dearess asked:

What did you think about the red wedding scene in general? Personally, I was not a fan. The pace was dreadful and the acting slightly over done..

I have to rewatch it to see but I was fine with the acting. I think a lot of the actors underplayed it, and I thought Michelle Fairley went bigger, but in a good way, because Cat’s grief is pretty extreme. I thought it was in line with her character. It worked for me. I got a little confused in the action part, I couldn’t tell who was getting killed, but maybe that was deliberate? A rewatching is needed.

@aheartzhome tagged me in this. I definitely acted like I didn’t see it when @dearess tagged me but ignoring it twice in a row would just be rude!

nickname: Steff, Stegg (typo and it stuck), Steph,

star sign: Aquarius

gender: irritated feline (Female, but I really don’t care. Gender me however you want.)

height: 5'2’’ ½. The half is very important.

favorite color: Black and white, stripes is the best but I’ll take it anyway. Like pure black and white, no gray.

time right now: 8:13 PM

place i’m at: my living room

average hours of sleep: Bout 8 hours

lucky number: 21

last thing i googled: black and white suit

number of blankets i sleep under: 2 comforter and a fleece, occasionally an electric fleece.

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