parvati-patil @pctter @prcfessorlupin @peppermintparvati @pondsamelia @potthr @provocative-envy @qveersirius @puveblood @ravenneclaws @regulusblach @regulusblackss @remusluvpin @remushlupin @remuz @residentpotter @ronahld @ronweaselyz @ronweascly @rowle @rronaldbiliusweasley @rubeushagriid @rvenaravenclaw 

s to z: @scamandersnewt @scorpiusmalfqy @shriekingshxck @siruisblack @siriusblacc @siriusbllck @siriusisntdead @sirussly  @sirriusly  @sixshotsofgigglewater @slughcrn @slyherin @somnumdraconi @slytherns @slythierins @slytherin-salazar @sirjsblack @sxctumsempra @tcrtarus @thcodorcnott @thebloodybaron @theodornott @thunderbjrd @tonksnymphdora @vixtoireweasley @weaslly @zabiniblaise @zcbini

(edit: tumblr is acting like an asshole and some of my mutuals don’t appear in bold so i am sorry about that and any potential names i might have missed T_T)

when i started this blog five months ago, i would’ve never imagined i’d reach this goal. it wasn’t even a goal bc it seemed unachievable, but early this week i hit 2k followers, which feels unreal. i just wanted to say thank you by making a follow forever, my second one. you may have noticed ( by my constant complaining ) that im a lazy bastard, so this kinds of things sure do take some effort. i won’t bold mutuals or faves, bc mutuals know i follow them and i know who i’m following ( also bc as i’ve said above, im a lazy bastard and i can’t be arsed ) ( and i think my faves know who they are ) besides, pretty much everyone on this list is my fave. once again, thank you very very very much, i appreciate your support <333 

without further ado 

A - E


F - J 

@fcntasticbeasts @fjrebolt @fleurdealcour @fleurdelaccvr @fleurrdelacour @flexrdelacour @flleur @flthymudbloods @g0ldentrio @gallavich @gallecns @gdricgryffindor @georgeweasely @gidconprewett @gincvraweasley @ginnyeweasley @ginnys @ginnyweaslays @goidentrio @grangr @griffindork @grindylos @gryffndrs @gxldentrio@gxnnylovegood@harryurpotter@herhmione @hermiogne@hermionegrangcr@hermionegrangers@hermioniegranger@herrmione@hexrmionegranger@hmionegrangr@hogsmeaded@hogsmecd@huffelpuff@itsgringotts@jamespctterr@jamespottrr@jammespotter@jasonisaacs@jiilys@jilys@johnslupin@julietcapulct​ 

K - O 

@katewisnlet @katiebells @knockturnalleys @knockturnallley @levicrpus @leviohhsa@lilypcttcr@longbcttcm@lunasaid@lupinsnymph@luxiusmalfoy @lvnalovgood @magicfolk @maisiewillaim @malfioy @malfoyco @malfoys @maraudersoul @mariieschrader @marlenemckinnan @marrauder @maruarders @mcrauders @meraudurs @mlfoydraco @mollyprewett @muqqlestudies @mxlfoydraco @mxrcusflint @narclssa @newtscamamder @newtscamunder @newtscmandr @nxrcissamxlfoy @nymphadoratonks @odscurial @ollivandirs @owvlery 

P - R

@padampatil @paddfoot@pansyparkinscn@pctter@percivalgravcs@petuniaevans @pjpedream @pomonasprowt @pottern@pottersir@potterstinks @prefccts @professorflitwick @professorlockhart@prongsno @pronqsie @provocative-envy @pureblud @purelydraco @pvrongs @pyqmypuffs @quaffl @quibblcrs @quididtch @quillsandink @ravnclaws @rcmusluqin @rcmuslvpin @rcnbweasley @reguliusblack @regulusblach @regulusblackss @regulusblxcks @reguluz @regulvsblacks @remhusloopin @remushlupin @remuslupiny @remusmoopin @remuz @ricchardmadden @romanticronweasley @romweasley @ronahld @ronwealseys @ronweasxley @rowenaravenclaws @roxieweasley 

S - Z 

@saintdrarry@scaredpotter@scorpiusmalfqy@scorpiusmilfoy@scorpiusmlfy@scorqius@scrdpttr@sectumsempras@sectumsemprat@simplydrarry@sirepotter@siriiusblacck@siriusblacc @sleepdeprivedravenclaw@slvthrins@slyherin@slytherinalbuss @slythierins @snitchseeking@stupifys@thcodorcnott@themalfoybitch@themalfoyboy@themalfoymanner@thxbiwholivxed@transpotter@upthehillart @veritiserum@vertaserum@victoiredelacoure@victoirerweasley @victoirewaesley@victorkrvm@voldemxrt@weascleys @weasleyey @weasleysquibbler@weasllys@willgrcham @wizardingsociety @zonnkos


