• them: uhm, why are you punching nazis violence is never okay
  • cop: *shoots innocent person*
  • them: well they probably deserved it for some reason
  • innocent person: *objectively proven innocent*
  • them: well cops have a hard job, sometimes its hard to tell who is innocent and who isn't
  • me: well it's pretty easy to tell nazis aren't innocent so why are you jumping out of your ass to defend state violence while hate crimes rise and the state does nothing about it but encourage it, and actively engage in it
  • me: do you expect the people to simply allow themselves to be murdered, because in your mind "violence is never the answer"
  • me: unless it's nazis or police or military, etc. you're defending, right?
  • me: seein a pattern in who you're defending here ...
  • me: almost like it's not about your views on violence at all ...
Thus let me live, unseen, unknown;
  Thus unlamented let me die;
Steal from the world, and not a stone
                           Tell where I lie.
—  Alexander Pope, “Ode on Solitude”