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Sorry for the quietness here on tumblr XDXDXDXD So much things going on. I’ll try to work on my productivity more ;P Anywho, just letting you guys know, myself and Eevee will be attending geekmart tomorrow, 15th of July at the Filmbase in Temple-Bar. I’ll be hipster Eren Jaeger and Eevee will be hipster Mikasa :d We’ll be there around 1 o’clock so if your in town, come and say hi! :D

More cosplay, memes and love on there way ;)

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Thank you all, ya nasties <3 Love reading all your Daddy comments on this gross man~ Thought I would post a few more selfies since I am really feeling this look right now. I also host live streams on my cosplay instagram @luvkii_cosplay if you ever want to watch my makeup process! Really excited to do some future stanchez content with my partner @deatharising


@luvkii_cosplay As young Rick Sanchez and @deatharising as young Stanley Pines. 

Check us out on You Tube and Instagram! 


I would like to make a LONG LONG LONG shout-out to everybody I’m following! You give me laughter, sin, tears, memes, theories, and all kinds of other crazy things! Even if I don’t even go on your blog that much, you make my day better!!! So thank you!!!

And now the long… Long list (I’m such a dork)

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@x-duck-roulette-x @rainbowchibbit @pinesinthewoods @mtt-brand-undertale @askenderbro @renrink @reborntale Thank you! All of you! You all mean so SO much to me whether your tumblr famous or just a smol bean starting out! YOU’RE ALL AMAZING!!! Sincerely, A fan.

Sharing the video me and my partner, @deatharising, did in celebration of one of our favourite ships! I am so happy to revamp our Stanchez and I am so thirsty to do more ahhhh!


We did some extra filming for the Castle cmv but didn’t make it into the final cut. Thrown together a video with them now so hope you guys like it! 😄 @luvkii_cosplay Dipper Gleeful, @jenniwrenn5 William Cipher, @deatharising Stanford Gleeful #gravityfallscosplay #reversefallscosplay #willcipher #billcipher #willciphercosplay #billciphercosplay #dipperpines #dipperpinescosplay #dippergleeful #dippergleefulcosplay #stanfordpines #stanfordgleeful #stanfordpinescosplay #stanfordgleefulcosplay #cmv #cosplayers #willdip #billdip

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Stanchez CMV comeing soon! Its been a year since our last one so it’s about time~ We have new outfits and props and I’m very excited to show you this trash!
Thank you @belialpetal for helping film the cmv~
Rick Sanchez: @luvkii_cosplay
Stanley Pines: @deatharising
Song: Do I wanna know | Arctic Monkeys
#ricksanchez #youngricksanchez #ricksanchezcosplay #rickandmorty #rickandmortycosplay #fleshcurtains #fleshcurtainsrick #adultswim #cosplay #gravityfalls #gravityfallscosplay #stanpines #stanleypinescosplay #stanleypines #youngstanleypines #stanchez #stanchezcosplay

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Its ya BOOYYY! 💀
📽 @belialpetal
Guzma: @deatharising
Featuring: @luvkii_cosplay
Song: With out me/ Eminem
#guzma #guzmacosplay #guzmapokemon #pokemonsunandmoon #pokemon #pokemoncosplay

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The next part to the story. William is in need of saving and who can lend him a hand? With six fingers you’d think he would be the best candidate…
William Cipher: @jenniwrenn5
Stanford Gleeful: @deatharising
Camera: @tatsumikaan
Lighting: @belialpetal
#gravityfallsford #fordpinescosplay #fordpines #reversefalls #reversefallscosplay #gravityfallscosplay #gravityfallsbill #gravityfalls #cosplay #billcipher #billciphercosplay #billcipherhuman #stanfordgleefulcosplay #stanfordgleeful #willcipher #willciphercosplay #reversefallswillcipher

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Trash of a Stanchez 1980s crime AU that Spinetrick on Tumblr inspired us to do~ Rick Sanchez @luvkii_cosplay and Stanley Pines @deatharising thank you @dropthegrace for your amazing camera work! Such a good apprentice!

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