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Ih would definitely be that marriage where the wife is always just like yes dear, ok dear, of course dear. Like if ichigo wants to eat chicken bit she bought beef shed immediately run to the store to buy chicken. Shed be just desperately trying to please him. She'd live in constant fear that she's going to do something that won't please him or upset him. That's literally all we ever saw her do. She'd say something get embarrassed and try to fix it so he wouldnt think shes weird.

considering that her life goal was to walk beside him i’m gonna say you’re right

but yo, really, happy birthday to my dear boy ichigo. i’ve been writing him for like four years now and when i watched bleach as a kid he was this guy i looked up to, and now i really do feel like his mom lol. it’s been an amazing journey to group with him and have him as part of my life, cause through him i’ve met some people who i considered to be friends for life 

LOL at the YT comment section regarding Bleach anime endings

Many of these damage controlling dipshits say “Fuck Bleach” “Kubo ruined his manga” “Animation company is the only Bleach cuz they shipped IchiRuki” “Kubo secretly shipped IchiRuki in which he only did IH just to give a fuck you to Jump”

Okay listen carefully by me.

I love the Bleach anime more than the Bleach manga. HOWEVER, I know for a fact that Pierrot did had an IchiRuki filler fetish and they removed several important IH moments in the 1st arc and early SS arc.

Now let’s go onto that immature Bleach ending 19. The song “Love You” is so fucking cringeworthy. I was laughing from start to finish of that song. 

Now let’s go onto Bleach ending 14, a nice symbolism of what is going on in the Arrancar arc with Orihime being the last person in that ending of what Ichigo holds dear. Now let’s go onto ending 15, a sad and lonely Orihime all alone with her cell phone. However she is very happy to be with her friends in that ending and Ichigo gets to smile at her. Ending 18 is IchiHime because of how Orihime’s livelihood is and she sees all the Shinigami in the sunset which she considers allies/friends. However in that same ending, Ichigo is in a flower field which focuses on Orihime’s love. Ending 22 is IchiHime since in that same ending you see Ichigo going to Orihime who’s sitting by at the end. Ending 24 is IchiHime in which Orihime gives Ichigo water. What I love about this is that it symbolizes what will be Ichigo’s hope in the future as well as her helping out after the Ulquiorra fight besides the fact she is giving Ichigo some water to drink or cleanse himself. 

Ending 25 here IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ICHIHIME ENDING OF ALL! What makes this ending the best is that it really focuses on Ichigo’s journey as a character from the comrades/enemies he met and Orihime being the last person in the group shows what his true love will be. This ending is what I consider Bleach’s story in a nutshell.

And before you IRs damage control, I also would like to say Ending 27 focuses on Uryu and Ichigo. Not as lovers but what will become of Uryu in the final arc. Ending 27 shows Uryu surprised at Ichigo greeting him but later goes away seriously as if they will leave each other one day. It symbolizes the final arc of Bleach.

Anyway, I would like to say that even if you like to use Pierrot as referencing for your precious IR fanfic shit, I can also counter your bullshit with the good things Pierrot did.

REAL Bleach endings: 12, 14-15, 18, 22, 24-25 (25 being the realest)

Also another thing that I loved about those IchiHime endings were that at the very least they weren’t cringeworthy of “Love You.” They had better lyrics and music composition and wasn’t a One Direction or Justin Bieber shit song which was “Love You” of ending 19.

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Dear Diary

X // Accepting~!

Dear Diary,

             Today I got dispatched on another mission to the world of the living. Urahara had not be in when I went to go retrieve my gigai so I decided while I wait I should pay Ichigo a small visit! So I headed over to his house and popped right on in through the window. His reaction was quick amusing. We held a decent conversation until I spotted…it. There around the nape of his neck was a patch of hair slightly longer than the rest. Simply deciding to be a good friend I asked if he would let me cut his hair. Just to fix that mistake. He then went on about something I believe it related to his sister? I didn’t pay to much attention. Well I am now in a gigai and will try again to successfully cut his hair to an even length.

