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Exo’s reaction to your male fans saying they love you

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*musters up as much sass as possible*

“Um excuse…”

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*is ready for battle at all times, trying to look intimidating in front of your male fans (which doesn’t really work), might start picking fights with random objects*

“You wanna fight? Fight me.”

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*uses the same strategy as Suho, but is way better at it*

“She’s off limits.”


*uses unrelenting shout to be rid of the enemy*

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*is really close to you when you appear in front of your fans just to prove a point*

“Take note of this relationship.”

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*starts getting really moody and possessive*

*Grumbles about how he hates sharing*


*starts creating a death note for all of your male fans*

“Okay, start with last names A-C :)”


*throws inhuman amounts of shade*

“The line has been crossed.”


*thinks their attempts to get your attention are useless and funny*

“Well she loves me so…”

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*relates to your situation*

“I know exactly how you feel (y/n).”

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why you should read the los angeles bb murder cases:

  • light is not there
  • naomi is
  • in fact shes the protagonist
  • the story is narrated by mello
  • soooo much foreshadowing and symbolism
  • adds so much to Ls character (and background if you squint)
  • did i mention absolutely no light yagami
  • instead beyond birthday is there and hes one of the most complex and interesting death note characters imo
  • murder mystery
  • GREAT artwork. like holy fuck
  • and last but not least theres a victim named backyard bottomslash and at one point L shoves his hand in a jar of jam. Please read the labb murder cases