dearborn homes

plants are SO alive u guys what the fuck

this morning the lily plant my mom brought home from dearborn was looking droopy (its leaves were soft & the green was starting to fade into yellow) and i moved it to the window sill and watered it and 1 hr later it was standing tall … its leaves look nice & firm and the green has never been greener

I’ve reported this woman to the FBI internet crimes website, and reported her on Twitter and sent it to the official @FBI on Twitter. Also made a post about it on Facebook. She has since cowardly taken down her Twitter handle. But screen shots are forever boo boo. I hope they take this seriously. Dearborn, MI is home to a rapist named Darren Paden who raped a girl over 300 times from the age of 5 till the girls teen years, a decade. He’s the real terrorist. Well, along with this heifer. Signal boost the hell out of this. This woman is the definition of terrorism and fear mongering.

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