2017 is upon us and i can happily say new year, same me. with that in mind, i am making a follow forever because i hit 7oo+ followers and i want to share some bomb ass blogs! i’ve always wanted to do one of these, and i want to show how much i appreciate all these lovely people ♥

+ favorites
+ friends/mutuals

[ a - d ]

@ahprodithe // @allthingshogworts // @aprhodites // @asktheboywholived // @askthegirlwhowaited // @astoriaamalfoy // @avadaqedavra // @aveeragemusings // @avxda-kedxvra // @baby-draco // @bellatrrix // @burchly // @cdrcdiggory // @cho-chang // @confundo // @cozyjily // @cznery // @dealcour // @deatheatcr // @deerjily // @dementcr // @doradelacour // @drac-hoe // @dracobaby // @dracomahlfoys // @dracomalfoytheferret // @dracomisunderstoodmalfoy // @drakomalfcy // @dramionekiss // @draqomalfy // @drxcos-redemptixn // @dumbledore

[ e - j ]

@egdramaqueen // @eldcrwand //  @everdeem // @ewatson // @expecto-patronox // @fcwkes // @fellytones // @festivemarauders // @fiendfires // @fizzingwhizbeesandfirewhiskey // @fjrebolt // @flexrdelacour // @frozenfleur // @g0ldentrio // @gallavich // @ginneyweasleys // @ginnypotterr // @ginnys // @goidentrio // @grangr // @gryffindro // @gxldentrio // @gxnnyweasley // @harryjvmes // @herhmione // @hermionegrangers // @herrmione // @hmionegrangr // @hogsmecd // @hollowsgodric // @hollyjollylovegood // @huflpuffs // @ilvermornyqueen // @its-accio-weasley-x // @jilylicious

[ k - m ]

@knockturnalleys // @knockturnallley // @leviozah // @lilyevians // @lockhart-imagines // @loonylittlemoony // @loonynargles // @lumos-lily // @lupinsnymph // @luxiusmalfoy // @lvicorpus // @lvnalovgood // @magicfolk // @malfouy // @malfoys-patronus // @malfoysslytherinprincess // @marauder-trash // @marlenemckinnan // @meraudurs // @messrmoonyy // @mlafoy // @moonysattic // @muqqlestudies // @mvlfoymanor // @mxlfoydraco

[ n - r ]

@narcissablaq // @nevillxes // @newtscamandersniffler // @nxrcissamxlfoy // @nymphadcra // @nymphadoratonks // @owvlery // @paddfoot // @pansyparkinscn // @pansysunicorn // @parseltongxe // @peppermintpadfvvt // @peppermintparvati // @petuniaevans // @poppypomfrey // @porfessormcgonagall // @pottersir // @prefccts // @pretentious-git // @professorlockhart // @proudpukwudgie // @prvngs // @purebloodhorcrux // @purelydraco // @pxtronuscharm // @qgoldstein // @queenie-goldstein // @quibblcrs // @quididtch // @quidittch // @quillsandink // @ravnclaws // @regulusblach // @regulusblackss // @remhusloopin // @remushlupin // @retiredvoldemort // @romweasley // @ronaldreindeer // @ronaldswheezy // @ronsweasley // @ronweasxley // @rosiewazlib

[ s - z ]

@saint-potter // @salazcrs // @scorpiusmalfqy // @siriusblacc // @siriusblacck // @siriusly-not-over-remus // @slyherin // @slytherin-dementors // @slytherin-pansexual-pride // @socontagiousimagines // @socravtes // @somethingtodowithpotter // @startouchd // @stuckwith-harry // @stupifys // @sunnyxdraco // @survivexistence // @thehogwartsdormitories // @thehowlinthenight // @themalfoybitch // @twinkledraco // @umfleur // @upthehillart // @victorkrvm // @voldemxrt // @weasleysquibbler // @weaslly // @wheezlytwins // @wizardingsociety // @wolfstardreams // @zonnkos

i hope i didn’t forget anyone, but if i did i’m so sorry just know that i love you!! ♥

So, I hit 1k a little while ago and in addition to being very confused, I’m extremely grateful! Thank you so much, I seriously adore every single one of you and I honestly can’t believe I’ve made it this far. This is my first time doing one of these and I’m a huge mess, so sorry if I made any mistakes! Thanks again, you guys are seriously awesome. 

