Queen Regret and her Human Child

Chara stared nervously up at the Queen. Her darker colors were different and her look of agonizing guilt made them feel worried. “Chara… Dearest child… You have been good for Undyne, yes?” Chara nodded, “Yes. But you… What happened?” Toriel smiled, no happiness in it, “I am infected. But this virus is one I have labeled as Negativity. I have embodied others with darker emotions. And it is… Not a bad life.” Chara looked away, “Undyne’s getting worse… She’s upset. About Papyrus from Underfell.” She nodded, “Understandable. Alphys is with the Tricksters so it is no surprise… Well, Chara, I must go. Gaster and Mettaton and Undyne are waiting for me.” She smiled and turned and began on her way. “Wait!” Chara yelled. Chara took a few steps forward, “I can… Help you. Take me with you! I’ll do whatever you need!” Toriel refused. And she did so for almost a half hour. Next thing she knew, she and Chara were walking, Chara trailing behind her. She sighed. She hoped she wouldn’t regret this… She always loved children.


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Updates, and the likes...

Dearest game, I love you, really I do. But the way you test me is more exhausting than a redundant spouse…why must you do this?

Well, true to form, my game has started playing up again. Considering the number of times it’s been doolally, this one doesn’t seem so bad. The odd freezing and shutting down - could be worse, eh? This is what happens when you try to add your old saves, cc and sims back into the game. The big joke is I’ve only very recently cleaned out my game. My endless pursuit of a bug-free game is well, endless…

So until I go through each and every .sim and .package file, I’m going to revert to my last save file. 

This is a heads up to not expect varying sims for an even longer while, if that’s your thing please feel free to unfollow. If you’re fine with my already random Levi updates then please stay tuned.

Over and out.


Dearest You

This touching fan-video made me cry…..   I have translated it to share.  (Song by Taiwanese singer Fan Fan/Fan Wei-chi)

-Thank you very much to 明日晴Sissi for permission to do her video in English
-Thank you very much to Stella for subbing my translation.


happy birthday, dearest coups thank you for being the best leader seventeen could ever hope to have and for always giving 117% of yourself to carats. thank you for willing to show us your fun, dorky, sexy and serious sides - it just makes us fall in love with you even more ♡

#HappyScoupsDay #에스쿱스따뚜_생일축하해

HOW TO BE A BETTER PERSON THAN TAMLIN: A Guide by Rhysand of the Night Court.

Greetings, my dearest readers.

Some of you might have seen THIS POST by that absolute flapjack, Tamlin. 

Even though part of me was like, “No, no, Rhys, do not engage in that useless mint sprig’s belligerent commentary, a more dominant part of me was like, “He is still trying to fuck my mate and for that I will serve him his own ass on a platter.”

So, you utter string bean, I will now contradict you. Brace yourself.

A brief prologue: Don’t call your bitch a bitch. Unless of course, she is a freak (like yourself) asks to be referred to this during a sexual encounter. You wouldn’t know this, of course, since plants reproduce asexually.

  1. If your significant other is about to die for you, you should definitely do something about that.
  2. If you manage to escape your captor the night before your lover is about to risk her life for you for possibly the last time, you should probably go ahead and smite yourself. Save her the trouble. This is polite.
  3. Again, if you would just throw yourself off of a fucking staircase, you would not have to worry about saving her from getting her neck snapped in the first place. 
  4. If she wakes up in the middle of the night vomiting and having nightmares, you should hold her hair back. Cuddle her. Reassure her. Give her nose kisses. Not play possum like the possum that you are.
  5. No, you’re quite right. She cannot take care of herself. Not after hunting and feeding her family singlehandedly for most of her life. No, she is helpless. 
  6. If she loses weight all of a sudden without stating she’s decided to go on a diet, she is feeling ill and not eating enough. Although, I’m aware that the Spring Court only dines on small pebbles and potting soil. 
  7. ***IMPORTANT!*** If another man who wears the same incredibly stylish outfit makes a bargain to take “your” lady friend to his court to teach her to write/generally keep her safe from your pathetic furry ass, it might not be a bad thing. 
  8. Once again, she obviously cannot defend herself. No way. Not with all those powers. Not a chance.
  9. If she tells you she ran away out of free will, then she ran away out of free will. 
  10. If you actually accept help from an evil king, you really and truly are the most stupid creature to ever roam the planet. But we already knew that.

I eagerly await Hamlin’s response. Also, I should hope he knows how lovely mine and Feyre’s nightly mental dirty time was last evening. Absolutely splendid

Much shade,

Rhysand :-)

malcolm6  asked:

I follow you..Because I love you! You are my precious sister with INCREDIBLE talent! Also..As your sister I need to tell you..YOU NEED TO SLEEP. Isn't it like 5am where you are?!?! LOL <3


I’ve got a strong feeling to draw this artwork for you, my dearest sister , The handsome dude who took our breathe away >/////////<

I worked an eleven hour day today, and on the way home from work I stopped at the grocery store for dinner and the liquor store for wine. Leaving the store, I checked Pokemon Go and noticed that the gym right outside the liquor store had only one Team Mystic defender left in it, so I decided to build it back up real quick and toss in my grand Snorlax, Latrice.

But as I got within range, the gym had just been fully knocked down, so, realizing my opportunity, I quickly just threw Latrice directly in. She wouldn’t last very long on her own, but Mystic generally holds that gym, and hey, I needed the extra coins.

As she mounted her new claim, I heard the dejected groans of three eight-year-olds who had clearly just spent an hour of their underleveled lives chipping away at the previous guardians.

They spotted me and pointed me out to each other with exasperation. I smiled and saluted, and drove on home with my food and wine. I’m thirty, I’ve had a long day, and this is my turf. Get wrecked.