tease || t.h

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: When you tease Tom all day, he decides to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: another tom smut was highly requested so here ya go bust a nut !!!

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“I’m useless to you now”

1) “I’m useless to you now.” 
“You’re a person, not a toaster. You don’t have to have a use.”

2) “I’m useless to you now.”
“Not quite. I can still find purpose for your death, my darling.”

3) “I’m useless to you now.”
“Oh please, you were always bloody useless. I love you anyway.”

4) “I’m useless to you now.”
“I’m sure I’ll find something to occupy you, don’t insult my creativity like that.”

5) “I’m useless to you now.”
“So’s my appendix, big deal. At least you haven’t tried to explode a hole in my stomach yet. You’re fine.”

6) “I’m useless to you now.” 
“Then for old time’s sake, I’ll give you twenty four hours to run.”

ck || t.h

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Request: anon: ok first i wanted to say that your writing is amazing and second i was wondering if you could do an imagine were the reader is a well known model an has a calvin klein photoshoot with tom holland and it gets steamy between the two and it ends with smut? i’m sorry if i was too specific

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: so. many. sins.

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It's Never Too Early

-LokixReader fluff
-You get Loki in the Christmas spirit early


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmaaaaas…. EEEEEVERYWHERE YOU GOOOOOOOO…” Your voice resonated through the halls of your and Loki’s house as you slid across the hardwood floor wrapped in garland. “With candy canes and silver lanes that glooooooow”

“Darling.” Loki’s annoyed voice came from the living room couch.

“But the prettiest sight to seeeee..” You slowly danced over to where he was lying with each lyric, “is the holly that will beeeeeeee….” Your voice rose as you fell on top of him, wrapping garland loosely around his neck. “C'mon… C'mon finish it with me..” You probed with a child-like smile.

Loki sighed with a warm smile, shaking his head slightly. “Alright, fine.” He replied, making you giggle like a school-girl.

“On your ooooooooown frooooooont doooooooooor!” You both sang out in unison, laughing at how your voices meshed together. “I love Christmas!!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms around Loki’s neck.

“I thought you loved Halloween the best?” Loki said inquisitively, raising a brow at you.

“Well, I do. But Christmas brings all the warm, comfy feelings of home. Halloween makes you feel all creepy and preps you for the impending holiday season.” You say matter-of-factly.

“Ah.” Loki replied, chuckling. “You’re so cute.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhm.” Came Loki’s muffled response as he kissed your neck

You playfully roll your eyes and nudge him off -reluctantly- and stand above him. “Later, sir. Right now, we have a whooole lot of decorating to do.” You smirk and toss him an ornament.

“It’s November 6th!” He called after you, though he knew that never mattered to you.

“Which means we only have 49 days until Christmas, so chop chop!” you walk past him with the mistletoe, sending him a wink.

“You are going to be the death of me, darling.” Loki mumbled, shaking his head as he followed you down the hall.


“Aaaand that’s… It! We’re done! With this room, that is.” You smile proudly as you say on the couch to take in all your hard work. “Looks good. But something’s missing…”

Suddenly Loki came around and pecked your lips, holding the mistletoe over your head. “Would this be it?” He asked with a smirk.

“Why yes, kind sir! If you would be a gentleman and hang that for me, I would greatly appreciate it.” You bat your eyelashes, causing Loki to chuckle as he stood to take the mistletoe to the doorway.

“I still think it’s too early.” He said, flinching when you wrapped your arms around his waist and stood on your tip toes to peck his cheek.

“It’s never too early, darling. Now… Come deck my halls and bring joy to my world…” You said in a seductive voice, but you and Loki both began to laugh.

“I will do anything as long as you promise to never say that again.” He said between laughs, taking your hand and kissing your knuckles.

“Deal.” You reply, the biggest smile plastered to your face. You had lights and garland and Santas all over the place. But you had your Loki in your arms, and with or without decorations, as long as he was there, you were the happiest girl in the universe.


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(Wellp! What’d you think? I personally loved writing it :) I hope you enjoyed! My first Loki fic ahh! I would love to write more, requests/tags are open! But life is crazy, so please have patience with me 😁💓 I love you guys!!!)

Shall We Test That? (Loki/Thor x reader)

Request: phantomsmenace said: hi bonnie! i was wondering if you could write one where during the events of the first avengers movie where Loki tries to protect you while everything is going on? either romantic or platonic? thank you!! 

