Snow White and the Evil Queen. Tattooist - @dearemilyann

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I've been so happy this week.

Everything has been surprisingly great, I’ve changed my attitude and positive things happen to those with a positive mind… 

-Work has finally got my 3IC contract sorted, I’ve been full time since February and doing the Visual merchandising for the store - but I haven’t ‘officially’ had the title.

- My friend gave me a skate deck last weekend! I went and got wheels/trucks yesterday. And today Dylan took me skating, he was teaching me tricks and helping me. My relationship is amazing, we’re growing more every day. I love everything about him.

- Dyl and I went shopping yesterday and I helped him get a new wardrobe basically and he helped me as well. We have the same interests and it helps when we’re looking for new things to add to our home.

- My brother and I have organised to take Mum to the Zoo next weekend for Mothers day, we rarely ever.. ever get to hang out just the three of us. So I’m really excited!

- I’ve been drawing more every single day and trying really hard to take this some where.
My goal is to become an artist and I’m not going to give up until I do.
I take all criticism with gratitude and I’m work to improve every aspect.

- I have also been asked to draw up a logo for someones company.
It’ll be on their business cards, bags and advertising. 
I’m half way through the design and I couldn’t be happier.

**So if anyone wants anything drawn up, just for fun or anything.
Send me an email on because I’m more than happy to try new things and projects.**