death by chocolate is probably real

anonymous asked:

Edward Nygma trapping Batman in a Japanese game show

-Includes the forbidden suma suit race

- Candy or not challenge, except instead of chocolate Batmans thrown into a room with a bunch of death traps. Fake or real 👀

- He literally already does Dero Dero (solve riddles in high stress situations) but he’d probably do it anyway

- Human tetris ft the hostages???

- Would probably have a bear stalking a hostage in a glass cage for kicks

- Dodgeball but if anyone gets hit Edward decides what happens to them

- Would be streamed live ofc

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I could be totally wrong, but from the photos from the finale filming it looks to me like Clarke is wearing her exact outfit from season 1? Do you think this could work into your REALity/reALIty theory? Or do you think it's just a coincidence?

It is her season 1 outfit and hair style, and yes I do think it has a significance. I wrote previously about how Clarke is questioning things and doesn’t fully commit to this ‘city of light’ stuff. We see Jasper is happily eating his ice cream cone and has probably accepted that this is his Utopia. However, remember “The City of Light is A LIE and is not a place of REAL peace.” (x) Clarke – just like at Mount Weather – is probably here against her will unlike Jasper. Remember Jasper was happily eating his chocolate cake (another sweet) and was fine with being in Mount Weather.  

I think that Clarke’s season 1 clothes are meant to symbolize her WANTING to be innocent again. This is before she killed 900+ people. ALIE is giving her a glimpse of how she could feel not being burdened with those deaths; ALIE is tempting her. (remember this show loves biblical parallels – i wrote about it in a post before) Clarke has not fully committed to the reALIty and ALIE is trying to convince her to accept it. Remember what Clarke said in 1x01 “The ground — that’s the dream. This is reality. Reality sucks.” ALIE is giving her what she wants – to be on the Ground but not in REALity because “reality sucks”. Also, it looks like the people are feeling rain on their faces with the same expression Raven had when she felt rain on her face. ALIE is using things from Clarke’s own dreams that she has to convince her to accept the lie. This isn’t Clarke’s full dream though, she wants “I see trees all around me, the scent of wildflowers on a breeze” this modern metropolis from the past is not what she wants.

So, the significance of Clarke’s cloths is to show her questioning ALIE’s reALIity but also being tempted to be free from her burdens if she accepts this place. However, Lexa comes and is Clarke’s anchor to the real reality. NOW! what will really eff me up is if somehow “the scent of wildflowers” is related to Lexa somehow and ‘trees all around me’ would be Clarke living with the Trikru. Lexa and living with the Trikru would be her dream.