I feel like Mommy Dearest training this coworker. You can tell she’s terrified to make the smallest mistake in case I completely lose my shit. Which is a valid fear


Dearest tummy; You are huge. Big. Round. Squishy. You exist. I hate that some times i wish I could rip you off. Without you I would not be balanced. I love you when you grow and when you shrink. I’m sorry I hurt you sometimes. You are the only body part that has stretch marks and I love that. You have proof of what I’ve put you through and its a reminder to me that despite how big or small I’ll get, I’m alive and my body will keep me alive no matter what I do to it. Thank you. I wish other people would love you as much as I love you. You deserve to be kissed and squeezed and loved as much as the rest of my body.

pizzafemale asked:

I absolutely love your blog, you always repost the best quotes. ❤️🍃✌️

you are so lovely and sweet my goodness have a lovely night my dearest. you are always welcome here <3

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GOOD LUCK YOU PRECIOUS SUNSHINE!! may the force of destiel love guide you and give you strenght during your exam. I’m sure you’ll nail it! :3

THANK YOU DEAREST FLUFFY CLOUD!!! the force of destiel did indeed guide me throughout the whole exam. nothin like thinkin about how much cas has sacrificed for dean in the middle of a test. just cant get enough of that [clenches fist] profound bond.


50 Days of Doctor Who 50th

↳October 04 | Who was your first Doctor?
Don’t drop the banana!
Why not?
Good source of potassium!


Super handsome royalty of Middle-Earth for my dearest Evelin

Happy Holidays, love!! ♥


huang zitao in 2014~ we wish you all the best things in 2015


      A little late, a little stumbling and heart aching I am
        wishing you a happy birthday my dearest Sunggyu. 
        My beloved muse, inspiration and safety -

                  I love you with all of my heart,
                                                now and forever.