“It’s an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me.”

Loki heard Fury reply to his taunting, but he didn’t hear the words from his mouth.  In fact, he barely knew what he, himself, had just said. He was simply buying time, waiting for the moment when the Hulk would take center stage against a team that was barely his own, and when Loki could be free to make his escape.  He didn’t care at all about anyone on this floating fortress other than one; he only cared about where they were holding you and how he would reach you.  If his connection to Barton was holding, the archer would already be following his orders to retrieve you and keep you safe.

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Identical Cousins, Bitches.

Well, after reading this last night… I kind of can’t stop thinking about all the ways this makes sense. I’ve shrugged off a ton of twin theories, because over all the idea bores me. But placing the characters in context, it really does fit the most empty spots.

 If you didn’t follow the link, it’s a still from the official 7B promo. It very clearly shows Sasha walking with Jenna, both apparently blind. Both wearing sunglasses and carrying walking sticks, walking side by side. Thanks to @charleswkingston for catching it and posting it! And thanks to @a-rebel-boy for posting his suspicion that it was a sign they were going with the Courtney/Ali twin plot (from the books) after all.

 So since then, my mind has been putting together a lot of pieces, and as dull as I always found the idea, there are a lot of ways it can sew up some open ends.

 So, my interpretation, literally just based on that post, is: 

-Ali has an identical sibling. 

-I would assume to thread together all the plot holes, that twin is Bethany. Obviously this explains why we’ve never seen her face.

 -Bethany is not her birth name. She is actually (placeholder name will be Courtney) Drake. 

-Bethany is the daughter of Mary and Ken (Or this Drake guy, that Mary may have taken her last name from?). 

-Ali is the daughter of Jessica and Ken (Or this Drake guy.)

That makes Ali and Bethany both cousins and half sisters. It ALSO makes them biologically identical, as if they were actually sisters. Jessica and Mary have identical DNA as twins, and if Ken is both of their fathers (OR someone else, but the father is the same), that means they have the same DNA both paternally and Maternally. Which actually makes them identical twins, despite having different mothers. Which, P.S., makes a ton of sense in relation to the “ADA or Ardor” post I made.

So to be clear here, We are talking about the Courtney/Ali story, not being just identical twins. But actual Identical cousins. (yes, this is actually possible.)

Ashley Benson said about her reaction to A.D. That: “I would have never guessed that it was even a possibility, so I was very shocked.” That could point towards her not knowing the biological possibility that half siblings can be identical if the differing parents were identical twins.

 We’ve all pointed out how very easy it would be for Mary to have seduced Peter, since Peter would have thought that it was Jessica. The same could easily apply to Ken. Though, for all we know, it was Jessica who was pretending to be Mary. 

Ooooh! Remember that Bethany was angry at Mrs. Dilaurentis, because she had been having an affair with her father? Well, if they have the same dads, then, yes… someone was definitely having an affair with someone’s dad. 

Remember the entire thing about Jessica taking Bethany to the horse farm, and asking her to call her ‘Aunt Jessie?’ Well, if she is Mary Drake’s daughter, then that would be totally accurate. 

OK, so Bethany and Ali are identical cousins but also twins. from here the theory starts to ramble a bit… but I’m holding steady on the Identical twins things. 

Bonus: Remember when Yvonne and Toby revealed a fondness for watching Retro TV? This gives Toby the basis to acknowledge that it’s just like “The Patty Duke Show”. Which, if you’ve never seen it, is a mid-60′s TV show, where actress Patty Duke plays dual roles as cousins who are completely Identical. The theme song is iconic. “They’re cousins… Identical cousins, all the way…”

 Let’s talk about Jenna and Bethany. 

Remember when Jenna came to town, and she said she knew all about Ali? At the costume shop in the Halloween episode, she made it pretty clear that she learned all about Ali before she got to Rosewood. And then at Ali’s memorial service, Jenna says “My whole life, I thought I knew who Ali was.”

  So imagine that Bethany and Jenna met before Jenna came to Rosewood? Maybe Jenna knows her from Radley? She would know as much about Ali as Bethany would’ve learned. And she would, of course, be a line to Bethany with info from that point on. 

In the promo, we see Ali and Jenna walking side by side, both seemingly blind. So we can assume that this is happening after 'the Jenna thing’. I don’t imagine that Ali will be going blind and hanging out with Jenna any time soon, so it sort of stands to reason that this is a flashback? 

