Dangan Thieves AU - Sonia Nevermind

So here’s the lovely Ultimate Princess of the Dangan Thieves AU and… *face plants onto desk* As much as Sonia is a likable character she is more of a pain to write simply because of her “perfect character.” I had to rewrite this like… four times just so it felt like this could possibly be Sonia Nevermind and not somebody else. Why is her character designed to be nearly like a Mary Sue at points? Couldn’t she just have a few more notable ones or did I overlook them?

Anyway, Sonia Nevermind position as the main party Support member came from my chat with @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl and we came to the conclusion we’d at least have two members taking that role (Being Sonia and Mahiru). As for her Persona, I’d like to thank @killr-cupcake for suggesting ideas for the Persona - and helping me narrow down the list. Though after Sonia I’m going to take a break from characters and work on other things… like possible Palaces and Mementos stuff! Be sure to take tune for that and ENJOY!!!

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dearess  asked:

What did you think about the red wedding scene in general? Personally, I was not a fan. The pace was dreadful and the acting slightly over done..

I have to rewatch it to see but I was fine with the acting. I think a lot of the actors underplayed it, and I thought Michelle Fairley went bigger, but in a good way, because Cat’s grief is pretty extreme. I thought it was in line with her character. It worked for me. I got a little confused in the action part, I couldn’t tell who was getting killed, but maybe that was deliberate? A rewatching is needed.