death threats

Call-out for tumblr user broodyfenris and ccrutherford (formerly deshmund) on account of transphobia/misgendering/nb erasure.

Tumblr user broodyfenris (otherwise known as ranyamasaki, vaelsome and potentially more roleplay accounts) is transphobic. While being transgender himself, he believes transgender people’s pronouns are a right to be earned and dependant on how they look. A trans man who will wear a dress is not a man to him, a DFAB non-binary person who doesn’t want to be called by female pronouns is still a ‘queen’, a 'bitch’, a 'woman’ and should be referred to with 'she’ pronouns because of their genitalia.

His friend, deshmund, now ccrutherford, agrees with this sentiment, going as far as to publicly call the same person a 'girl’, backing herself as a cis woman that isn’t transphobic by saying that 'she has transgender friends’, despite considering pronouns a privilege depending on how nice you are to her.

They have has since screened off their Twitter account to be fully capable of misgendering said non-binary person (ergo me) without it being publicized. Screencaps come from prior to this screening.

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