This day kills me every year, no matter how long it has been. It started snowing when I woke up and I knew it was you. I know I will see you again one day, but I wish I could see you today. For now I feel like hiding under my blankets. Let the rest of the world race on, I’ll be here thinking of you.
—  K.N.B.

I see, can’t have you, can’t leave you there ‘cos I must sometimes see you
But I don’t understand how you can keep me in chains
And every waken hour, I feel your taking power from me and I can’t leave
Repeating the scenery over again

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Dearest K, if you publish a book, would you tell us? Would it be hey look, I, K_dAzrael, published a book! Or would you keep that separate from your fandom identity? Also, could you please recommend some more podcasts you like? Of whatever genre, I trust your flawless taste.

Oh gawwwwd, that’s a hard question. I mean… first of all, me publishing fiction seems very far away and unlikely rn. I’m terrible at knuckling down to my original fiction, I’ve been working on the same novel for like 3 years now, incredibly sporadically (*gross sobbing*). Someone please teach me the meaning of self-discipline!

I guess ultimately it would depend on whether I published the ofic thing under my real name or a pseudonym. For some reason (probably unreasonable paranoia) I’m really uncomfortable linking my real name or face to my fandom identity.

Podcasts, however – those I can do! I cannot vouch for these being in flawless taste, and I’m too lazy to find links, but they’re all easily findable on iTunes/Stitcher etc. I won’t bother with anything too obvious (I figure everyone and their grandma knows about Serial and WTNV).

Horror Fiction

  • Tales to Terrify
  • No Sleep Podcast
  • Nightmare Magazine

Sci-fi/adventure stuff:

  • Thrilling Adventure Hour – if nothing else, listen to the ‘Beyond Belief’ segments. My BFF sometimes calls me up and does her impression of Sadie Doyle saying ‘SASQUATCH’ down the phone at me. SEEEEYSKWETCH.
  • Uncanny County – a really charming radio drama-style sci-fi show.
  • Kakos Industries – the shareholder announcements for an evil corporation. Featuring regular segments such as ‘The Ruin-A-Life Drawing’ and ‘Stuff We’re Taking Credit for Now’. 

True Crime

  • Criminal – a lot of true crime podcasts are really salacious and poorly researched. This show is more about human interest stories concerning crime and justice. Beautifully edited and produced, too.
  • Crimetown – a saga focusing on the history of crime in particular US cities. Season One is about Providence, Rhode Island. Full of interviews with absolute characters – ex-mobsters, ex-cops, ex-prosecutors; wheelers-and-dealers, all. 
  • Thin Air Podcast – a show about unsolved missing persons cases. Sad and poignant and needs more publicity.
  • Liar City - a show about famous liars and their lying lies!

Science and Technology

  • Radiolab – listening to this makes you a very irritating person who keeps saying ‘ooh, did you know…?’ until your friends and coworkers tell you to STFU.
  • 99% Invisible – a podcast about architecture and design. Roman Mars has a very soothing voice.


  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – I dip in and out of this but seriously recommend the one about Prophets of Doom. The Siege of Münster is a batshit insane story.
  • You Must Remember This – stories about old Hollywood. Previous series have included ‘Star Wars’ (what movie stars did during WWII) and The Blacklist.


  • Love + Radio – stories from a single perspective; weird and wonderful people talking about their lives. It’s hard to explain why this one’s so interesting, but again - well produced, interesting subjects.
  • Answer Me This – British comedy show answering listener questions that never fails to make me laugh (with Helen Zalzman, of The Allusionist fame!).
  • Mystery Show – this one seems to be on permanent hiatus and I’m really mad about it because it’s the most fucking charming thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Starlee Kine solves mysteries like ‘how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal?’, ‘did Britney Spears like my friend’s book?’, ‘who was the original owner of this weird belt buckle I found?’

Aaaaand I’m sure that’s enough to get on with. Happy listening! And if any y’all have stuff you want to evangelize about, come at me. I’m always a slut for more podcasts.


GOD BLESS WHOEVER MADE THIS VIDEO. It’s so amazing. Watching his journey, which has not been smooth by any means…it’s plain inspirational.

ETA: Made by 明日晴Sissi, translated by @yuzusorbet, subbed by Stella Chen. Thank you.


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun


best of hong jisoo ♡
happy birthday dearest josh!
thank you for bringing the memes to seventeen and for always making us laugh. one of my favourite things about you is how you’re such a gentle presence in the team, and I think a lot of us appreciate that about you. thank you for being a part of seventeen, and for always working hard for us, your carats. we love you, our favourite meme ♡


Dearest You

This touching fan-video made me cry…..   I have translated it to share.  (Song by Taiwanese singer Fan Fan/Fan Wei-chi)

-Thank you very much to 明日晴Sissi for permission to do her video in English
-Thank you very much to Stella for subbing my translation.


Prompto_overload (comic 4)

TRASH panda. 

This was done during Grouch ( @chocobaes )’s streaming today. It was an amazing stream. Thank youuuuu >W< <3

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Here’s a gift I made for my dearest @firebandit-shitposts. Thank you for being an amazing partner and helping me become a better person. Now take the xmas bois we love so much.

I don’t want to fall asleep tonight.
I know that same dream awaits me.
Every year it never changes.
I try so hard but I never find you.

I feel too weak to fight the tears.
Please come hold me tonight.
This is swallowing me completely.
I just need to see you.

—  K.N.B.

Here’s a thing. A thought. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves?

I don’t mean us. We won’t have seen pictures of any of the MACUSA founders, not really. I mean the witches and wizards, the ones that live in the magical world, the ones that work with Graves and pass him in the corridors and share that awkward silence when he happens to get in the same lift. Them. Have they ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves? Have they ever seen a photograph of Percival Graves?

The answer is yes, to the first, because there is one hidden away on some wood panelled wall among the other dour and scowling founders. The answer is no, to the second, because Graves is a lot more cautious with his face now that everything is recorded in photographs. But perhaps then the more pressing question is:

Does anyone think about the fact that Gondulphus Graves and his many generations removed grandson look the same? The hair is different, the clothes have moved with the times, but nothing else has changed.

Now. Let’s do away with Grindelwald, because for this story, I don’t want him here. Let’s take Credence and change his nature, slightly, because there are obscurials and there are vampires and really, there’s nothing to stop me swapping things over. Mary Lou Barebone decries demons and witches and unholy ghosts, and the blood-drinking undead are pretty high on her list, no matter if they were born that way or not. No matter how hard they try to keep the fangs at bay, bury it and bury it and walk the hallowed halls of the church with the skin burning over their bones -

Sometimes, Credence can’t bury it any more. He slips up one too many times and leaves one too many drained and bloodless corpses, and Graves finds him. But that’s ok. There’s no Grindelwald in this story, just a Graves who is teaching Credence control. After all, Graves has centuries of it to spare.

And into this, let’s throw Newt. Newt who sees Credence and recognises him, Newt who tries to help. Newt whose creatures are cowering from the old magic threading through the town, Newt who struggles to reassure his thunderbird that he’s fine, that Credence is no danger to him –

Graves melts out of the shadows and his teeth, when he smiles, are a hair too sharp. His eyes, when he fixes them on Newt, glitter the darkest shade of red.

“Credence,” he purrs in a voice like velvet wine. “You made a friend.”

Newt stills. His heart beats fast but he tries to quell it, lore and legend both warning him how far out his depth he’s swum. He holds his case close and gathers his magic to apparate.

“Can we keep him?” Credence asks, deceptively light and innocent. Newt shouldn’t have interfered in vampire business, he knows this now, but he’d thought Credence needed help. He was only trying to help.

Graves’ hand reaches out, sliding up the side of Newt’s neck and raking sharp claws over the base of his skull. He tugs on Newt’s hair, tipping his head back and up, and lifts his other hand to run a finger up the front of Newt’s throat.

“Yes,” he says, and Newt’s magic crumbles out of his control. Graves smiles, hungry and slow, and curls his icy grip around Newt’s pulse. “I think we can manage that.”


Episode 69 || Reactions to Vex’s Confession

“Percy, I don’t know if you can hear me… but… that day in Syngorn was one of the best moments of my life. And not because of what you think. It wasn’t because of my father, or the title. It was because of Whitestone. It was because of you. You allowed me to be a part of the thing that you hold dearest, and I’m so proud… but I don’t want to be here if you’re not. Whitestone still needs you, darling. I still need you here.” And I lean down, and I kiss him. And I say: “I should’ve told you: it’s yours.

The idea of giving an “adventure” for a gift has taken hold lately, with people no longer requesting mere baubles but also hinting mightily for fully funded, full-on “experiences.” Now, instead of a lavaliere or pair of Louboutins, you try to convince your nearest and dearest to provide you with, say, a week at a ski chalet, or a detoxifying sauna treatment, or maybe even sashimi lessons.

But who says you can’t look adorable sharpening a sushi knife or careening down a mountain? Shouldn’t the gift of a fetching zip hoodie accompany a wilderness trip? Why not throw in a dressing gown along with that spa sojourn?

Here, explore’s guide to the best experiences, with irresistible accessories to match.

Photographed by Tim Walker, Vogue, April 2012; Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, July 2016.