sorry, another rant for taylertragedy,

please please please listen to what other people are saying, and not your silly little pre-teen minons.

that letter you got about your feet right? yeah it’s not that bad, HOWEVER, doesn’t it show you that some weirdos out there watch you and your children? i know so many people have urged you not to post pictures of your kids naked/in diapers and you don’t see it as a big deal.

i’ll be honest, up until a short while ago, i never saw a problem, i mean, they’re just kids right? it doesn’t matter. yeah well to normal people it doesn’t, but to freaks out there, seriously. sit back for a second and seriously think about this. 

some weirdo out there may have saved all those photos before you took them down and have them on their computers right this second, and will have them for years, doesn’t it scare you? like at all? it does to me! if i was in your situation i’d stop it right now!

and before you think i’m calling you a bad mom ect ect, i’m not. no one’s a bad mom, unless you’re kids are being abused or deprived, i may not agree with how you do things, but meh.

anyway, this won’t make much sense due to the fact i am half asleep.

but i hope you’ll just think about the creeps out there and see this letter as a warning.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but I’m in school right now, so it’s kinda slowing me down.

Anyway, as some of you may know, Tayler may be pregnant again. Some of you may think that’s a horrible thing because she already has two kids, but in my opinion, I feel so bad for her. I just watched her newest video update thing and I almost cried when she did. 

I feel bad because she really wanted to go to school. I know that feeling. I come from a semi-poor family, and when my college tuition came out to be almost two thousand dollars, I cried because I sincerely thought I couldn’t go. However, my family pitched in money and I was able to register, blahblahblah this post isn’t about me. What I’m getting at is that everyone should be able to go to school. Everyone. And Tayler, don’t think this means that you can’t go to school and get your GED now. You can go back whenever, that’s the beauty of it. And don’t think a third child will hold you back. My mom was a single mother of two kids and she managed to go to college and graduate. You can do it, Tayler. I, and a lot of other people, believe in you. 

Also, when Tayler mentioned that Chuckie didn’t really care, my hearts died a little. Because as a man, he should have more respect for your body than that. I know that having three kids at such a young age can ruin a relationship, and I will say right now that no, I do not know you or Chuckie, nor do I know what’s going on. All I know is what you’ve said in your videos. Disclaimer aside, I’m going to say something I may get hated for.

I know you want your kids to be with their biological father, but honey, if he doesn’t care about what you’re going through and when ya’ll fight as much as you do, it’s not healthy. Growing up, seeing that kind of relationship can hurt them maybe a little more than them growing up without him in their lives. What I’m saying is: Tayler, find someone who loves you unconditionally and wants to be there for you. If that’s not Chuckie, that’s okay. Your kids won’t hate you, I promise. 

Again, I have no idea what’s going on with you and him, so if I’m completely wrong I apologize for overstepping my boundaries. I just want to see you happy. You do so much for your kids, and you’re a fantastic mother, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I just want to see you have just as much happiness as your kids have. 

/long post.