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Realize -- Chapter Six “Home”

Sebastian StanxReader and Tom HiddlestonxReader (Pick your team #TeamSeb #TeamTom)

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain …  Here’s Chapter Six! :) @foureyedsiopao

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Chapter Six - Home

You awkwardly wave at Tom and notice the instant shift in his face. When you had first noticed him there, he was looked so perplexed and saddened in that moment. Well, maybe not sad, but it was not his usual Tom face. There was something there, but before you could get the door open to properly say hello, he was his usual amiable self. “I was just coming down to get the mail. How was lunch?”

You laugh and match his smile, brushing away the strange thought of his eyes when he first saw you. “Better than expected.”

His brows raised and he let out a saucy laugh as he went to fetch the mail and you handed him the bag of cookies. “So it would seem, and how’s Sarah?”

You take the arm he offers you as you both head back to the elevator, foregoing the stairs now that the lovely rush has worn off and your leg is once again reminding you that it is still not one hundred percent. “She was her usual self, spit and vinegar, flirting and interrogating Sebastian in equal measure.” You both laugh, carrying a deep affection for the lovely older woman. “She may be my favorite person.”

He gasps in feigned shock, sending you into another peal of laughter. “I am going to tell Lou you said that.” As you got back into the apartment, he dropped the things in his hand on the table and grabbed his phone.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh?” He put on his best look of regret and appears to start texting. “My Dearest Lou–”


“Of course, you’ve shunned the both of us for another, we shall find comfort in one another. My Dearest Lou, it would seem that (y/n) has spurned our affections and has taken up with a proprietor of sandwiches and sweets, we clearly stood no chance.”

You toss a pillow at him and snag the bag of cookies he dropped next to the mail and keys, nearly knocking over the flowers from Sebastian in the process. Tom catches them with ease, carefully righting them, another one of those uneasy looks clouding his face for a moment.


It was gone as quickly as it came. “From Lou?” he asks, but you can tell he already knows the answer.


He nods and quietly comments, barely audible, “Already knows your favorites, that’s a good sign.” He looks back up at you finally, “Tea, then?”

“Yes, thank you.”

He moves to take the cookies from you and you keep hold of the bag for an extra moment, feeling a faint shock run between you as his hand brushes yours before you let go. This is all too much. You pull back and flop onto the couch, hiding your face in the cushion once he moves away and into the kitchen.

Once you have composed yourself and Tom has returned with the tea and cookies, set far too properly on a tray, everything starts to feel right again. There is nothing weird here. This is just your best friend. Nothing awkward here. Nothing at all.

Just as the silence, only punctuated by the sipping of tea and nibbling of cookies, starts to border on uncomfortable. He speaks. “So, we are wrapping earlier than expected.”

“That’s good! Maybe you can have some actual free time for more than a week.”

You both lightly laugh, things far more tense than usual and you kick yourself for it. Why are you making this so strange?

“Yeah, I was thinking about heading home actually. See the family maybe catch Ben at home.”

You can’t look at him and he seems to suffer the same problem. “That sounds lovely. You’ll give them all my love?”

He nods and finally looks at you, “Of course.”

So there it was. The next few days were just like that, a skewed version of the comfortable life you’d had before the kiss. It felt like something had shifted. Like you were marked now and he was afraid about overstepping some lost page of the “bro code.”

So you settled into a comfortable rhythm with Sebastian. Training, leaving together for coffee or a meal depending on when you were done and then finding some private corner of the city to sit and talk and eventually make out like overwrought sixteen-year-olds.

Tom had left two days ago. It had been so much harder than you thought it would be, going with him to the airport and hiding the tears behind overly bright smiles and laughter. Hugging each other until the very last moment before he had to pull away and board his flight away from the home you’d built together.

You shouted a quick, “Call me when you land!”, running to let yourself have a solid cry in the bathroom once the plane was out of your sight.

Your heart was breaking far more than it had a right to. He called every day. It felt wrong, not seeing his eyes when he laughed.

Now, you were pushed against the wall of your own apartment building, half way down the alley that ran between it and the next. When you sighed softly into the kiss, Sebastian pulled back from and looked into your eyes, the worry evident there.  “(y/n), Are you okay, baby?”

You take a deep breath and try to pull yourself together. It was harder than you thought. You let your head fall to his chest, for some reason you couldn’t look him in the eye when you asked, “Will you stay tonight?”

He gently lifts your chin to meet his eyes again. “I would love to.”

Things felt a little less empty as he led you to bed.