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Imagine: complaining about Loki's yellow cape to Tom

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You glared down at your phone screen, eyes locked onto the offensive yellow of Loki’s cape in the early looks at Thor: Ragnarok.  Most people thought you would have known all about it, as you were Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend and a rising actress, but you had no such luck.  You were discussing a contract with Marvel, and while you tried to get information about the third Thor movie, Tom made sure you heard nothing.  He wanted the movie to be a surprise for you, as he knew you had a weakness for Loki.

As you walked along the sidewalk, you regularly glanced down at the photo.  Tom looked fantastic as Loki, but you dearly hoped that the other side of the cape was green, or else there was going to be a mountain of angry letters for the costume designer.  You made a mental note to stay involved in the designing of your character, if you and Marvel came to a contract agreement.  You could hear the occasional murmur or camera click as you walked through the light crowd, which drew your attention away from your phone.  The odd feeling of being recognized in the street momentarily distracted you, until your eyes landed on your destination: a lovely little teahouse.

You tried not to storm in, but as you were gracefully seated in the back room, your anger was apparent on your face.  Tom had arrived before you, and when he looked up to your not-so-smiling expression, he knew that you were one of many who had seen the recently revealed Loki first-look.  He chuckled nervously when you sat across from him, huffing lowly when your phone buzzed.  You turned it off, before glaring at Tom, who offered you an apologetic smile.

“My dear, whatever is the matter?”  He asked, ever the gentleman.  He knew exactly what was wrong- you could tell- but he had always been gracious towards you.  The sentiment melted away some of your anger, reminding you why you loved this dorky, glorious man… but you weren’t about to let him get away so easily.

“What’s the matter?”  You began, giving Tom a moment to steel himself for the flood.  “Loki’s cape, that’s the matter!  I love you, but did you say nothing about it?  Did anyone try to stop the fiend who calls themself a costume designer?  It’s… yellow!”  You stated, your hands swirling in elaborate gestures to aid your argument.  “Loki’s signature color is green, and his palette is green, black, and gold.  Yellow is not a part of that combination, and his green cape held so much… meaning!  As the complimentary color to red, his cape represented his separation from Thor as a person… Two brothers, who were very much so opposites.  Is yellow the complimentary color to red?  No!”  You ranted, not even looking at Tom at this point.  If you had looked at his face, instead of focusing on your hands and memories from the MCU Loki scenes, you would have seen his struggle at holding back a massive grin.

“Darling, [Y/N], I am simply an actor.  I don’t make the final decisions for Loki-” He began, but bit his tongue when you sent him a steely glare.  Your nose was scrunched up in frustration, and he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He let out his signature chuckle, closing his eyes and dipping his head.  His contagious laughter got under your skin, soothing your glare and pulling soft chuckles from your throat.  A soft smile grew on your lips, and you shook your head lightly at Thomas.  “Love, you are a treasure!  I’m sorry you’re upset about his, or rather, my cape, but I must say… your reaction was adorable, and absolutely worth it.”  He noted with a cheery grin.

You pursed your lips, and despite still holding resentment towards the color choice, you melted under that smile.  Thomas could drive you a little crazy sometimes, but he wouldn’t have been the man you fell in love with if he had been any different.

@motherfudginghufflepuff has a fic rec. I can’t wait to read it!

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Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of by Lissadiane

(1/1 I 14,953 I Not Rated I Sterek)

It’s a cold, snowy night and Stiles is halfway through his shift at the campus coffee shop when a tall, dark and handsome stranger walks in, one who seems unaware that he’s being haunted by a wolf.

In which Stiles Stilinski sees the ghosts of animals with unfinished business, and Derek Hale is unaware that his dearly departed sister left a few things unfinished.


From now on I will be referring to the former ghouls by their real names, as they are no longer nameless and no longer musicians under character names. If that is a problem, sorry but I love them dearly and love their other projects and I’m excited and happy to show my support publicly from now on.

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Can I please have headcannons on Hungary as a Yandere mother plz? (Teenage daughter)

Hungary: “Don’t wait for prince charming. Instead, you should come and get him~”

  • “Mommy loves you. She loves you more than daddy.” (This is probably true)
  • Elizabet loves her daughter dearly. She will never think of hurting her, and she keeps her promise this time.
  • I can imagine her being a very affectionate and patient mother, while being strict and hard on her daughter, too.
  • Elizabeta is protective of her daughter. If her daughter’s s/o doesn’t meet her expectations, the she won’t approve of their relationship, until she notices how much her daughter loves them.
  • The first time she hears that her daughter has a crush on someone, she’d be more concerned than happy. She wants to know who she likes, their background, their personality, and why she likes them.
  • Elizabeta is probably the main reason why her daughter is capable of murdering someone by herself. But she didn’t really intend her daughter to become a yandere by teaching her things like self-defense.
  • Additionally, she would encourage her daughter to always make the first move when she likes someone. This could also be a reason why her daughter is so… Forceful and tenacious (in a bad way).
  • Even with a family, most of her attention will still be on her husband. But this won’t affect her role as a parent.
The Quest for Bekuhkuh

Pairing: Sam x Beka ( @impala-dreamer )

Warnings: Drunk!Sam

Word Count: 285 ON THE NOSE

Prompt: This is written for @impala-dreamer and for @idreamofhazel ‘s Sammy Says writing challenge. I picked the prompt “I love Beka. Beka is my soulmate and I will travel to the ends of the world to find her and bring her home.” (and altered it a little bit, whoops). 

