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1. Would you/Have you told your friends your tumblr url?

  • I have told them actually but they don’t really know how to use tumblr so I don’t think they checked it out. But they do know about my obsession xD

2. Can you dance any k-pop choreos?

  • I can dance quite a lot, mostly girl group dances, but I think my best are the shinee ones and also U-kiss I guess. I still suck though xD

3. Who’s your bias?

  • As in like ultimate bias? That would be Jonghyun, even though at the moment I have bias issues and I don’t really know what to do with all my emotions, so I’ll just stick with Jonghyun :3

4. What’s your favourite group?

  • That's SHINee, without a doubt.

5. Who do you think has the best body out of that group?

  • People would probably think I’d say Jonghyun, but I actually think he’s too muscular at the moment. I liked him much better during the juliette and rdd era. SO I’m guessing Minho, because he’s tall and his body does look good dshigjdfk. 

6. Did you ever regret creating your tumblr?

  • No, omg, I will never regret. Tumblr really did change my life, and if I never made a tumblr, I would not be into kpop as much as I am now :)

7. Do you often add new fandoms to your fandom-list?

  • Do you mean like, new kpop groups, or just fandoms in general. Because I think kpop is my only fandom.

8. Do you sometimes sing a part of a k-pop song out loud and get weird stares?

  • I don’t really sing in public but sometimes I just dance without even noticing it, and people do give me weird looks.

9. Would you marry your bias?

  • I really don’t know o.o I mean he’s cute and all and perfect and sdfghdfgdj, but we wouldn’t even be able to understand each other and Jonghyun could get better than me, a girl xD. Yeah I’m pretty sure if he was even dating me everyone would hate us because that would be like, a massive scandal in Korea.

10. Do your friends know you like k-pop?

  • They do, yes. They find it weird though, but I don’t really care.

11. Do your parents know?

  • They know, but we don’t really talk about it because they don’t get that I listen to music that I don’t even understand. OTL

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My Questions:

1. How long have you been into kpop?

2. How did you get into kpop?

3. What was your first kpop group?

4. who was your first bias?

5. Is kpop special to you? and why?

6. Favorite kpop song of all time?

7. Who is your ultimate bias?

8. Would you marry him?

9. Favorite pairing?

10. Favorite kpop group?

11. What’s your most favorite and least favorite song of that group?

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thekeycifer  asked:

You're locked in a room with Yunho. What do you do?

At first I’d be really shy because He would be like “man, it’s hot in here” so he goes like

So I shy away and sit in a corner and after a while he’d sit with me and be like “hey are you okay?” And I’d be sobbing all over the place because he’s hot… and way too close, then we’d kiss and the rest is censored 

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