Scott Snyder’s interview: Joker-Batman romance (plus my opinion on Joker/Harley)

Again, to be clear, the romance between them [Joker and Batman] for me has always been this sense of them locked in this dance. And Joker likes to play it up. “We love each other. We can never leave each other. I am the other half of you. You complete me.” It’s not prosaic or a real romantic love. They are opposites and the Joker loves to use that language to taunt Batman. “You’ll never be rid of me. We are married. You can’t get rid of me. We will forever be partners in this way.” That’s his lexicon.

-Scott Snyder (x)

The Joker is unable to feel love in the way that we mean and experience. He is a man pure evil entity utterly obsessed with Batman and their game. He knows no boundaries, understands no personal space, breaths people’s weaknesses and knows how to get under their skin to manipulate and corrupt.

Batman is the real face of a damaged Bruce Wane, a man unable to sustain a healthy personal life, who sacrificed it in order to fight his inner demons and stay sane. The Joker just knows that to raffle a person so uptight and deprived of affection, sexual innuendos is the way to go.

Let me clarify here that he does call Batman darling, he does love him and he means it, but in his own twisted way. Just as he really does try to kill him but only because he knows that he won’t succeed or else they aren’t equals. Their dynamic is unique and perfect as is, proven by the fact that the Joker is considered the best Batman villain and one -if not the- greatest villain of all time.

By the way, don’t even get me started on the Joker/Harley stuff. She was a person he had one hell of a time doing what he does best: manipulate. She is his trophie. He made her and now he owns her, just like he owns his car and his gun. And all three of these have his emblem on them in one way or another, ‘cause they are items that are there to promote The Joker himself. And all three can be discarded. Harley is his narcissistic proxy that he keeps around to make him feel even more in love with himself. The guy even kisses himself in the mirror in the comics you guys. There is NO real mad love. It’s a sad combination of domestic physical and physiological violence and abuse, Stockholm Syndrome and Hybristophilia (aka Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome) to name a few. There is NOTHING cute about them and their relationship. They were NEVER equals.

Stop romanticizing them.

The whole “That could be us by you ain’t mad enough” thing? Yeah, well sit down and think about what you are saying for a moment.

Ship whatever you want and however you want it. Every single one of us does it at one point. Hell, I do it all the time and across so many fandoms. Just keep your facts straight when it comes to canon and sensitive subjects.

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