So what if Bethany was actually in the shed with Jenna? So both Bethany and Jenna sustained eye damage, and would both have gone through education and recovery at the same time. This makes sooo much more sense of why 7x10 took place in a school for the blind. Maybe Bethany only lost her sight temporarily. Maybe her eye surgery was successful. Regardless, I think she’d have to have regained her sight almost completely to be carrying on in any 'A’ shenanigans. It would be hard to be blind and pretending to be Ali. And unless Bethany really did die that night, then yea, she would be pretending to be Ali at least some of the time. 

Bonus: In Ezra’s lair, as well as, I believe, several ‘A’ lairs… there is a picture of Ali, with eyes cut out. Clue towards Bethany having lost her sight?

It starts to seem like this entire story revolves around 'the Jenna thing’. But it’s really 'The Bethany thing’ the night that Ali showed her true colors to Bethany. 

OK, so fast forward to ‘That Night’: The part about Bethany being lured out by Ali would be true. It’s hard to say what Ali’s plan would’ve been? To stop the A notes? To kill Bethany so everyone would think it was Ali’s body? I definitely do think that it was always Ali’s intention to fake her death. “That’s immortality my darlings.” I’m just not sure what kind of timeline that would have had. If Grunwald definitely pulled Ali or Bethany out of the grave… then how were their remains found in the backyard? Someone would HAVE to have died that night, right? They can’t both have escaped, unless there was a third person buried there? Of course, Ali being identified as Bethany or Bethany being identified as Ali makes sense, So it’s possible that one of them died on 'that night’. But I don’t think so.

 I’d wager more money that Bethany was buried by Jessica, while Ali went on the run. And then Grunwald came by and pulled Bethany out of the grave. Leaving both Ali and Bethany alive. And perhaps a med school cadaver buried in THAT place, so that Ali wouldn’t find out that Bethany was alive? (Page 5 of Ali’s autopsy anyone? Perhaps a reference to it clearly being a medical cadaver?) 

After that night, we have both Ali and Bethany out there. Bethany knows Ali is alive, but at first Ali believes Bethany to be dead. (Or maybe they’re both playing together. But I think maybe not.) 

Now, fast forward to season 3. It seems sort of fair to say that up until that point, A’s plan has been to draw Ali out of hiding? It certainly seems that someone is bent on proving that Ali is still alive. And proving that the body buried in her grave, isn’t actually her goes a long way towards that. 

Premiere of season 3, Em gets seduced into leaving the house and to dig up Ali’s grave. Before she digs up the grave, she’s at a diner where someone has written the note “I’m sorry I left you.” That’s a very Emily to Ali message to me. So as of 3x01- this could very likely be Ali asking Emily to dig up the body, so that no one can prove she’s still alive. Or it could be Bethany pretending to be Ali, so she can use the body as proof and lure Ali out. Since Jenna is the one who was driving, I’d guess that it was Bethany having Ali’s grave dug up. (While she was there as Red Coat.) 

Mona was either working with Ali or Bethany. I would assume Bethany. This explains why when Mona was admitted to Radley after her A reveal, she said “Don’t they know that’s what WE want them to think?” And why we see her talking to Ali in a red coat while she is a patient. She’s actually talking to Bethany when she says “I did everything you told me to." 

There’s a lot more to think about with this. Because I feel certain that Lucas, Ezra, Toby, and and, of course CeCe are more deeply entwined with this. And I certainly have ideas, but I think this is enough for one post. But I for certain think that someone might have had a romantic link to Bethany. 

#1- Getting Kidnapped

Description: ♤Getting kidnapped by Damon and Dating Marcel♤

Word Counting: 2302

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“I’m going out!” You shouted at your older siblings. You turned towards the door, going to open it but Klaus already beat you to it.

“And where do you think you’re going dear sister?” Klaus smiled softly. You gave him a small smile back.

“Don’t worry Nik. I’m only going to take a walk. I have a lot in mind. If you want you can come too,” you raised an eyebrow, smirking a him.

“I would like to sister but now that everybody wants to kill me, I’m in danger and you as well,” Klaus said sternly.

“But Nik they don’t even know you have another sister. Remember I’m the only one that has always been hidden from everyone. Nobody knows there’s another Mikaelson,” you rambled.