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Hey guys!!! I just reached 1K followers (WHAT??!!) so I decided to make my first follow forever! Thank you SO much to everyone who follows me, I love you all and you make my Tumblr experience great. 

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite blogs (I hope I didn’t miss anyone!):

First, I want to give a special shoutout to everyone in my networks, you all rock! fourhousesnet | clawnet | potterdefensesquad | fleursnet | maraudersficnet | minervamcgonagellnet 


@alohomorea | @alrightanakin | @alrightevans | @alrightlupin | @andpadfoot | @animaegus | @ashryver | @astcriagreengrass | @bellutrixlestrange | @biliusronald | @brongsandbrofoot | @capaldia | @chvdleycannons | @cursedmalfoy | @damnmarauders | @dancingjily | @dearestprongs | @dearmissgranger | @dearsirius | @deatheatcr | @deatheaters | @delaxours | @deluminatorn | @demcntor | @dementore | @doxxycide | @exmarauder | @fantastlcbeasts | @fleamontpottr | @fredweaslays | @fredweazley

@geminoweasley | @georqeweasleys | @ginevrawazlib | @gingerginny | @goldensnltch | @goldentrio | @gracelesschoice | @griffindork | @gxldentrio | @gxnnyweasley | @h0lyheadharpies | @harryjamcs | @harryurpotter | @hcneyduke | @hermionici | @hermioniegranger | @hermivne | @hogwaarts | @hogwartianos | @hohogwarts | @hopkirks | @hoqwqrts | @huuflepxff | @incorrect-harry-potter-quotes | @jamesandlilys | @jamespctterr | @jamessandlily | @jiilys | @kneazles | @knockturnallley | @leakycaudron | @leakycauldrcn | @lightwoodsisabelle | @lilychosejames | @lilyeivans | @lilyeyvans | @lilypcttcr | @lilypottar | @littlegirlweasley | @longbottvm | @lookdraco | @looongbottom | @lupinpotter | @lupinstein | @lurnos | @luxiusmalfoy | @lvynch

@malfoyco | @malfuys | @malfxoys | @mrhpotter | @mxlfoydraco | @mychemicalremus | @mydeerjames | @nxrcissamxlfoy | @occlument | @ohallows | @ohgeorgie | @ohmynargles | @ollivandiers | @onceamarauder | @ourdramione | @paddfootandprongs | @padfootdidit | @paerseus | @pansyprknson | @pctterlily | @percywheezely | @potterbird | @pottern | @pottersmalfoy | @potterstinks | @preciousmalfoy | @prisonerfromazkaban | @professorlockhart | @proffesorlupin | @prongsxdoe | @pronqsie | @prvngs | @pureblccds | @pureblocds | @purelydraco | @quibblcrs | @quibbleresque | @quillsandink | @qveersirius | @rcgulusarcturus | @reindeerjily | @rems-lupin | @remuslupiny | @remusmoopin | @remuspotter | @remustonksteddy | @remuz | @riddikulusirius | @ritaskeetrs | @ronahld | @ronaldswheezy | @ronuldweasly | @ronwesley | @rowling | @rufusscrimgeour

@saintdraco | @scaredpotter | @scorpiusmqlfoy | @sculhy | @secumsempra | @shacklebot | @sincerely-padfoot | @siriuisblack | @siriusbllack | @siriuslybellatrix | @siriuslymoody | @siriuspun | @siriuus | @skeleqro | @slyherin | @snitchseeking | @snowflakevans | @snuhffles | @solemlysirius | @stcrmpilot | @stcrwar | @stcrwars | @stuckwith-harry | @sxlemnlyswear | @slyherin | @teamjkrowling | @teddylulpin | @teddyluppin | @thatstagdoe | @the-perfect-prefect | @theboywholivcd | @theburrrow | @thegreyllady | @theodeckre | @timerturned | @tranxfiguration | @triwzard | @umgranger | @veritiserum | @victoriouskrum | @viktorrkrum | @weasleycharles | @weasleypunk | @whosdraco | @winterpotters | @winterwitches | @wistfxlly | @wolfstrar | @zonnkos

Thanks again for 1K everyone, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it! 

xx, Hollen.

