dearest leader

‘Kiss’ by Gassada, 2014

Tony sometimes wonders how the things they fight get weirder every time the Avengers assemble. Overall, the winged monsters of the week do not even rank top five. They are easy enough to kill while he flies through them and blasts. That is until one of the suckers grabs Steve by the cowl.

Tony doesn’t know how it happens (Jarvis will later inform him that his heart rate spiked and he went straight through a wall) but suddenly he’s down there and Clint’s cursing into his ears.

“Oh my god, my EYES! Stark, think of the people with super vision. I do not need to see you feeling up our dearest leader.”

He feels Steve smile against his lips though, and he turns the thing coming up behind him to sludge without letting go.


This is so old, but appropriate for the occasion of Civil War. And I’ve only posted the main characters before. So here you go with the full picture. Make love not war.


Minho explains how he sees a good leader in Onew. He mentions that since they were young, they have lived and worked together in a team. In that time, Minho has seen two types of charisma: sharp and gentle. Onew has the gentle type of charisma. Instead of being a member who always acts above others, Minho thinks what makes a strong leader is a member who can be in the middle. (In other words our dearest dubu leader. ♥)


{900331} #HappyBbangDay #ForeverWithBAP Happy birthday to our dearest leader of B.A.P’s and Babys’ heart, Bang Yongguk! Thank you for always leading B.A.P, for always protecting the five of them, for always being the great support and strength for all of us. On this day, may you have a bless time, along with your beloved ones. We, Babys cherish you so much, for all your kindness, loveliness, and contributions to B.A.P, Babys and to the world. Thank you so much our handsome gummy leader. We love you. I love you so much. Forever we stay, forever we stand, next to the six of you. We miss you.


to our dearest leader cha hakyeon: 

thank you for being born. thank you for always putting starlights first, for always thinking about us and vixx and how to make us proud (even though you already do). thank you for being the leader of vixx, for always trying to put yourself out there, taking on numerous projects even when you’re already so busy, just so that more people will know of vixx. thank you for being vixx’s biggest fan. thank you for being the glue in the group, for bringing vixx to who they are today. thank you for your kind heart, your adorable laugh, and your wise words. thank you for being you

happy birthday, hakyeon. i sincerely hope all your wishes come true. ♡  

Ohno Satoshi. A miracle boy. An outstanding artist. A wonderful human being.
Ever since I returned from Japan this poster of our dearest Leader has been watching over my sleep. I am way past the age where putting up posters all over your walls is considered normal. But I need this man in my life because that’s exactly what he’s not. Ohno Satoshi is many things but ‘normal’ isn’t one of them. He is sleepy, bordering on indifferent in many Arashi shows, yet he’s the one who always finds the right words when it counts, who twists every situation into something worth watching. Be it funny expressions or honest tears, everything about Ohno seems worthwhile. When he performs on stage and it feels like he wants to greet every fan personally, wants to make everyone feel special while loosing himself in the most complex dance choreographies, the most challenging phrases. When he compliments the other members in that quiet way of his and their faces light up. When he smiles. When Ohno Satoshi smiles the world gets a little bit brighter. Ohno is everything but normal and yet he’s so incredibly real and plainly human that I sometimes wonder how he survives being what he is to so many people: an idol, a dream, a friend. There won’t be a single day where I don’t appreciate sharing a world with such a beautiful soul. Happy birthday Ohno-san. これからもありがとう。❤️