Don’t Mimic Me | Prologue

Avengers x Villain!Reader

part one

Summary: After what appeared to be a failed experiment, you stay low and compliant. You’ve always done what you were told; it’s what kept you alive all these years. That is, until you get caught and your secret is revealed.

WC: 1,186

Warnings: Light mention of physical and maybe verbal abuse?

Notes: For the birthday girl, AJ (@mattymattymerduck). I know you enjoy villain!reader, so here this is :D I’ve had this idea for a while, but wasn’t sure how to go about with it. Until now. Enjoy ~

Useless. Absolutely, unforgivingly useless. That’s all you are, and ever will be. You were born a mistake; proof being that your own mother traded you in for cash, once she deemed you were old enough. Could you really blame her though? Your father fell off the face of the planet one day, and was never heard from again. But he was seen again, on the news actually. Living the life as a politician now, somewhere in New York. Watching him appear on the television, making speeches about equality and creating a better world… You were his only child, and all she ever saw in you was the reminder of the man who walked out on her. A splitting image of him.
She just never realized that she wasn’t the only one he abandoned.

You always did your best to do things right. God knew that you’ve made your fair share of mistakes over the years, but never on purpose. The good grades, finished chores, and obedient nod were never enough. There was always a grade not high enough, a chore done too slow and a right response given at the wrong time.

On the weekend of your birthday, a man showed up at your door. According to your mother, he was a distant relative. When you spotted the duffel bag on the table, you knew it wasn’t packed with your things. For the past month, you heard the phone calls in the late night. Something something, useless… Mumble mumble, exchange.. Whisper whisper…. Deal. What confirmed your suspicions was when your mother suddenly showed an interest in your well being. She began checking your body for any disfigurations, or markings. She would ask how you were feeling, touching your forehead to check for a fever, looking for any kind of change in you. It was a cruel joke to you, making you believe that she might actually be turning a new leaf.

She grabbed the duffel bag, unzipped it and nodded with contentment at the sight of bundled cash. You turned towards the so-called relative, and he held out his hand. You glanced back to your mother, but she was already turning away with the duffel bag in hand. It stung watching her walk away, not even hesitantly turning around for one more look. After years of getting that cold shoulder from her, you’d think that you would’ve been used to it.

The man took your hand and led you outside, where you were greeted by a small black, two seater car with windows deeply tinted. Huh. Usually there’s a fine for people who get window tints too dark. He opened the door for you, and without hesitation you got in. You watched as he strolled around the front of the car and into the driver’s seat. He started the car, and took off. The sight of what used to be home shrunk in the wing mirror until it was out of view.

You leaned your head against the chilled window. “What about my things” you spoke out, watching the fog from your breath slowly disappear from the glass. The tone in your voice wasn’t demanding or curious. It was more of an attempt to rid the silence.
“You won’t need them.” He kept his left hand steady on the wheel, as his right traveled slowly towards you. Before he could make another move, you quickly grabbed ahold of his last three fingers, fiercely pulling them backwards. Within a split second, you flew forward and hit the dashboard hard, releasing the grip you held on his digits. You let out a pained groan as you pushed yourself back into the seat.

“I wasn’t going to touch you” he spoke nonchalantly, “I was going to close your air vents.” The car started forward again, the momentum pushing you into your seat as you put your seatbelt on this time. You shifted your position as the car filled with silence once again.

“It would be wise to ask all the questions you have now” he announces, “when we get to our destination, you won’t be able to talk. Not much, at least.”

You sighed, “alrighty then, I guess we can start with the basics.” He raised his index finger, “No personal questions.”

“Just the basics remember? Like…. are you really family? What’s with the slight accent? And what’s your name? Or can I call you mysterious Uncle baldy?” you smirked, appreciating your little joke. He made a sharp right turn making you hit your head on the window. Karma is always close behind. “First off,” he began, “I am not bald. I keep it short, less hassle. My name is not important right now, but Baron will do.” You rubbed the side of your head, already feeling a small bump forming. “And family wise?” you looked towards him. He glanced at you, raising an eyebrow. “Your father, you remember him, yes?” he noticed your jaw clenched and smirked.
“Well, he is my brother, actually.”

Flashbacks of your father’s face appearing on the television filled your mind. He didn’t change much, from what you remember him as a child. He looked exactly the same, but aged. His hair dawning strands of grey and white hairs, wrinkles becoming deeper. Even his voice sounded the same.

“He never said he had any siblings. Not to mention, any kind of accent” you scoffed, crossing your arms.

