death by chocolate is probably real

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A - Age: 18
B - Biggest fear: Death, abandoment, loss of friends.
C - Current time: 9:40 PM
D - Drink you last had: Hot chocolate.
E - Every day starts with: Waking up to 5 alarm clocks. 
F - Favourite song: Right now it’s probably Tonitrus
G - Ghosts are they real: Probably. I mean, my grandma’s sister was saying that she their dead mother. So, probably. 
I - In love with: That’s… hard to say. Maybe a slight crush, but can’t say it’s a strong feeling of love. I’m being really skeptical and careful about that. I was hurt really badly before, so it’s hard for me right now. 
K - Killed someone: My characters? Yeah, that happened. Real people? Lol nah. 
L - Last time you cried: The end of August. My first days in U.S. when I was missing my home and was super scared.
M - Middle name: I don’t have a middle name. 
N - Number of siblings: 2 lil bros
O - One wish: Not fail my environmental test right now tbqh. And, if really really honest. i wanna meet one person ^^ 
P - Person you last called/texted: @blackbirdisms 
Q - Questions you are always asked: “How many hours do you sleep?” (the answer is: 4-5 on weekdays and 7-10 on weekends)
R - Reasons to smile: my family, @ofoblivium , @obscuritcs , @ludomaniac , @miiirrcrsm , @voyager-of-chaos and honestly all the people i consider friends and rp partners. 
S - Song last sang: Мельница - Дорога сна (russian folk rock song) 
T - Time you woke up: 9:20 AM
U - Underwear colour: No way. 
V - Vacation destination: Spain or Austria. I’m going to Italy this June with my family though!
W - Worst habit: Probably nail biting. I’m slowly dropping it, thankfully. 
X - X-Rays you’ve had: Dental and 
Y - Your favourite food: Pasta. Yes, I love pasta.  
Z- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius