Dear little: meet-up.

So it finally happened deardaisyelizabeth ( and dearlittlelucas met up. Daisy and Lucas finally met.
If you’ve been following us for a while you’d know were working on a magazine and we met last month to discuss a business plan and what not and it was lovely; but we couldn’t wait to get the little ones together.

I say part one, because the day sort of went in two parts, and the post will be far too long if i do it all in one, so i’ll start with the Zapf creations party, i wont go into to much detail as it’s a magazine review sort of thing but sharing the cutest pictures and my personal experience.

The day started off horrendously! I’d worked a twelve hour night shift, rushed to the station, onto a train, got to London at 9:40 (35 minutes before the event) hopped into a taxi (that had already got lost) got stuck in traffic and arrived at 10:30! Luckily they hadn’t started the tour. 

We found a deck chair and the cruel parents we are got excited by a photograph opportunity… this is the first photo of these two together and gosh it’s cute.

we had a little, quick play in the sandpit and swiftly moved on to the rest of the tour.
The tour was great! but Daisy and Lucas got distracted by some sensory lights.

After the tour we had play time, lunch and cake and Lucas got his face painted. He uhm, had a tiny bit done…

He wasn’t to sure and quickly ended in this…

We finished  the party with some fancy lunch boxes for the children but left without a goodie bag by accident, but have got a beautiful baby born little boy coming through the post, which is exciting.

We had the best day in London, my heart belongs to London and the party was fab and honestly we just had the most incredible time with Jodie and Daisy. 
Another amazing friendship has bloomed from blogging and honestly blogging was the best decision I ever made, it’s the only thing I find i’m dedicated to, along with the magazine, and it brings me so much happiness and friends.

Lucas has also gained a friend too, even if Daisy has taught him to add “no no no no no” to his already learnt head shake. It’s very cute and very funny. 
What a cheeky pair.

Part two coming soon… 

Day 1 of 25…

Following on from DearDaisyElizabeth I’m going to try and do something Christmassy with Katie every day.  I took this picture last night but neglected to post, so as its now the 2nd of December here in NZ you’ll get two pics today…

This is Katie’s first Christmas decoration.  Her official name is Kate. She loved it, kept shaking it to hear it clink!

New trick tuesdays  

Recently Daisy has learnt to kick her feet like crazy. As if she is running a marathon. It’s absolutely adorable and she wears herself out completely. This week she really has found her hands. She’ll stare at them in front of her face and laugh at what she realises is her own! She also blows little bubbles with her mouth and really has learnt to smile on queue. 

I love watching her develop and watching her dive into life with her own little ways! 

What new tricks have your little ones discovered this week?

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Thrifty Thursday - This beautiful yellow dress.

It was from a lovely little second hand store just outside of my local town! It really is so great what lovely finds you can get your hands on when you go looking a little further than normal! It’s actually not a dress - it’s a top that is for a 6 month old, but it actually fits perfectly for daisy as a dress with some cute socks and a cardigan. Loveeee.

What is your thrifty thursday?

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My friday favourite is this amazing bear play mat which Daisy loves! We got it bought for us by Andrews mum near the beginning of my pregnancy and it wasn’t until we thought about it the other day that we then started to use it! It’s cute and cosy and she just looks so happy in there! You can purchase it here from mother care but I’m sure you can find a similar one on amazon or elsewhere too.  

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Daisy’s new tricks tuesday is BUBBLES! Whilst she sleeps. She loves to blow tiny little bubbles from her mouth, I managed to catch it on camera whilst she was in a deep sleep on a little car journey yesterday. How sweet!

What are your little one’s new trick tuesday?

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Wednesday worries

Daisy has started to sleep quite well through the night now - I start her bedtime routine at about 7pm, then by half 8/9ish she’ll be in a deep sleep. She’ll then wake up at about half 1am and then half 5am and I’m pretty okay with that I think! Occasionally she’ll fall asleep earlier or a bit later and it will all be out of sync.

I’m just wondering what time you start settling your babies down for bed and what you feel is the best time for your baby to fall asleep? Especially at Daisy’s age (2 months)

What is your wednesday worry?

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Memory lane Monday

I have so many memories from my labour it’s crazy! I remember Andrew going to get me slush puppies from the shop downstairs and I remember my family coming to visit the night before I went into labour. One of my strongest memories is being on the special care ward after giving birth to Daisy. I was there for three or so days and on the last day I wanted to go home SO much that I forced myself up and out of bed. when the doctors did their little walk around I made sure they saw me sitting up on a chair out of bed and looking very awake and as healthy as I could make myself look! 

They did a few more tests and said I could go back upstairs to the ward and then soon be discharged. After being transferred and feeling so incredibly happy that going home was finally coming into sight I felt strange. I felt like I was in a little dream and everything was blurry and nothing actually made sense. I remember thinking to myself ‘act normal!’ I tried so hard to act normal because I didn’t want to go back down to be cared for! 

Andrew started to talk to me, in a very normal and calm manner and I turned round and shouted at him! I shouted at him to stop shouting! Haha. The woman doing the medication round looked at me as if I was a complete and utter weirdo. I was all over the place! After a glass of water and a lay down I soon calmed down. 

But I just remember the feeling so clearly! 

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