I’ve been meaning to make a follow forever for a very long time now and I finally got around to it. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate reaching 1.5k. Thankyou to everyone who helped me reach this milestone, I adore you all. I’m sorry if anyone is left out but please check out my blogroll for all of the wonderful people who populate my dash.
Love you all - Emma

mutuals // favorites 


 @aguamcnti  |  @alohmohra  |  @alohomorea  |  @alrightblack  |  @alrightevans  |  @alrightpotter  | @avedakadavra  |  @azkcban  |  @azkvbans  |  @beaubaxton  |  @bellaetrix  | @biliusronald  |  @borginburks   @boytoymalfoy  |  @brighttestwitch  | @brosbeforedoes  |  @buhtterbeer  |  @capaldia  |  @chrucio  |  @confundoh  | @crookshankx


 @dailypotter  |  @danradciffe  |  @deatheatcr  |  @deluminatre  |  @drac0lucius  | @dracoluicus  |   @dracomahlfoys  |  @dracossoul  |  @dumbledore  | @eldcrwand  |  @evansdeer |  @expecto-patronox  |  @expectopatronuem  | @fantastlcbeasts  |  @fightiingdragons  |  @flexrdelacour​  |  @flourishandblotted  |  @fredweaslays    


@geminoweasley  |  @georqeweasleys  |  @ginevrahweasley  |  @ginevruh  | @gingerbregulus  |  @goldensntich  |  @gxldentrio  |  @gxnnyweasley  |  @haroldjamespotterr  |  @harrypotterdailly  |  @hermiionegrangers  |  @hermionegreindeer  |  @hermioneshour  |  @hermioniegranger  |  @heymarauders  |  @hmionegrangr  |  @hogwaarts  |  @hohohosirius  |  @hrrypotterr  |  @icanhelpyouthere  |  @infiniteoswins


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Don’t even remember the last time I did a follow forever because I’m the laziest person alive tbh. But today I’VE REACHED 20K FOLLOWERS and I thought I should do something. Thank you guys, this is pretty amazing. I’ve been very busy with uni and I’m sorry for not being here as much as I used to. 

Before anything let me make a little self promo: if you guys like Star Wars go check my multifandom @skywalkertrash / if you guys like A song of Ice and Fire follow me on @doreasand I reblog a shit ton of meta and analysis there. I’m also on twitter (ohdearhart) and on Instagram (danmartorelli).

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yoooooooooooooooo i’ve reached 4k followers last week after like years of having this blog <3 i’m happy, thank you all so much!

i’ve wanted to make a follow forever for a while (i was going to make one for christmas but i had no time) so here we are! thank you for being SO awesome and thank you to my mutuals for following this mess lol, i love seeing you all in my dash <3 (faves are bolded)

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A few days ago I hit a 1,000 followers! I’d never thought that I hit a 1,000 followers in just 10 months! I have made so many amazing friends on here and I’d love to get to know more of you! Thank you so much for following me! <333 Here’s a list of my most favourite blogs! 

aayichiknichameli, addiekinz, adityasfro, aishshahid, ajableher, ajeebdastaan, ajeebserishtey, angelonsky, ankaheee, arshilover12, aur-ho

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oh gosh, i’ve been running this blog since 2012 when my sister was still crazy abt tumblr and i was just like??? and decided to make one (rip just recently, this past year, i stopped being a multifandom blog and focused primarily on hp!! now, i’ve got nearly 0.5k of yall following me on here and i’m so thankful for every last one of you, so to celebrate my almost follower goal, as well as the new year, i decided to make a lil follow forever!!

blogs i admire!!

@gingerbregulus, @okayodysseus, @takeupserpents, @provocative-envy @sectvumsempra, @ibuzoo, @knockturnallley, @rustyvoices

number ones in my heart!!

@markedmalfoy (who i absolutely adore after countless messages spent talking solely about our mutual love for our lil cupcake sunshine) & @incompetants (who is my honest to goodness favorite person in the whole wide world, without a doubt, hands down, even tho i’m not even sure will see this)

lovely people!! (bolded = mutuals)

     # - D

@-hedwig, @4-privet-drive-little-whinging, @aavengrs, @acciosgranger, @achillics, @aesterismos, @aguamcnti, @amotrentia, @animaegus, @astcriagreengrass, @audpburn, @avgerropoulos, @awloony, @awpotter, @azkcban, @azuila, @bcnhills,  @biliusronald, @blamemalfoy@buhtterbeer@christmaslily, @colubrina, @crooked-queen@deadpadfoot, @deadpotter, @deatheaters, @deatheatcr, @deleacour, @deamus@dhrfaves@dracmalfoy, @dracoh, @dracoluicus, @dracomalfouy, @dracomalfxy, @dracosabraxas, @dramioneasks, @dracosgrangers, @dramione-vincet-semper

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     happy new years everyone!!