A/N: This is just a crack fic. I love beka dearly, which is why I’m doing this for her. I’m not tagging anyone so… enjoy!

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Sam was wasted; like, wasted, wasted; like, piss himself wasted. He had mixed vodka and whiskey and beer and rum and some weird fruity flavored drink that this nice lady had placed in front of him. Or was it a man? How long ago was that fruity drink and why did he suddenly taste it again?

“Oh, Sammy. Bet you haven’t been drunk like this since your Stanford days.” There was no mistaking that that was Dean’s voice booming in his ears.

“Oh yeah,” Sam gagged, hanging his head over the toilet, or what he hoped was the toilet. “St-Stand-ford waaass great man! There-there was this chick, Rebek… Rebecs… Rubrick…. Beska… Bekkuhkuh… Beka. Something like that. I love Beka. Beka is-is-is-is my-my… my mate of my soul, my soulmate and I-I w-w-will travel to the endsss of the world to find her and bring her home,” he slurred.

“You mean Jess?”

“No! Be-kuh! Jess burnded on the-the-… the roof place. Beka did not. I hope.”

Dean shook his head, helping his 6’4 brother into the twin sized bed that he had draped with towels. Last time Sam was even close to being this drunk, it was when some guy hung himself and he couldn’t stop it. Even then, Sam was still relatively Sam. Dean wasn’t sure who the hell he was talking to now.

“Okay, little big man. We will find Beka in the morning. You better catch some zzz’s okay? Hey, I betcha Beka is in your dreams, why don’t you find out?”

“Yeah. I can do that.” One roll over onto his side, then again to his back and finally to his other side and boom. Out like a light.

“Works every time.”

For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even] gave His [One and] only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior] shall not perish, but have eternal life.
—  John 3:16 (AMP)

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There are three types of British boy: 1) All round "lad" who thinks they're really good looking when they're not and basically fucks anything with legs. Gets drunk and chants football chants on the way to the club. Thinks the number of girls he's slept with is an exact calculation of his masculinity. 2) nice boys who love their girlfriends dearly/really make an effort for the girl they like. They treat you nice and it often leaves us suspicious because there are so many No 1's around. Tbc...

3) the British boy that will like you for years and tell everyone that he likes you then when you confront him he flat out denies it then cries when he sees you with another boy. Usually your closest male friend and it’s like not awkward when the two of you hang out even tho you know he’s low key obsessed with you

I think I like the sound of number 2. I feel like that’s what Tom is, I mean, having a number 2 would be great.

I feel like I’m in Shrek. “Pick # 2 my Lord."😂

I was tagged by the lovely @kuroosukii, thank you so much!

Favorite anime?

Ahh, don’t make me choose! Can I do my top three? In no particular order, Natsume Yuujinchou, Baccano! and Haikyuu!! I love them all dearly.

Your worst anime?

Okay, so there are three anime I could choose for this. Hametsu no Mars, Ojisan to Marshmallow Special and Tenshi no Drop. Hametsu no Mars was just plain bad, I’m pretty sure it has the lowest rating on MAL (I watched it because its bad). Ojisan to Marshmallow Special made me very uncomfortable, and we don’t talk about it. However, considering I won’t even add Tenshi no Drop to MAL, I’m going to say that’s the worst one. 

Do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?

Depends, a lot of the time I’ve read the manga first (like for Natsume Yuujinchou), but if I haven’t and I liked it, the chances are high that I’ll pick it up. 

Most favorite genre?

Soul-crushing sadness   Drama or sports

Least favorite genres?

Ecchi, even mild fanservice can make me very uncomfortable.

Favorite character?

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Least favorite character?

All the female love rivals in Shoujo, they’re so nasty. :(

Qualities you like in a character?

Sad pasts and the need to be protected Kindness is very important, I also love delinquents because they’re such good kids, and having the strength to help someone else

Short or long anime?

Short because it’s easier for me to finish, but I do love long for the ones I really like

Anime or manga?


How do you choose the anime you watch?

MyAnimeList, recommendations from friends and my brother, and lately it’s been “is it Sports? Guess I’m watching it” for upcoming anime

Skip or listen to intros/outros?

Listen! My brother always skipped, so I always listen. So far I haven’t skipped a single OP or ED in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and I’ve watched 98 episodes. That’s nearly 200??? Holy crap, XD

How do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?

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Do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?

I hate not finishing things, so I don’t think I have yet.

I tag @alienconspiracy21, @hisokas-illumis, @haikyuu-phandom, and @oikawaisagenius, only if you want to! There’s no pressure. 


“Oh yes, they dearly loved it, the proud, insular English– a good laugh at the expense of a foreigner and no one had given it with more unfailing regularity over the years than Elizabeth Tudor. The suitors she had cozened, the pirates she condoned, the ambassadors she deceived– one had to admire her nerve, and the astonishing manner in which she had got away with it all. They lauded her mercy and calmly ignored its few outrageous exceptions, for whatever she had done she was nothing like so hasty in revenge as her dread sire.”

book rec moodboards: 

Legacy {by Susan Kay}, 1983

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Now, Maxwell I love you dearly but you're going to be insufferable for a very long time . Before and after you see Dolly just like that whole business

the sky is blue? the pope is catholic? patti lupone is itallian? there is a wizard that lives on a hill?