death note the last name

…so apparently there is gonna be a death note movie released this year on netflix…..they changed light’s last name……and they’re all american… this what you call white washing? maybe? btw light’s full name is light turner (light’s name is light yagami…..)….why even have american actors have japanese names? what kind of fuckery is that? god this is as bad as full metal alchemist being made into a movie by japanese people….(btw full metal alchemist is based in germany……)….i haven’t really been this offended in a while….i wonder why anyway rant over 

Exo’s reaction to your male fans saying they love you

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*musters up as much sass as possible*

“Um excuse…”

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*is ready for battle at all times, trying to look intimidating in front of your male fans (which doesn’t really work), might start picking fights with random objects*

“You wanna fight? Fight me.”

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*uses the same strategy as Suho, but is way better at it*

“She’s off limits.”


*uses unrelenting shout to be rid of the enemy*

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*is really close to you when you appear in front of your fans just to prove a point*

“Take note of this relationship.”

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*starts getting really moody and possessive*

*Grumbles about how he hates sharing*


*starts creating a death note for all of your male fans*

“Okay, start with last names A-C :)”


*throws inhuman amounts of shade*

“The line has been crossed.”


*thinks their attempts to get your attention are useless and funny*

“Well she loves me so…”

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*relates to your situation*

“I know exactly how you feel (y/n).”

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