“We are half brothers. He grew up in the states, while I, Germany.” His tone faltered. You guessed it wasn’t a happy relationship between then, if there was any. “Why did you grow up in Ger-” he raised his hand up, stopping you from finishing your sentence. “I said, no personal questions.” Without thinking, you gently swatted his hand out of your way not even thinking of the possible consequences. Rather than giving you a slap to the face, he chuckled and shook his head. “You remind me of myself. Always acting without thinking” he stated, “it’ll get you in trouble one day.”

You huffed in your seat, rolling your eyes. There was nothing you wanted to say to that, especially since you know it was true. Of course you were a very obedient child, always doing what you were told but that was to avoid a beating. The lashings were a hell of a way to discipline you. But the moment you left that house, you left the memories behind as well. Even if you weren’t free person, you were at least free to be yourself. And who you really were, has yet to be revealed. Years of bottling incompatible emotions don’t always pour out smoothly.

“Can I at least know where we’re going? You’ve been driving for like two hours now” you exaggerated. He let out a slightly annoyed sigh before answering, “It’s only been one hour, and we are going to Sokovia.” You shot him a questioning glance, only to be met with his hand raised again. “No more questions. Take a nap or stare out the window, do something quiet until we reach the airport. We have a long way to go.”


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Happy Birthday!!!! @daiya-no-ace-fanworks

I just wanted to let you know that you’re one of my favorite artists in this fandom and it’s always a delight to see your works on my dash. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

So I tried doing fanart for your tribal AU. I really love the concept behind it and I’m a total sucker for FIGHTER EIJUN (and tiny strategist Miyuki). 

I hope to see more from this AU in the future ♥  

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A Punishing Few

Pairings: Julian/Asra, Asra/MC, Julian/MC

Content Warnings: Blood imagery, imbalanced relationship dynamics, unhealthy and poorly defined relationship boundaries, vague dream sex, vague dream voyeurism

Word Count: 3992

Author’s Note: My apprentice, Eustacia, is heavily featured in this bad boy, but she doesn’t actually show up until the end. This is also a much, much bleaker fic than ‘I Do Not Love You.’

It’s the cruel part of Asra that makes the incomparable comparisons. It’s this cruel part of him that says Ilya’s mouth doesn’t taste like Eustacia’s, and that’s why he doesn’t kiss him nearly as much.

Ilya’s mouth is coffee, leather, paper pulp. The dust taste of libraries, tombs, and colleges the doctor never went to.

Eustacia’s was metallic—gold and blood ghosts. Fresh-turned earth and the clean, fat rain that feeds it. The prickling high note of seawater, lingering in his sinuses, stinging his eyes if they were anything but closed.

If Asra shuts off his senses—shuts his eyes, blocks his ears, numbs his hands, and blots out Ilya’s—he can almost taste her. Coffee isn’t so different from metal, nor leather from wet land.

A slantways rhyme—forcing two things together because they’re close enough.

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I'm sorry I'm sorry but I need to scream because none of my friends ship otayuri and I dO anD IM DECEASED OK DEAD DADDYBEK IS REAL AND I CLUTCHED MY CHEST AND WHEEZED WHEN I SAW THE PICS I LITERALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO EVEN PROCESS



Thanks for those who have sent me asks!! <33 from now on i will be answering all ask privately and i prefer if you off-anon when you ask me so i can reply it directly to you//// but its up to you though (≧▽≦)

1.  @reisins Ahh unfortunately i dont have the software to record, (ive tried camtasia but i think my laptop isnt compatible(??)) but i want to try it when i find the right software >_< !

2. Thanks for informing me! But at this point ive seen a lot of people reposting my work on instagram (with & without permission) so i dont mind it anymore as long as they credit me ;v; for those who bothered to ask me first before reposting i appreciate it a lot!

3. Ooohhh thAAATSS CUTE and sad asddfkj but yuuri already knew what kind of magic victor used to enchant the apple with soo he refused to eat it ohohoh

4.  @maruz-panteno thank youu dearrr sob ily <333

5. Ahh nope ive never joining an rp group on tumblr and i didnt even know that theres a roleplay group here?? :0 i have only joined rp group on facebook

6. I acidentally deleted this asks after i posted it lmao im sorry @batsrule22 OYES I’LL MAKE another sw au, just wait for it <333 thankss btw !!

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College!AU. Loki gives no shit about stealing books from the restricted section of the library, and he doesn’t even hide what he reads every day. Tony has no idea why noone noticed it. Tony himself certainly noticed. You have to be blind not to see Loki’s books… and Loki’s gorgeus ass, goddammit.

(And I believe that Natasha paints walls and furniture with russian filthy language. ХУЙ! >D)


I have nothing to say, Aurrus. I am tired, I am stupid, romantic, complicated, demanding, young, a little bit fucked-up always doubting human being difficult to be one’s friend. And I want you to be happy. :) Be happy and have as much frostiron as you can dearrr >D