The Spark's Ridiculously Easy Energy Tea Spell

So, I did a thing tonight at work. I was really tired and almost falling asleep, so I decided to make some tea and tried to do a witchy thing and it worked! Here it is:

What you need:
•Your favourite tea; I used decaffeinated orange pekoe/pekoe-cut black tea mix**
•Sugar and milk to taste (I use brown sugar and whole milk because I’m fancy like that)
•Cinnamon for power (optional)
•Vanilla for energy (optional)

**A side note about caffeine:
If you are like me and have ADHD or a similar hyperactivity disorder, you may want to avoid “uppers” like caffeine or ginseng when you’re tired. Things like caffeine or ginseng will actually calm your mind and body more and will make you much sleepier or more tired than beforehand.

•Make tea, steep to desired strength
•Add milk and sugar to taste (do not stir yet!)
•Add optional cinnamon and vanilla
•Vigorously stir in deasil (clockwise) motion
•While stirring, say, “I infuse you with energy and alertness.”
•Drink and enjoy!

*This can be adapted for any kind of drink, especially coffee for those of you who are addicted to that (imo) icky black stuff. :P
*Don’t have tea or coffee, but a soda instead? Try adding milk and vanilla (or coffee creamer) to make a creamed soda. :3
*Only have water? No problem! Water is a staple of life, just give it a little energy kick by stirring and saying the words.
*Play around with the add-in ingredients to suit your needs! Just make sure you research thoroughly what you’re putting into your tea to make sure it’s alright for your body. Remember that something that is okay for someone else to consume may not be okay for you (like if you have allergies or certain medical conditions).

I’d love to hear about your variations and if it worked for you! Have fun and be safe, lovelies~ ❤️