They way that the book deals with difficult topics such as loss, anger issues, self doubt etc is incredibly useful to young people, because it allows them to see that these are just part of life sometimes, and there are always people there who will help you, and that it will get better. Themes and lessons like this are why Harry Potter is my favorite book series.

First victim of Bob Berdella, a serial killer, who raped, tortured and murdered at least 6 men. 

19-year-old Jerry Howell was drugged and kept restrained in Bob’s basement for a period of approximately 28 hours. Berdella tortured and raped Jerry throughout this period of captivity before Howell asphyxiated on his own vomit. According to Berdella’s diary, this happened on 5th of July, 1984, 10 pm. 

Cotard delusion is a very rare mental illness. Patients suffering from this mental ilness hold a belief that they are already dead. Some deny the existence of a certain body part or the whole body. They claim that they don’t have to eat or drink. Patients aslo usually suffer from depression. they forget to take cae of themselves and sometimes do self harm. 

There are two forms of Cotard delusion: moderate and severe. Moderate form includes: self torture, self loathing, suicide attempts, justifying it by the fact that their existence harms others. Severe form includes hallucinations and delusions. For example, 53-year-old woman told her psychiatrist that she smelled bad, because she was dead. She insisted on taking her to morgue. Another case describes a woman not only denying her own existence but denying the existence of everyone around her. 

Quite often, such patients engage in risky behavior by trying to prove everyone that nothing would happen if they hurt themselves. They are excessively preoccupied with thoughts of their own death and often ask relatives to kill them. For example, one person heard voices reading him his death sentence and describing the torture that is waiting for him. 

The disease was named after the French psychiatrist Jules Cotard, who first presented patients with this delusion at the meeting of psychiatrists in Paris, in 1880. The article Cotard’s syndrome: A Review (2010) reports successful pharmacological treatments using antidepressant, antipsychotic, and mood stabilizing drugs; likewise, with the depressed patient, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is more effective than pharmacotherapy.

*Life’s Eternal Sea

As Waves crashing
upon some distant shore
we shine brightly briefly
sing our song
then appear to be no more

Yet at the end of all
we seemed to be
we may find we’re something greater
destined ever to flow
as one small part
of life’s eternal sea

*Inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, We are waves and we are water.

“His soul sat up. It met me. Those kinds of souls always do - the best ones. The ones who rise up and say “I know who you are and I am ready. Not that I want to go, of course, but I will come.” Those souls are always light because more of them have been put out. More of them have already found their way to other places.”  
~ Markus Zusak

~ Art Tomasz Alen Kopera

~  Precious Animation by George RedHawk

berserker headcanon alert

Unsure if this has already been talked about, but: what if Dagur was really close to his mom when he was young, but she died in childbirth with Heather? Her death “because” of Heather [obviously a literal baby isn’t responsible for anybody’s death, but kids don’t know that] drove Dagur to resent his sister, and the loss of the close bond he had with his mom led to his anger issues spiralling further and further out of control. Nobody knew how to handle Dagur quite like his mother had, and things escalated until he eventually set his toddler sister adrift, something he never fully admitted to.