There has already been over two years I had the pleasure of joining this horrifying yet beautiful and hopeful website and I honestly didn’t think I would go this far. Therefore I decided to make my first Follow Forever! I’ve got to say that despite those few times when Tumblr seemed to drain joy out of my body devoid any pity, I had a really great time around here. I’ve met some really sweet and talented snowflakes, who have never failed when it comes to bringing me happiness and I'm entirely thanked. I possibly/probably forgot to put someone and I’m sorry for that. Most of you don’t even know that I exist but thank you all and you guys are awesome. I wish you a happy new year and a merry Christmas!

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“The hurt in her voice was as sharp as broken glass. Annabeth wondered if she had sounded that way, all the months she’d spent searching for Percy. At least she’d found her boyfriend. Reyna had no one. She was responsible for running an entire camp all by herself. Annabeth could sense that Reyna wanted Jason to love her. But he had disappeared, only to come back with a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Percy had risen to praetor, but he had rebuffed Reyna too. Now Annabeth had come to take him away. Reyna would be left alone again, shouldering a job meant for two people.”


12 days of pjo: 12 favorites gods > day 1: Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.

“Fine,” Aphrodite sighed. “To answer your question, Annabeth, I am both Aphrodite and Venus. Unlike many of my fellow Olympians, I changed hardly at all from one age to the other. In fact, I like to think I haven’t aged a bit!” Her fingers fluttered around her face appreciatively. “Love is love, after all, whether you’re Greek or Roman. This civil war won’t affect me as much as it will the others.”