Normally I don’t like the punny names, but I think it’d be cute if the Phantom Girl’s name was Yuu Rei, which is a pun on yurei.

Yurei are ghosts in Japanese mythology, said to be the victims of sudden or violent deaths. They might also walk the earth because of powerful emotions like jealousy or vengence.

Also Yuu and Rei are actually Japanese names, so they don’t look quite as butchered as Fureddo or Miyuji.


DaveJade Vampires/Hunters AU

Oh loneliness - oh hopelessness
To search the ends of time
For there is in all the world
No greater love than mine 

Let me be the only one
To keep you from the cold
Now the floor of heaven’s lain
With stars of brightest gold

They shine for you - they shine for you
They burn for all to see
Come into these arms again
And set this spirit free

After her grandfather was murdered by merciless and immortal creatures of the night, Jade Harley made a solemn vow to avenge his death.  How, you may ask?  Go give Van Helsing a run for his money, wield a pistol full of silver bullets, carry a wooden stake, and keep garlic in her pocket.  For years she has been hunting and killing vampires in her family’s name; but when she spares the life of a particular blonde haired and sunglasses wearing vampire, Jade will have to trust him.  She believes that he knows who are the vampires that killed her grandfather long ago, and he is her only chance to finally receive the vengeance she craves.

200 years ago, David Strider became a vampire in order to save his brother from certain death.  Now he walks the earth for eternity, stealing the lives of innocent humans, obeying the laws of his coven, and knowing that he will go to neither heaven nor hell if he is killed.  But one night, he meets a vampire hunter, who he thinks might be the most dangerous he’s ever met.  Not only because of her skill as a slayer, but because of her beauty.  Dave knows that she wants nothing but to avenge her family’s murder by his own kind, and he’s willing to assist her… but only if she can help him obtain a cure for his vampirism.  

Because sacrificing your immortality can only mean that your love is true.