Does it not seem a little odd to you that Tatsuki, who is both a friend to Orihime and Ichigo, fully encourages (albeit questioning Orihime’s attraction to him [in a very sisterly manner]) her feelings for Ichigo? That she even goes as far as urging Orihime to pursue him more actively?

Like, Tatsuki obviously talks to Ichigo. Tatsuki is obviously a dear friend to Ichigo. And, despite having hidden dangerous facts about himself from her (understandably), Tatsuki is obviously pretty close to Ichigo.

Wouldn’t she know whether it would be beneficial for Orihime to go after Ichigo? Wouldn’t she, as a friend to both of them, take into consideration both of their feelings?

Bleach Editor, Toya comment on Kubo’s Heroine

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against Rukia not being a heroine, as long as she is considered the semi-protagonist, not just some aibou/partner for Ichigo. 

Oh dear, poor Rukia, being sidelined as always, congrats, you’re a supporting character now. I still love you though.

Subs and translation by yours truly. 

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I have a doubt...did ichigo went to hueco mundo to fight with grimm?(don't know how to write well his name :p) i mean he obviously wanted to save Orihime but was mainly for that arrancar guy?

There’s a multitude of reasons; Orihime needed to be saved, she’s a nakama. But like Grimmjow said, Ichigo should have just grabbed her and gone if that was the only reason and case (unlike with Rukia, Ichigo ordered Renji to take her and had to beat Bya to ensure they wouldn’t keep coming after her.)

The other reasons; Grimmjow and Ichigo are rivals, and the reason is obvious – it didn’t just happen just cause, there’s an origin – Grimmjow hurt Rukia, and that’s one of the fastest ways for Ichigo to hate or have an enemy in someone. Grimmjow even acknowledged this in so many words.

Ichigo reaction to Grimmjow (hurting Rukia) has been compared and contrasted to his reaction to Ulquiorra (Hurting Orihime) by Kubo himself – Exhibit A;

Exhibit B;

Just the thought of Grimmjow enrages not only Ichigo but threatens for Ichigo to let the Hollow consume him.

We saw Ichigo’s loss to Grimmjow affect him like almost no fight before; suddenly coming out of a fight truly wasn’t enough, but we’ve seen Ichigo ring out this sort of sentiment before –

When it comes to fighting for Rukia – her life, or her honor or anything – living – isn’t enough.

Long story short? Ichigo protects people, especially his friend, family and those dear to him. But Ichigo could have grabbed Orihime and taken her to safety, instead he detoured and fought Grimmjow.

Ichigo admits to it, but he also states he’s going to save everyone and go home, including Orihime. This added onto the fact that a databook confirmed Ichigo went to fight Grimmjow, I think answers itself.

If Gin apologized...

As requested by madokaichimaru. :)

Previously, we imagined what would happen if Aizen sent apology letters to various people he wronged. Now it is time to do the same thing for Gin! If Gin decided to apologize to everyone, what sort of letters would he send?

1. Dear Aizen-taicho,

I lied to you for our entire relationship. I pretend that I was on your side, that you could trust me, but in reality I was plotting to kill you from the beginning. I even got you to open up, to share with me the secret of your zanpakuto. A true bonding moment! Except, of course, for the part where I just wanted to kill you. Then, after stringing you along for many, many years, I stabbed you straight through the heart, stole the hogyoku, and ran away. I am sorry.

I should never have made you wait that long. I should have killed you way sooner! Maybe death would have stuck then.



2. Dear Tosen,

I am sorry for giving you binoculars, in an attempt to mock you for being blind. Although you really seem to like them. You don’t seem to find them ironic in the slightest. So I guess I just want you to know that it was supposed to be a joke. Actually, an insult. You weren’t supposed to like them so much.

I mean I’m sorry.