“I do not want you in danger for God’s sake, y/n!” Klaus shouted.

“I’m gonna be in danger soon. I have always been in danger,” you shouted.

“What is all this ruckus about?” You guys heard Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah’s footsteps coming towards you both.

“She wants to go out alone,” Klaus said, “I don’t want anyone to harm her.”

“You are not going outside, y/n,” Rebekah said, her voice raising up a little.

“You know how everyone out there is trying to kill Niklaus y/n. They will use you as bait,” Kol said, hands on hips.

“Brothers, sister. I know you worry about her but she knows how to take care of herself. Come on. She has lived for centuries. It’s best we let her go out. We have kept her hidden in this house far too long,” Elijah spoke, his hands going behind his back.

A couple of minutes of silence, Klaus finally spoke.

“Fine. But you’re taking one of my hybrids as your bodyguard. He’ll call me if anything is or looks like it’s danger. Okay little sister?” Klaus asked.

“I promise. I’ll even call you myself if anything looks like danger,” you smiled

“Promise?” All four of them chorused together.

“Always and forever,” you said, the promise in between you and your siblings.

“Okay then. I’ll call him,” Klaus glanced at you before whistling to his hybrid. A tall, buffy man came a stern face and arms behind his back. He looked straight at us, before turning to Klaus.

“I want you to take care of her. Don’t let her out of your side. If danger lurks call me fast. If I find a scratch on her body by someone else and you didn’t call me or Elijah or Rebekah. Say goodbye to your life,” Klaus smirked, waving him.

Kol turned to him as well.

“If I find a single scratch on her by even a paper under your watch, you won’t live your years. I will not hesitate to rip you apart. Organ by organ. Slowly and painfully,” Kol whispered dangerously.

“Promise you’ll call if anything baby sister?” Rebekah asked playing with your hair, ignoring your older brothers threats.

“I promise,” you smiled.

“Be careful y/n. Danger lurks every corner. Now go,” Elijah said, smiling his dashing smile, “Have fun.”

You chuckled, waving them goodbye, sighing in relief as you got outside. You knew this was gonna happen. Especially with Klaus for you and him were the closest siblings.

You looked at the hybrid by your side, who was looking everywhere closely.

“What’s your name?” You asked, placing your hands behind your back, walking quite rapidly. The hybrid didn’t answer just looked around cautiously.

“Okay then,” you whispered to yourself.

Silence overtook you guys, the awkwardness making you cringe and roll your eyes.

“Make we go to the Grill?” You asked the hybrid. He looked hesitant for a while before nodding his head.

You smiled. You went towards the Grill where a lot of people were already there.

“Ah. Just a relaxing day,” you said, sitting next to a raven haired man.

The raven haired man looked at you, a smirk on his face. You gave him a small smile.

“Damon Salvatore,” he introduced himself.

A Salvatore, huh. Never expected them to be here you thought.

“Y/n Mikaelson,” you introduced back, but that was a bad mistake to do. His smirk grew more.

You looked at the hybrid, mouthing him: ‘Call Niklaus.’ The hybrid nodded. He took out his phone, calling Klaus. And as soon as Klaus answered, Damon broke the phone away from the hybrids ear, making the phone fall on the ground.

“You’re an original?” Damon asked.

“Yes,” you said, standing straight.

“You’re Klaus’ sister?” He asked again.

“Now what is this? 20 questions?” You asked, smirking while downing your drink.

“Just interested,” Damon smirked as he took out the hybrids heart.

“Why would you do that? Especially in front of all these people,” you shouted at him.

“Don’t worry. I can compel everyone,” Damon said as he compelled everyone at the grill. You sighed. Hopefully Klaus already knew you were in danger.

“Let’s go outside shall we?” He asked.

“No thanks,” you replied, sass on your voice.

Damon only put on his dangerous smirk.

“Wrong answer,” he said, grabbing a stake out of his leather jacket. He got closer to you, chest to chest and plunged it in you. The place where the stake was, burned as you noticed it was laced with vervain.

“Bastard,” you growled out, trying to get the stake out of your abdomen. But only it got plunged back into its place. You grunted in pain.

“You’re gonna be dead,” you spat.

“And how is that?” Damon asked.

“All my family will come kill you. My mother, my father, and my siblings. Everybody.”

“Your mother and father?” Damon asked.

“They love me. Even asleep. Even dead. They care. I was everybody’s light. They are overprotective. So please help me Damon. Let me go. Or you’ll be dead,” you said, veins appearing in your eyes. And what you said was true. Even though you despised your parents, for some unknown reason they always got mad every time someone hurt you.

“I’ll think about,” as he said that darkness consumed you.

Klaus’ phone rang. He saw his hybrids name on his phone and Klaus felt a bad feeling come to his stomach.

“Hello?” Klaus answered. But nobody answered, only a thump of something hit the ground. He heard your grunts of pain on the other line.

“You’re gonna be dead,” he heard you. Klaus sped to the living room where all the siblings were sitting at. The siblings looked at him, Klaus put his index finger by his lips, motioning them to not make a sound. Klaus put the phone on speaker.

“And how is that?” They all heard someone say.

“All my family will come kill you. My mother, my father, and my siblings. Everybody.”

“"Your mother and father?” That voice. It sounded familiar to all your family. But they just couldn’t place the name on it.

“They love me. Even asleep. Even dead. They care. I was everybody’s light. They are overprotective. So please help me Damon. Let me go. Or you’ll be dead,” they heard you say. But the name stood out to them. They all growled in anger as Klaus heard the phone being shattered. None of them knowing where you were of course. And they couldn’t handle knowing you’re hurting.

“Let’s call Marcel. He’ll be the one who will take it the worst out of all of us. He’ll do the pleasure into killing Damon,” Rebekah said. And no, she wasn’t jealous of you and Marcel. After all she was the one who brought you guys together. She was happy for you.

Rebekah called Marcel, knowing he will be fuming in anger.

Rebekah heard Marcel’s voice throughout the other line.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Marcel we need you right now,” Rebekah spoke rapidly

“What happened? Is y/n ok?” He asked worryingly.

“That’s why we need you. Someone kidnapped y/n ,” Rebekah smirked as she heard Marcel growl in anger.

“On my way,” Marcel hung up.

Rebekah looked at her siblings, a devious smirk on her.

“Well?” Kol asked.

“He’s fuming. We’ll get y/n back,” Rebekah said, biting her lip.

“We’ll get her back.”

You grunted in pain as your hands were held by a rope tainted with vervain.

“Aw poor you. I wonder what your siblings are doing right now?” Damon asked.

“Planning your death,” you sassed.

“Oh darling that’s why I have you,” Damon slapped you.

“They’ll kill you. Slowly and painfully. You’ll wish you’ll even met me. Let me go. Right now,” you growled.

“No thanks,” he then sped to you snapping your neck and leaving you unconscious.

“I’m here,” Marcel said, speeding in the living room with all his other vampires, filling half of the living room.

“Ah I see you brought your minions,” Klaus said.

“It’s my girl they took. Do you think I will only let you guys hurt him? Hell no. I’m going with my vampires,” Marcel said.

“I already tracked her,” Kol said.

“Where is she?”

“She’s by a warehouse,” Kol groaned.

“Why is it it’s always a warehouse. Can’t they just do it somewhere else,” Rebekah ranted as she walked out.

Marcel looked at the other siblings and sighed. He walked out as well, his vampires following behind him and the Mikaelson brothers as well.

“They’re gonna kill you,” you said, groaning in pain as a stake was by your heart, another stake was in your arm, another stake was in your leg, another in your back, and another in your abdomen. Your family was gonna be mad.

“I will like to see them try,” Damon smirked.

“They can. We have lived for centuries. We were the first vampires created. After all, I can tell Nik to kill, oh what’s that doppelganger’s name. Ah, Elena. Nik will kill her if you don’t get me out of here,” you smirked.

“He won’t touch her,” Damon growled in anger.

“Ugh you’re overprotective. Let Elena live a little Damon,” you said.

“Yeah like I’m gonna do that. After all your brother tried to kill her multiple times,” Damon said, sitting down.

'Reminds me of Marcel,’ You thought.

“Now do you love anybody?” Damon asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“Now that is classified information,” you smirked, winking at him sarcastically.

“Where’s your brother, Damon? His name is Stefan right?” You asked.

“Leave him out of this!” Damon shouted before putting another stake on your arm.

“Jesus Christ how many stakes do you have?” You asked as you groaned.

“I have multiple and I have the white oak stake,” Damon said.

“Of course you would,” you groaned.

