Welcome to... the Comfort Zone

It wasn’t like you haven’t heard muffled sobbing down the boy’s dorm hall before. The fact that it’d be escalating as someone started knocking at your door this time around is what catches you off guard. Luckily, you had just finished one last homework sheet and weren’t doing anything that’d cause this to be difficult to deal with. You lift yourself from the desk in the dorm room and make your way to the door.

Cracking it open gets you instantly greeted with a certain eccentric blond at your doorway turned into nothing more than a sniveling mess. Your posture stiffens and you simply step to the side while opening the door all the way to let him in. A comfort session seems to be in order tonight.

“What happened, Dame…?” is all you can muster to spin out. As there really is no other question to ask, is there?