3. Dear Hitsugaya,

Ah. How do I even begin to apologize to you, Captain Hitsugaya? I tormented you. And your friends. I deliberately wound Hinamori up, knowing that if she came at me, I would kill her. And that that would hurt you. I acted deliberately shady around you, giving you every reason to think that I had murdered Aizen-taicho. Thus making you seem really stupid later. Plus, there was that awkward position I put you in during our fight, when I tried to kill Hinamori over your shoulder. Truly, you have every reason to hate me.

I hope that this letter will make everything better. 



PS Oh wait I guess I never actually apologized! I am so flighty that way.

4. Dear Hinamori,

I am sorry that I tormented you so relentlessly, Squad 5 lieutenant. I confess that I found your anger to be amusing, so sometimes I would smile at you or say things or pretend to kill the man you loved, just to see if you would fly into a rage. It was a kind of hobby, I suppose. A hobby that no man would be proud of!

We should have lunch sometime. 



5. Dear Matsumoto,

I am just - I am sorry.


6. Dear Ulquiorra,

I am sorry that I tried so hard to see your second release. I was curious, and I thought it would be cool. But you of course have the right to your privacy, and if you want to keep your second release a closely guarded secret revealed only to Kurosaki and Orihime and Ishida, then I understand. I hope we can move past this ugly incident. I hope that we can be friends. 

The sort of friends who share things. All things. Especially cool things.



7. Dear Kira,

I am sorry that I was not the - best captain that you could have hoped for. I manipulated you. Destroyed your spirit. Lied to you. Put you into situations where you would have to fight your friends. Got you thrown into jail. Broke you out of jail. Made you an unwitting participant in a conspiracy. Oh, and I suppose I betrayed you too.

Is this why you haven’t been answering any of my letters?



8. Dear Ichigo,

I’m sorry I freaked you out so much, you poor creepy kid. I’m sorry that my encouraging words killed your spirit and made you feel like a loser. Oh! And I’m also sorry that I cut off your friend’s arms so long ago. At least….I got the impression that Jidanbo was your friend? You sure seemed upset by his loss of arms. If not, though, I rescind the apology. He did sorta have it coming.

Anyway. Sorry for the trauma. Thanks for beating Aizen for me.



9. Dear Hiyori,

Sorry for the “cutting you in half” thing! Had to protect my boss, you know!

Well actually I just thought it would be funny.



10. Dear Luppi,

I am sorry - very, very sorry - that you died before we could hang out more. Our friendship was awesome.

Love and kisses,


The Rukia diaries

As requested by anon. :) And also anon. ;)

I refuse to make this a series, because these posts take a bit longer than they should, but so far we’ve done diaries for UnohanaGrimmjowKurotsuchi, Urahara, and Szayel. Next up is Rukia! Since Rukia is a main main character and therefore her diary should be like a million entries long……we’re going to pretend that she keeps trying to start a diary, but then doesn’t write for months and months at a time. *cough* Anyway, here are some of her entries!

1. Dear Diary,

Found a scrap of paper. It’s small. Can’t say much. Met a boy today. He has red hair. It is spiky, which makes me happy. I don’t know why. I helped him steal water. Now we are friends.

2. Dear Diary,

Here is a bunny drawing. Also Renji keeps staring at me a lot. He likes to sleep in trees. Here is a drawing of Renji as a bunny.

3. Dear Diary,

Today I discovered that I have spiritual pressure. A lot of it. Renji does too, but none of our other friends. This means that Renji and I could leave and go to the Seireitei to become shinigami, if we wanted. But we won’t. Because we have family here, and family always sticks together.

4. Dear Diary,

Sorry it’s been a while. Renji and I are becoming shinigami now. There’s nothing to keep us here.

5. Dear Diary,

Will you look at this? Paper! Actual paper! Like, full length, white paper! I could write in compound sentences if I wanted! Long ones! I could draw borders of bunnies (which you notice I have). Being in the Seireitei is just as amazing as everyone said!