“Now maybe is the time that I can kill you with it,” Damon smiled sarcastically as he pulled out the white oak stake and dived it towards you.

It was almost close to your heart when you heard a bang by the door making Damon alert. He grabbed you, him behind and you in front as a shield.

In came your siblings, Marcel, and more vampires.

“Wow. Such a dramatic entrance,” Damon rolled his eyes.

“Leave her alone,” Marcel shouted.

“Oh are you the guy she loves? Huh. I thought originals didn’t love anybody because they were the cruelest and heartless monsters,” Damon retorted.

“Says the guys who didn’t care about anyone else’s feelings and killed their girlfriends brother. And made someone a vampire. And then killed their brothers best friend,” you said.

“Remember I won’t hesitate to kill you,” Damon glared at you.

“Or what?” You rolled your eyes.

“Or-,” Damon was cut off by a his neck snapping. Everybody looked behind him seeing none other than Stefan Salvatore.

“Sorry about him. He turned off his emotions and him doing this wasn’t right,” Stefan apologized, staring at Rebekah.

“He turned the switch off? I didn’t notice,” you said, Marcel and your siblings taking the stakes off of you.

“I’m seriously sorry,” Stefan apologized.

“Its fine. Not your fault,” you said, running to Marcel and hugging him. He kissed your forehead hugging you tightly to his chest.

You saw Rebekah looking at Stefan as he picked up the white oak stake.

“Here,” he said, passing the stake to her.

“Thanks,” Rebekah mumbled as their hands touched.

You looked at Marcel, smiling as you both saw how your sister was looking at Stefan.

You got out of Marcel’s grip, going to hug your older siblings.

“Well you look horrible little sister,” Kol said.

“Oh shut up Kol,” you chuckled.

“I’m glad you’re safe little sister,” Klaus smiled as he hugged you.

“I’m glad you’re not killing people right now Nik,” you joked as you hugged him as tight.

“Three days without you darling. It got very lonely,” Elijah smiled at you.

“Three days has it been?” You asked.

“Yes it has. I’m glad you’re fine,” Elijah said, his pearly whites showing as he grinned at you. You turned to look at all the familiar faces of the other vampires you hugged them all into a group hug.

“Where’s Rebekah?” Kol asked.

“She was here moments ago,” Klaus said.

“Guess she’s out having fun with the Salvatore,” you laughed, standing next to Marcel as he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“We just got you back and she goes out having fun with that boy? How dare she do that?” Kol asked.

“Its fine Kol. After all Becks needs to find love. Right Elijah?” You asked your noble brother.

“Right baby sister. Now Niklaus don’t kill Stefan,” Elijah said, glaring at Klaus.

“I would never brother,” Klaus smirked, shrugging in the process. You all rolled your eyes. Nothing but happy at this moment. Leaving the warehouse as you all walked home. Not before asking Marcel’s minions to chain Damon to a secret cell that was hidden in the warehouse.

Rebekah came next day with a smile on her face, her heels in one hand, and her hair ruffled in all places. You smiled at her and she did to you.

Have you ever been on a date? I haven’t been on one in awhile, if only you were still here. I’d do it in my own little way. Poetry where it counts. I’m the kind of writer that doesn’t keep paper on me, but I always carry a pen. Poems scratched into my skin, shake my hand and it’ll have our dinner plans. I’m the kind of romantic that’ll play songs for you instead of speak to you, they say that you can tell a lot about a person by the music that they listen to. That whole evening you’re the only lyrics that I’d want to hear. I’m the kind of person that would hold your hands while we’re walking through an art museum, if love is art then your smile is the closest thing I’ll ever have to the Mona Lisa. I can’t drink much, but I’d drink with you. The redness of my cheeks flushed enough to match your heart, worlds apart, darling, death doesn’t fit you. I like repetition, practice makes perfect so I’ll start over. Midway during our late night walk, have you ever been on a date? I haven’t been on one in awhile, if only you were still here. Then these late nights wouldn’t feel so damn long. These wilted roses must follow you into heaven. The dinner plans are always missing you. The poetry always kinda bittersweet. The poems I scratched into my skin, a metaphor just doesn’t sound right if it has to say I miss you in between every meaning. Maybe you’ve never been on a date. Maybe you’ve never been love. Maybe you’ve never had a poem written for you before me. Maybe you haven’t been thought about in awhile by anyone. As the hope turns into spiritual sprites bursting into the air, this pixie dust haiku will sprout little versions of airy goodness once they reach you. Whenever I go on late night walks, I pretend that you’re listening while I recite a poem. Whenever I think about you, I pretend that you’re eavesdropping into every thought. I miss you can’t fit into a poem, but of course, I’d try. If only you were still here, I would have someone to share my mornings with. If only you were still here, I would have someone to share my nights with. Practice makes perfect, right? In a world of pure imagination– I see you under a meadow, near a forest, tending to the sad with a smile, in a white dress screaming that it’s too damn late to not be alive, doing your picture perfect Polaroid princess prance, your heart surrounded by a fragile, fleeting & floral flame. If I asked to kiss you, would you burst into flames and wake me up from another dream? You are a reflection of the moon, so I kiss the idea of you when the long nights end. So I fall in love with you since the daze lasts. So I romanticize you, I consciously romanticize you like no one ever did. That’s the only way I want to live. That’s the only way that I want to remember you. That is the only way that I know how to love you. My poetic surrender, you render my soul into a soft kind of tender. My abstract lover, you are distracting in the most alluring of ways. My beloved reader, you are the only angel that I’m in love with. And even if you didn’t make it to heaven, I’m not a saint, so I guess I’m fine with being your rabbit hole sinner.
—  If only you were here
Under A Blood Moon

Pairing: Vampire!Lafayette x reader

AU: Supernaturals
Word Count: 1,640ish
T/W: Horror, blood, gets a little spicy
A/N: Here we go!

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

The woods echoed and moaned of horrors waiting to be revealed. A thick blanket of darkness covered everything in possible sight, even the moon’s light was impotent to the thick tree covering above the path. You could hear your heart beating in your chest, knowing the dangers that lurked in the unseen, you were reminded of how you first met Lafayette. Though your lover was often kind and generous to you, other beings weren’t, most vampires drained blood, werewolves devoured and witches cursed. You heard a repeating, chilling screech of an owl from out of the velvet darkness in between the winds eerie breath. Keeping an attentive view of your surrounding, fear made your frame shudder, for a moment you swore you saw bright gold eyes staring from the shadows, but the instant you turned to face them, they were gone. Your footsteps soon stopped, now feeling as if you were being preyed upon. Heavy breathing, not your own began to come closer. The creature anonymous to you, could smell your fear.

“H-hello,” you whispered into the void.

A growl was the response, a deep, hungry growl. Your body now shaking and cold was frozen as an unfriendly being came into view. Pointed ears, down on all fours, canine like features covered its face as saliva dripped from its mouth. Your eyes were locked with the predator’s golden eyes. Tears streamed down your cheeks, at the feeling of your chest closing making it seem as though you couldn’t scream for help. Completely stricken with despair and fear, you cowered as it stood onto its hind legs, snarling continuously. Without warning or anticipation an abrupt gunshot echoed and filled the darkness. Falling to your knees, your chest was tight in fear as predacious being whimpered painfully and scurried back into the darkness. Ploddingly you looked back over your shoulder in fear of what was behind you. Recognizing your rescuer, the consciousness of fear was vanquished.

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“to the end, darling.”

“to the end.”


Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: swearing, mild sexual language/suggestions, fluffity fluff.

Request: “Oh man I love your writing! Thanks for tagging me in your latest fics! Could I request a fic where the reader is an artist who paints from a bygone era and nobody will buy her paintings because they are old fashioned, which leads her to a depression, but one day Crowley sees her work in a gallery and makes a huge offer because he is enchanted by the soul in her work and becomes enchanted by her when he meets her? It would really make my day <3” – @happilyevernever

Author’s Note: I don’t know too much about art techniques and eras, so please forgive me if anything is incorrect. And I added a little bit to the prompt… I got a bit carried away. Haha. Photo below not mine.

You sighed as you gently lowered your brush, taking in the beauty of the piece you had just finished. The scene was of an ancient castle, laying in partial ruin along the edge of a cliff, with the raging ocean swirling below. The brilliant grays and clues of the sky contrasting with the deep shadows within the green grass was better than anything else you had created recently. It had taken you several weeks to finally perfect the image, having struggled a little bit with putting the vision in your mind onto the canvas. But now, it was perfect.