To thank everyone for 305 followers (!!!!), I created a Follow Forever! This is me sharing the roughly 50 HP blogs I follow, ones I definitely think you should check out if you haven’t. 

Also, FYI, because purelydraco is a sideblog, I follow these people from my personal account (aishitaeru) so if you ever wonder where I am in your followers, there it is haha. 

[bold are mutuals]


acciowalnuts alrightpotter blaisedzabini boytoymalfoy buhtterbeer clracomalfoy dailypotter deatheatcr dementore diydrarry dracoh dracomalfoytheferret dracopctter dracoterribilis drarryking drarryliciouskisses drarrytrash elegantsiren fantastlcbeasts feverfudqe icanhelpyouthere insidethehouses kingdracos knockturnallley luxiusmalfoy maroonweasley


ohremus omgpadfoot onceamarauder paddfoot padfootdidit pastelpadfoot pctter phadfoots poorlilgayremus professor-padfoot prongsxdoe poofpadfoot recklessxthebrave reigulus remusandthelupin remus-lupine remusmoopin regulusblach scaredpotter seekingwonders siiirius siriusbllack siriusplacktinylittleferret whosdraco

If you think I missed anyone or that I’d really like your blog, please feel free to message me so I can add to it or fix it! Thank you so much for following me, guys! I love you all. 


ishaare’s follow forever 2014:

I wasn’t going to do follow forever because I am a lazy person but hey look, I did manage to make one :p ( Just a day before the year ends, procrastination at its best) But that aside, it has been a hectic and great year at the same time and without all,  this year wouldn’t have been the same. You all brighten up my dash (as cheesy as that sounds but it’s true) with all the gorgeous gifsets, edits or textposts :’) So thank you all and I wuv you guys ok :’) I really hope I don’t forget anyone :(


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anonymous asked:

Heyy, I need more Harry Potter blogs to follow, any recommendations?

b Yep! I have a list right here (in no particular order):

@pxtronuscharm @alohomohra @lestranqe @luxiusmalfoy @lupinteddys @lordmalfoy @leakycauldrcn @accioron @bahtmun @bloodyhellharry @deatheaters @fantastlcbeasts @fiendfyred @gxnnyweasley @grffyndors @ginnywheezy @hvfflepvfff @hvgwvrts @hugvvarts @syriuslyharry @thatstagdoe @the-keepers-of-the-keys @potters-broomstick @potters-broomstick @regulusblaq @remusjohnslupin @regulusblxcks @reguliusblack @knockturnallley @saintdraco @saintpottcr @umgranger @umfleur @avahda @avadaqedavra @leakycaudron @levicrpus @lunavlovegood @lunaloveqod @alohmohra @stuckwith-harry @ronaldweasl-y @ronahld @hermionegrangcr @hermiionegrangers @dracomahlfoys @malfuys @fleurdelaxour @hcrrypotters @hcneyduke @pclyjuicepotion @theboywholivcd @jammespotter @jamesandlilys @deatheatcr @dearlydraco @godrixhollow @godricgryffinroar @quibblcrs @quibblrr @quibbleresque @quaffl @quaffle-chasers @tranxfiguration @triwizarded @triwizardry @brtycrouchjr @brighttestwitch @paddfoot @veritiserum @voldemxrt @ronwesley @themalfoyboy @weasley-wheezy @whosdraco @mandrakescry @nevillles @nearlyheadlessfinnick @newtscamender @ohlumos @openthesnitch @ronesweasley @alrightevans @alrightlupin @riddikulusirius @rixddle @dreadfuldraco @fawxkes @ginnydear @ginnypotterr @ginnxweasley @ginevrawazlib @ginevramollys @ginevraweasel @ginevrahweasley @wickedraco @weasleysquibbler @ughhdraco @ungranger @borginburks @bottseveryflavorbeans @grimmauldhollow @haxrypotter @literalhermione @lilypxtter @stopefy @draomalfoy @liquidlvck @thdailyprophet @mvlfoymanor @mvlfoys @mvlfoy @pygmypxffs @pyqmypuffs @narcissablck @biliusronald @manfoy @poppypomfrey @kinkygrxnger @expectopatronuem @siriusblacck @siriusblxxck @dmentor @tomsfeltons @scamanderbeasts @siriiusblacck @gryffndrs

That’s not all of them, of course, but that should get you started.