Happy Birthday!!!! @daiya-no-ace-fanworks

I just wanted to let you know that you’re one of my favorite artists in this fandom and it’s always a delight to see your works on my dash. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

So I tried doing fanart for your tribal AU. I really love the concept behind it and I’m a total sucker for FIGHTER EIJUN (and tiny strategist Miyuki). 

I hope to see more from this AU in the future ♥  

College!AU. Loki gives no shit about stealing books from the restricted section of the library, and he doesn’t even hide what he reads every day. Tony has no idea why noone noticed it. Tony himself certainly noticed. You have to be blind not to see Loki’s books… and Loki’s gorgeus ass, goddammit.

(And I believe that Natasha paints walls and furniture with russian filthy language. ХУЙ! >D)


I have nothing to say, Aurrus. I am tired, I am stupid, romantic, complicated, demanding, young, a little bit fucked-up always doubting human being difficult to be one’s friend. And I want you to be happy. :) Be happy and have as much frostiron as you can dearrr >D

Dearrr people who said Robin doesn’t love Regina, he’s just using her, his feelings aren’t real and that he and Marian are True Love and have to be together cause they’re a “legendary couple” and all that BS

I present you “Once upon a time” Season 4 premiere

#Once is Frozen

Sun. Sept 28th 8/7c only on ABC

Characters Getting Tumblrs-The Selection Series-3-Maxon Schreave
  • Maxon:guys I have paperwork and a feisty eadlyn to take care of can this wait
  • Cameraman:no you have to do this
  • Maxon:cmon I just---
  • Cameraman:*shoves Maxon down in chair* be glad I didn't kick you in the royal jewels
  • Maxon:alright blog name...hisroyalmajesty??? tuggingmyear??? Ok how about dogsrkool no one's gonna know it's me
  • Maxon:*now looks like an excited child opening a new toy* LET'S MAKE A POST OK WAIT VIDEO OMG I HAVE A VIDEO
  • Maxon:*opens a video of him dancing the worm but looking like a fish on dry land* THERE PASTE THE LINK AND BOOM FIRST POST
  • Cameraman:but what if someone sees it
  • Maxon:they won't
  • America:*snickers from hiding spot*
  • Maxon:*turns around* MY DEARRRRR
  • America:*flips over table and runs* I AM NOT YOUR DEARRR
  • Cameraman:oh dear
  • America:*comes back and peeks through door* I AM NOT YOUR DEARRR
  • Camera:*shuts off* technical difficulties beep beep