Dear Teachers:

When students are obviously uncomfortable, don’t join in with the laughter of the rest of the class or push them to answer. Some teachers think that by joining in on the joke, they’ll build up a rapport with their class. Most of the time, the class will think less of you. Making them answer or punishing them for not doing so if they are genuinely uncomfortable will make them feel a lot worse. You have no idea what sort of day they’ve been having. You have no idea what’s going on at home or in their heads. You have no idea if they pull their sleeves over their hands out of anxiety or because there are scars lining their arms. I understand that your jobs are hard and you are underpaid and that you have little free time, but when you make students feel uncomfortable, it’ll stay with them for an eternity and will make their days even worse. You respect us, we’ll respect you and it’ll make your lessons more enjoyable for everyone. School should be a safe environment, physically but also mentally.


I know this is a teaching tumblr for myself but there are a couple of things I want to share. 

I cannot wait to get back into the classroom with my kids. My resolution for this year is to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I want to spread that message to my kids too. Even though they are in first grade I know they are capable of so much more and I want to them to be kind people. 

Also I graduate in May and I am so excited to start my life. Even though I still have college I know I will be in my own classroom one day and I can’t wait!

If any teachers out there actually read this, I want you to know that you are doing a good job. You are valued by your students and deep down they do love you just like you love them. Do not despair because others want to drag you down. Hold on to your kids and help them become better students and people. 

We value you so don’t give up :)