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The Sweetest Sounds

Written for @propertyofpoeandbucky‘s Writing Challenge. I decided to try something different and write for a character and fandom I’ve never written for before. 

My prompt for this was “The Sweetest Sounds” from the 1997 movie “Cinderella.” You can listen here

Warnings: None that I can think of. AU!

Pairings: General Hux x fem!reader, Ben Solo (That’s right! I wrote for Star Wars.)

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“You’re the prince! I don’t understand why I am the one who has to marry for good of the kingdom,” Hux grumbled. You would think that the general of Queen Leia’s army would garner more respect than to be sold off like some prized bull. Ben shrugged. “Stop complaining, Hux. Who knows. Your bride might end up being a great beauty.” Hux could hear the amusement in his voice. Grumbling to himself, Hux left the room.

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