Take me to a place, darling

where the skies are purple

where the moon rises from its slumber

Take me to a place, darling

where we can lay under the constellations

and plot our destiny

Take me to a place, darling 

where weeds grow and flowers rise

Take me to a place, darling 

where death dies 

where i can feel a gentle breeze between my pores

where i can receive tender kisses from nature

Take me to a place, darling

where i can feel alive

anonymous asked:

It was my birthday today and I spent it in the hospital with my Nana because she is slowly dying and I feel like if she truly does die sometime around now, I think I would go back to the way I was before. Truthfully, I'm scared

I’m so sorry you’re going through this darling, but death is the inevitable path we all must take. I’m sure your Nana has lived a full, happy life and she’s in the best place, warm in bed surrounded by loving family. I know it’s hard and you’re hurting but you need to stay strong for your family and for her after she’s gone as you’re all going to be hurting. You need to stay together and support each other through this tough time. <3 

bichol replied to your post: peachdoxie replied to your post: the s…

hey dude if u want to delete thats cool but like… you could still have a personal blog where you reblog idk stuff you like it doesnt have to b pjo or death darling DD: we all love you a lot! id be sad to see you go because you are super sweet!!

SENSEI!! -flops on you-

no, no like i love pjo/hoo. despite of how the fandom acted 2 years ago, it will always be a major part of me. it helped me to cope with a lot of things. not to mention how making this blog helped me self esteem dramatically and significantly. i just have a lot of feelings that people have gone inactive. and i know i’ve gone inactive as well, so its partially my fault. can’t beat life, then ya gotta join it, right?

i really dont want to go, but i’ve lost motivation in a lot of things lately. i just feel…lost…

The sun on Ivera
No longer shines brightly,
The voice of her music
No longer is sprightly;
No more to her maidens
The light dance is dear,
Since the death of our darling
O'Sullivan Bear.

Scully! thou false one,
You basely betrayed him,
In his strong hour of need,
When thy right hand should aid him;
He fed thee—he clad thee—
You had all could delight thee:
You left him—you sold him—
May Heaven requite thee!

Scully! may all kinds
Of evil attend thee!
On thy dark road of life
May no kind one befriend thee!
May fevers long burn thee,
And agues long freeze thee!
May the strong hand of God
In His red anger seize thee!

Had he died calmly,
I would not deplore him;
Or if the wild strife
Of the sea-war closed o'er him:
But with ropes round his white limbs
Through ocean to trail him,
Like a fish after slaughter—
‘Tis therefore I wail him.

Long may the curse
Of his people pursue them;
Scully, that sold him,
And soldier that slew him!
One glimpse of heaven’s light
May they see never!
May the hearthstone of hell
Be their best bed for ever!

In the hole which the vile hands
Of soldiers had made thee,
Unhonour’d, unshrouded,
And headless they laid thee;
No sigh to regret thee,
No eye to rain o'er thee,
No dirge to lament thee,
No friend to deplore thee!

Dear head of my darling,
How gory and pale,
These aged eyes see thee,
High spiked on their gaol!
That cheek in the summer sun
Ne'er shall grow warm;
Nor that eye e'er catch light,
But the flash of the storm.

A curse, blessed ocean,
Is on thy green water,
From the haven of Cork
To Ivera of slaughter:
Since thy billows were dyed
With the red wounds of fear
Of Muiertach Oge,
Our O'Sullivan Bear!

—  Dirge of O’Sullivan Bear - Jeremiah Joseph Callanan

caffeineaf asked:

Baby please please don't do this to yourself. You are such a brave and inspiring person. One day you will have won this battle. Have you ever heard the story of the man who interviewed all the people who've jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and lived? They all said on the way down they realized all their pain is temporary. Death is permanent darling and the thought of you taking your life physically pains me. You are gorgeous funny amazing and STRONG. These days are rough but I have faith in you

It hurts too much I just don’t know what to do anymore

I know you are a fire and 
if I’m the rain
the timing is slightly off 
‘cause for me to hold you means death
and you,darling,must live
But maybe,just maybe
if you forget the dangerous part 
and start to love me like 
you’ve never been left, you’ve never lost love 
then just maybe
I could love you like 
I’ve never been deceived,never been hurt
And we could maybe learn how is it 
to keep your heart on your sleeve without seeing it bleed 
or how is it to make art with our bodies
Normal people say it’s magical
But maybe our love will kiss with teeth 
and our bodies will be cold ice 
maybe we will meet in winter 
after the last snow
so I can see your footprints after you leave me 
I know where it all leads
and that love is never enough but
oh lord
hope has driven people mad
 I will try and stop burning
and you try and stop raining 
and maybe we can try and go mad together 
and we can try and love like
we are both fine
and the world doesn’t owe us a life. 

Over the last few days, I have discovered so many things. And so this, well, this is my response.

And nothing was left for you and me.

anonymous asked:

Hades, Demeter, Hera

Hades: do you believe in life after death?

Darling, I am life after death. It’s obvious that I do believe in it.

Demeter: favourite season and why

I love all seasons. Spring for it’s beauty in blooming, Summer for the fun of warm breeze, Autumn for it’s crunchy leaves under my feet and Winter because I love the snow~

Hera: opinion on feminism

I am completely with it. I don’t see why mortals should segregate rights from one another, we’re all different in our unique ways but don’t deserve having less rights from another. 


Smiles All Round by Deaf Havana

So, where do I begin?
I woke up today
and dragged this broken suitcase through the rain
I’ve been searching for the inspiration
Got lost along the way…
And you said before I left,
“James, don’t you drink yourself to death.”
Well, my darling, I’m afraid I can’t keep that promise
or even try my best

So, while you sleep alone tonight
I’ll be up ‘til the morning light
So, for now things will be alright

Another place that felt like home for these past seven months
is nothing but a number on a door
and a street that felt familiar once
And I’ve got this great ability to ruin everything that’s good for me
and I swear I won’t be satisfied ‘til everything goes wrong
[’til everything goes wrong]

While you sleep alone tonight
I’ll be up ‘til the morning light
So, for now things will be alright
‘cause I know soon there’ll be a day
when these glazed eyes will fade away
‘cause the truth is I’m not okay…

I will start again
I will retrace every step
I will start again
I’ll start it… again…

So, while you sleep alone tonight!
I’ll be up ‘til the morning light
So, for now things will be alright
‘cause I know soon there’ll be a day
when these glazed eyes will fade away
‘cause the truth is I’m not okay!

So, while you sleep alone tonight…
while you sleep alone tonight…
while you sleep alone tonight…
I’ll be up ‘til the morning light… tonight…

anonymous asked:

Girl there's a right way and a wrong way to troll people and you are doing it so wrong. Read a book, educate yourself, then troll. You sound like a 10 year old sending rape and death threats, please darling learn how to troll before coming on this website


amaitenshi asked:

"Well, just lay here with me, then, until you have to go."

           『G』— “—-If you insist.” 

He replies very, very gently, his voice like a pin hitting the floor. A moment of silence leaves his 

mouth, and he moves towards her, following the scent of her soul closer towards her bed. 

His hat is knocked away, his hands reach down to brush over the warm sheets lightly. 

       —— As lightly as he could, he lays himself down, inch by careful inch. —I should have 

left quite awhile ago, to be honest, darling. Death and Fate never let me have many breaks. 

    —-But you are able to persuade anyone so easily. You’d make a lovely reaper, Miss. Stocking.”