Julia's follow forever

Hey, so I finally decided to make a follow forever! I am probably forgetting someone, and I'm terrible at doing things like this, but I just want to let you know that everybody who is in this list made my dash better and my days happier, and are worth following! THANK YOU! for making 2012 a great year. And happy holidays.

ABCD alaynes,alysanne,aryawaterrs,acciomisswatson,donnermaysileedearpresidentsnow

EFGH foxfacie,flareandfadeforever,forgetfuldaleks,hermionies

IJKL itsjustushere,itsponds,llilypotter

MNOP melodyoswinpond,mrhawthorne,mezjennifer,mehlurk,newyearsinthecapitolohdear-prongs,ollivandr,pondelia,peverelll

QRST sherloqe,santaclove,sriusblacks,timelordemort

UVWXYZ wandlesstribute,ygritting