You just wished others viewed your work the same way you did. In the last four months, you had sold three paintings, while other artists whose work was featured in the same freaking gallery sold a dozen or more. You had even worked with the gallery manager to lower the prices a bit. But, at the end of the day, you needed to make some sort of profit. And, your day job as a bookstore cashier wasn’t exactly cutting it.

The gallery manager, along with some of the regular patrons, commented on your work regularly. It’s too dated. Your technique needs updating. For such a young artist, you create such outdated art.

Staring down at your work, you scowled. “Fuck them,” you whispered as you admired your newest creation. It was rare that you were so proud of a piece, making you a little embarrassed of your pride. But, who said pride was a bad thing?

You glanced down at the tiny, paint covered watch on your wrist. Shit. The gallery’s Biannual Revealing Event was in an hour, and you were covered in paint and sweat. But, at least you had a new piece to present.

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Reaction to S/O Being Pregnant From Past Relationship - Evan Peters Preference


Tate wouldn’t mind that you were pregnant, but he would secretly wish that the baby was his by blood. He would often cuddle with you and place a hand on your stomach, waiting until he could finally feel a movement. When the baby was born Tate tried his best to help you take care of the child. Tate would always be by your side while you held the baby. He didn’t really need to sleep since he was a ghost, so at night he would do his best to take care of the child to let you sleep.


Kit would be excited about a new baby being born soon. As a father of two, he knows what taking care of babies is like and loves doing it. Kit would always come home from work and hug you from behind and let his hands rest on your stomach. When the baby was born, you and Kit would take turns feeding the baby and changing diapers. Kit would love to just hold the child and watch you cradle it.

Pre-Death Kyle-

 Kyle would be happy and terrified. He had no idea what taking care of a baby was like and he was still pretty young. He knew that he wanted to try his best to take care of you and the baby. When there was only a couple months left of your pregnancy Kyle would make a list of all of the things you needed for it and little by little the two of you would collect it all. When the child was born Kyle loved to hold it and mess with its tiny hands. You would often sit on the couch with Kyle’s arm wrapped around you with the baby in your arms.

Post-Death Kyle- 

Kyle would be pretty happy about your pregnancy. He would love to lay in bed with you with his head and hands resting near your stomach because he wanted to feel and hear everything he could. When the child was born, Kyle didn’t really wanted to hold it and he always kept his eyes on it. Sometimes he would just lightly touch the baby’s face and he would stay up watching the child fall asleep. Every time you had to get up during the night to tend to the baby’s needs Kyle would get up with you.


At first Jimmy didn’t know how to react, but eventually he became pretty excited. He always feared that if he had a child with someone it would for sure be born a freak and now he didn’t need to fear that as much. Jimmy would always ask you if there was anything you needed him to do for you to try to keep you from feeling as badly during your pregnancy. When the baby was born, Jimmy saw that the baby had now physical issues and that it was healthy inside too and he was extremely happy. He liked to hold the baby and let its tiny hands wrap around his large, conjoined, fingers. He made sure to help you take care of the babies needs throughout the day and the night as long as he could.


James would be delighted to finally be able to raise a child. He always made sure that you had anything you needed or wanted during your pregnancy. When you were a little more than half-way through your pregnancy, James started spending all of his time with you. After the child was born, James would have you tend to most of its needs. On nights and days where you were extremely tired he would take care of the baby. He made sure that the child always had the best of the best when it came to pretty much everything.


 Rory would be scared about having a child. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to go out every night to parties or drink like he always had. He’d have to actually start being more responsible, but if that meant he got to keep you it was totally worth it. Rory would try to do whatever he could for you to make things easier. It surprised with how much he changed from being a twenty something partier to being a stable adult. Rory made it a point to get one more acting job to make sure that he wouldn’t have to work for a while after the baby was born. Once the child was born, he helped take care of the baby with you. You both would take turns to let the other rest.


 Edward wouldn’t be very excited about you being pregnant. After all, he did leave his family to finally have the peace and quiet he wanted. He would ask his workers tend to any needs that you had to make sure your pregnancy went as smoothly as it could. Once you had the baby, Edward would slowly warm up to it. He would often watch as you tended to the child’s needs. Every once in awhile he would even ask if there was anything he could do tell help.

If we’re talking about childhood nightmares, then I used to have a repeating nightmare as a child. I was running through a cave covered in ice, and I would hide under this random table in the middle of the cave, but leave my feet out like an idiot. Then the tickle monster would check underneath and tickle me to death.