Dear Cry,

I know this will sound really weird, but. I really wish you could be in a relationship with Pewdie. A Pewdie and Cry relationship sounds a lot more interesting than Pewdie and Marzia. (Not to be offensive or anything. I like Marzia.) But you have a lot of chemistry going on. And a lot of people support you and Pewdie. Let’s say, one day, IF (and I doubt), but IF Pewdie and Marzia break up, can you ask Pewdie out?

Dear Cry,

I wish there was someone like you here. Someone with your personality. I wish I could make videos with you. Play video games with you. Laugh with you, eat pizza with you. I’m not asking to be your girlfriend, but I would have loved to be your friend. 

Cry, I see a lot of people saying they want to marry your voice, have your children, etc. but I don’t see a whole lot of comments that just thank you for all the work you put into these videos. So thank you. Thank you for taking the time not just to upload a video every day, but to upload a video with quality material. Thank you for putting some time and effort into your videos. Thank you for letting us join you in your digital adventures. Thank you.

Dear Cry,

I wonder what your favorite food is, you favorite drink, your favorite color, your favorite song, favorite game to play, favorite action, favorite place. I wish I could ask you those questions. I guess that’s one downside to being famous. Everyone wants to get to know you personally. I think I would have gotten to know you better without all that fame. But hey, if you’re happy having a lot of subscribers, I’m happy, too. Sometimes I just wish I could be selfish and have you all to myself. It’s funny. I feel like a bad fan when I turn selfish, yet I can’t help myself. 

Dear ChaoticMonki/Cryaotic/Cry,

If there was a chance, I really wish I could get to personally know you. If anyone would try to hurt you, I would be there for you and I’d make sure it wouldn’t happen again. I’d try to be that person that would stand up just for you. If you went out drinking, I’d be that person with you and make sure that you safely got home. I wish the best of you, but sometimes when you drink a lot, it worries me. Then again, that’s your life, and I don’t want you to change just because someone said it’s bad. Enjoy life! :) 

Dear Cry,

I really wonder what it’d be like to meet you and just talk about stuff. You wouldn’t have to say anything personal to me, but it’d just be nice to talk to someone about anything. It seems like you’d be a really good listener and insight-giver. 
I guess thinking it over, I wouldn’t even have to talk to you face-to-face.
I’m sure you’ve heard this countless times, but when I have bad days, when I feel really alone, I watch some of your videos or read through the Cry tags, and I feel better. 
You’re a brilliant man, and I’m glad you exist. 

Dear Cry, 

Sometimes I want to know what you look like, but then again I don’t. I feel like me knowing how you look like would ruin the mystery. I like it how we can’t know. It’s like the fun of reading a book and finding out what different people think the character looks like. You all have different looks for us, and because of that, the fan arts are really amazing. 

Dear Cry, I’ve always wanted to draw fan-art for you. But I’m extremely lazy and horrible and have other drawings I’d been planning to finish, the fact that I half-ass almost everything when I’m feeling lazy doesn’t help. It honestly sounds like a dumb excuse, but yeah. One day though, I’ll definitely draw something, and I’ll put absolutely all of my effort in it, even if it won’t ever be as good as some of the fan-art you get from other people. Promise!


I barely know you, yet I feel like we have a friendship going. You help me survive the day, and I help you with words, comments, likes, and favorites. Even though you give us videos every day… I feel like whatever I do just isn’t enough. I wish there was a way to at least show my gratitude. 

Dear Cry,

I haven’t been subscribed to you for a long time, perhaps only two months. But in that short amount of time, you have made me a happier person. Fuck the haters who say you’ve changed, because when watching your old videos and comparing them with your new ones, you are the same happy go lucky youtuber you’ve always been.

I wish that I could have watched you earlier, because your videos make my day. And when I mean make my day, I could come home from school in the worst mood, press play on one of your videos and immediately feel better. Like your Walking Dead videos. The way you act towards Clem and the amount of emotion you have for game characters is really amazing. You are a great gamer, because you become involved in the story and you become attached to the characters and for that, I thank you. You make Let’s Plays more entertaining and I will admit, when you cried in To The Moon, I cried with you.

Thank you for everything you do Cry. As I said, fuck the haters, they’re not worth a scrap of your time. You mean so much to thousands of us and that should be all that matters. Because we love you Cry and we never want you to stop. Because you changed our lives and I hope somehow, us fans, have changed yours x