(Look at his nipple).

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My dear lord your face and body are gorgeous!!! 😍😍😍 like goddamn!! And you're a sweetheart. For real let me lay by your side every night 😍😍

As long as you don’t snore

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Can I get a Harry Potter ship? I'm a straight Slytherin girl and around 5'2. I have blue eyes, ginger hair and a crap ton of freckles. I love drawing (mostly animals and flowers) and listen to music practically 24/7. My friends say I fit the grunge subculture because of the way I dress and the kind of music i like to listen to. Proud to say my eyeliner is sharp enough to kill. I study 3D design, Graphics and Film Studies atm and would like to go into video game design in university. Thank you^-^

Of course! :)

I ship you with Albus Potter! (starring our local heartthrob)

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  • Exchanging mixtapes;
  • Mutuals on Tumblr (he totally has a Tumblr account, don’t y'all dare fight me on that);
  • Him wanting to try to do your makeup;
  • “Babe you look so different without eyeliner” He’d say, then reconsider his words.
  • “But you’re still so gorgeous, dear Lord, how do you do it?” He’d add;
  • “Shut up, Potter.”
  • “Make me.”
  • Him offering you his full support;

requests are open!