deardroff did an awesome job of re-housing an old Petzval lens for me. I bought it from Rob Gibson, he shoots wet plate portraits in Gettysburg, Maryland. I got an amazing ‘watch my workflow’ tour thanks to my friend Don Aros. From that moment on I knew that I could never handle those chemical smells. Awesome to watch a wet plate 'happen’… but I think I now prefer shooting film with those lenses and a warm heartfelt 'no thanks’ to the wet plate back end. Give me negs and digital scans with water color paper EPSON prints as a final product.

On another “printing” note, I’ve had a full darkroom in my basement waiting to be setup. Just can’t bring myself to mess with the silver print side. However I still love neg/pos film processing. The thrill of wet neg after you first turn the lights on has never left me.

Then there’s those pesky life lessons with scan software, scanner devices and scan sizes… Robert Earl Keen: “The road goes on forever and the party never ends”