Apologies in advance for those of you with tiny phone screens who cannot for the life of you read this piece by #MichaelEReid in my odd copperplate and Spencerian fusion of a calligraphy font. But if you wish you may Google the full print version to fully appreciate how well written the poem is! This is also a good time to introduce my new blue oblique baby nib holder who with my fantastic originality I have named … ‘Blue’.
Woop woop.

Sisters @justmike_ really called us out on a lot of our bad habits. He made me realize some things. If he would’ve had an alter call, some of us would’ve come forward. I can’t wait to read my book. and I look forward to hearing and sharing your story soon. Continue to raise up our women. #dearwoman #justmike #atlevents #poets #spokenword #fancysthoughts