I mean, there are still some bad things. The other kids are a little snotty sometimes. I think they look down at people like me and Renji who are from the Rukongai. But that’s okay. We’re used to that sort of thing.

Also, we had this exam, and somehow I got sorted into the slow class, and Renji made it into the advanced class! I mean, what? Back in the Rukongai, when we used to play with our spiritual pressure, my glowy ball was always way bigger than his! And I can do kido without blowing myself up! I’m pretty sure the exam was rigged.

I guess I’ll just have to work extra hard. I don’t want to be left behind. 

6. Dear Diary,

Sorry it’s been a while. I got very busy with school. But I thought I should write today because something happened. Something weird.

Last week I was adopted by a noble. According to his staff, I look a lot like his dead wife. And yes that feels just as creepy as it sounds. At first I was afraid he would…..I don’t know. Hit on me? But, in fact, he does not talk to me at all. Or look at me. I think he hates me and that I am the biggest disappointment to ever have entered his life.

I don’t even know how I’m failing him, but I clearly am. Also, being adopted meant that I automatically graduated, even though I had not finished training, so I didn’t even rank high enough to gain a seated officers position. So I failed at that too. 

I miss my friends. I thought maybe Renji would tell me not to go, but he didn’t. I don’t know what to do. 

7. Dear Diary,

So today I figured out that I am sexually attracted to spiky hair.

Also I met my lieutenant, Shiba Kaien.

He is basically awesome. Please don’t tell anyone, but I think I have a crush on him. And also on his wife.

8. Dear Diary,

I met my zanpakuto today!! My shikai is so beautiful! I’ve been told that I shouldn’t use it except in times of extreme emergency, which is such a shame!

9. Dear Diary,

I am the worst person to have ever existed. I murdered a man I cared for deeply. If I were better, this wouldn’t have happened. This is why everybody ends up so disappointed in me that they leave.

10. Dear Diary,

Wow! Okay so granted it has been a long time since I last wrote - like, more than a year. But I’m so sorry that I ended on such an emo note! I’ve done a lot of thinking and growing since that day. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling guilty and sad for what I did, but at least I understand that it wasn’t really my fault. And it was what Kaien-dono wanted.

I don’t even know where to begin, really. I just got out of prison. Yeah, prison. It actually gave me a lot of time to think. Granted, I mostly thought about how I deserved to die, but at least I wasn’t hiding from my feelings anymore? And before that I was on assignment in the world of the living. I met a spiky-haired human who ended up sorta accidentally stealing my powers, and then we became friends and I moved into his closet and I met a lot of really great humans but then I got arrested and taken to Soul Society for execution and my Nii-sama was trying to get me killed and Renji was being a really weird jerk about everything but then almost everybody I had ever met came together and tried to rescue me and at the last second Ichigo saved me from this fiery bird of death and Renji picked me up and carried me away only then we got taken back to the execution ground because it turned out that everything had been orchestrated by Captain Aizen and he reached inside me to take out this glowing orb that Urahara Kisuke had hidden in my body but him doing that didn’t kill me or anything and then he rose into a giant light in the sky and Nii-sama apologized to me and I think everybody is friends now.

Also I apologized to the Shiba clan. Finally.

11. Dear Diary,

Nii-sama actually talks to me now! It’s so weird and nice! He actually tells me things about my sister, Hisana. It sounds like she was really wonderful and kind. He loved her a lot.

Oh, but Nii-sama also told me that during his fight with Ichigo, Ichigo suddenly put on a hollow mask. Like, what?? And Ukitake told me that according to his surveillance (??), Ichigo is gettin’ pretty emo about the whole hollow powers thing. It looks like a bunch of us are about to get assigned to Ichigo’s town. And me? I’m gonna knock some sense into Ichigo, that’s for sure!

12. Dear Diary,

Yeah…..Ichigo just needed a good yelling.

