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Merlin :)

Sorry, these are taking so long :( but I love Merlin so this should be lots of fun!

You spin the thin stick back and forth over the kindling faster and faster, bits of smoke puff up but no sparks catch. You grumble in an attempt to light the fire with shear willpower, but no luck.

You see the feet approaching out of the corner of your eye and you look up. One yellow flash and flames burst around your twig lighting the logs ablaze. 

“Showoff,” you tease as he settles in on a stone across the fire from you. He doesn’t reply, but simply looks at you, flashing his eyes yellow once more as the smoke begins to twist. 

Twirling and dancing the figures surround you. You giggle and you can practically hear his smirk as he allows the dancers to dissipate. 

Merlin leans down to adjust the fire, but loses his balance and tumbles off his stone, landing on his face in the dirt. 

You double over laughing. “You are such a clotpole,” you manage between giggles.

He wiped the dirt from his cheeks, leaving one long streak, but you don’t mention it, and laughs along with you. 

“Dollophead,” he fires back at you. He flashes his eyes and the smoke begins to dance again. You smile and lay back down next to the fire warming your hands and stealing glances at the long brown streak of mud covering Merlin’s left cheek.

send me a character and I will write you a fic about you and them

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stay calthasar!


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