13. Dear Diary,

Okay, so I was all ready to be okay with Urahara Kisuke again, despite everything he did….but then he went and was MEAN to INOUE?! Nobody is mean to Inoue on my watch! He actually told her that she wasn’t suited to fighting! Do you know that some people tried to tell me that when I was in school, just because I had a little bit of trouble at first? And look at me now!

So I am taking Inoue to Soul Society, and I am going to train her, and then she is going to kick a lot of ass, and Urahara is going to eat his hat out of shame. That big jerk.

14. Dear Diary,

Inoue was kidnapped because of me. I have to help get her back.

15. Dear Diary,

Okay, yeah. Either I need to start carrying my diaries on missions, or I need to stop writing at all. Because a lot happens when you’re in Hueco Mundo, even for just a few days. Like

  • I fought the espada that ate the hollow that killed Kaien. Yeah. It was basically hell.
  • Inoue is okay!!! Everybody is okay. Except maybe for Ichigo. He had a rough time. And now his powers are gone. 
  • But I’m going to help him get his powers back! I just have to convince Soul Society. Which had better not be hard, since he SAVED LITERALLY EVERYBODY’
  • Oh and Ichigo’s hair got long for a little while. It was way less good that way.
  • Aizen’s in prison. Urahara’s in a kido box. I’m trying not to feel too good about either because it feels wrong.
  • Other stuff happened too. A lot of other stuff.
  • Maybe diaries just aren’t for someone as busy as me.
  • Especially not when I think I’m about to be made lieutenant!
  • My life has changed so much, huh?
Letters to Ichibei

As requested by anon. :)

Ichibei Hyosube is a member of Squad 0 who can perceive the “real name” of zanpakuto and of their attacks. This allowed him to tell Renji that Renji’s zanpakuto had been lying about the real name of its bankai (awkward). So let’s say word has gotten out that a member of the Royal Guard can perceive the real names of zanpakuto and of their attacks. Which shinigami might decide to request his services? 

1. Gin

Dear Hyosube:

I think I might deserve a refund. My zanpakuto, Shinso, has a bankai called Kamishini no Yari, or “god-killing spear.” Naturally, with a name like that, I expected that it would be successful in, say, killing a god. But when I tried to use it against Aizen, it did not work! Shocking. Either the name of my bankai is wrong, or I deserve my money back.

Please respond!



2. Hitsugaya,

Dear Hyosube,

My zanpakuto and I have an excellent relationship. Even in the filler arc, when all of the other zanpakuto spirits rebelled, Hyorinmaru did not. That is how tight we are.

Nevertheless, I just have to ask. Just to be sure. Just to settle any remaining doubts I have. I heard that Abarai Renji had some trouble with his bankai because, as it turns out, his zanpakuto had not told him the full name of his bankai. Is there…any chance that happened with Hyorinmaru and me? Because my bankai sure does break a lot…

Just wondering. Thank you. I’m sure this is nothing.


Captain Hitsugaya, Squad 10

3. Grimmjow


Do you read espada zanpakuto? Can you tell me if I have a second release like Ulquiorra did? I feel like I should have one. If so you should tell me what the name is so I can use it against Kuro the Quincy.


4. Soi Fon

To: Hyosube

Do release commands fall under your purview? Because my release command promises to sting *all* enemies to death. But you know what? It doesn’t. It usually stings just the one enemy to death, and sometimes not even that.

My request is this: fix my zanpakuto so that it really does sting all of my enemies to death. 

From: Soi Fon

5. Hisagi

Dear Hyosube,

I’m sure this is a long shot, but is there *any way* my zanpakuto has been lying to me about its name? I really hate the whole “wind death” thing. To say nothing of my demonic zanpakuto spirit. He does like to mess with me - maybe he is actually a fluffy cuddle-bun, and has been wearing a scary costume and lying about his name. What do you think?



6. Nanao

Dear Hyosube,

I fear that my zanpakuto will never be revealed. Perhaps if you say its name, Tite Kubo will remember I exist. Do me that favor?


Lieutenant Ise

7. Ichigo

Dear Hyosube,

Hey. I just want to be proactive this time. I feel like lately I’ve been learning over and over again that nothing I think is true is true, you know? So just give it to me straight: is my zanpakuto name what I think it is? How about the attacks? Is anything real? Am I real? Is my name Ichigo? 


Ichigo (I think)

8. Yumichika

Dear Hyosube,

In case we ever cross paths, I want to say one thing: be cool. Okay? Just - be cool. Especially if anybody else is around.



Karakura Town Santa letters

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve already looked at the Santa letters written by the Quincy, the espada and the Gotei-13. Next up are the residents of Karakura Town! What sort of letters might they write to Santa?

1. To Santa from Karin,

Dear Santa,

You don’t exist, obviously. No more than ghosts or monsters or soul reapers exist. But I will write to you anyway because it’s important to my stupid dad. So for Christmas I would like a new soccer ball and that new video game I’ve been looking at (if you are really magical, you’ll know the one) and also please let me brother be home for the holidays. You can just throw him in your sack. He’s durable.



2. To Santa from Yuzu

Dear Santa,

Please please help my brother be home for Chrimstas!! And uninjured too? If that’s not too much to ask. It’s all I want!

Thank you!!



3. To Santa from Karin

PS Please get my sister a new stuffed lion, an apron with strawberries on it, and that one recipe book. She deserves it.

4. To Santa from Chad

Dear Santa,

Do not worry about me. Just make sure that all of the kids and animals have presents. Especially the cute ones. Which, as you know, is all of them.



5. To Santa from Mizuho,

Dear Santa,

I only want one thing: a very bald and handsome and willing man. You know the one. Leave him tied up under my tree please! Clothing is so optional.



6. To Santa from Keigo

Dear Santa,

 You’re magical or something, right? Can you put some sort of magical shield around our town to keep hollows out? Or like put your flying reindeer out there with zanpakuto? Something? We could really use it!



7. To Santa from Mizuiro

Dear Santa,

Please find enclosed a list of…high-end items for the popular gentleman with discerning lady friends. If your elves aren’t comfortable making sex toys, then I can recommend some stores. Anything you can afford to get me would be much appreciated! And not just by me.



8. To Santa from Tatsuki

Dear Santa,

Do your elves make karate gear? I could use some new stuff, since mine has gotten pretty beat up. Oh, also a punching bag would be pretty cool. I need to stay in shape for when the fighting inevitable ends up in Karakura Town again, you know?



9. To Santa from Orihime

Dear Santa,

Hello! I hope you are doing well and that you enjoyed the cookies and donuts I left out for you! To be honest, most of the things I want are things that I don’t think quite fall under your influence - you know, like eternal peace and Kurosaki-kun’s love and transparency from Soul Society. But I’d take some new manga, whatever your favorite Christmas sweets are, and some powerful sunscreen. I’ve sure been in this desert a while.



10. To Santa from Jinta

Dear Santa,

Could I have some high-end baseball gear? Like from a real department store, not whatever your elves make. Thx.



11. To Santa from Ururu,

Dear Santa,

I would love to have some clothes. Not that I don’t love my two dads, but their fashion sense is not exactly…something I want to emulate. I mean, you just wear a giant fuzzy red suit, but I still trust your fashion sense more. Please make it something cute.



12. To Santa from Yoruichi

Dear Santa,

Do your elves make fancy tuna? I would love some fancy tuna. Trade you for candy I found in Kisuke’s store!



13. To Santa from Urahara

Dear Santa,

Please bring some high-end tuna so that I can give it to my friend Yoruichi. Thank you!



14. To Santa from Misato

Dear Santa,

Please watch out for my students this Christmas season. Except for the delinquents. Whatever they have coming to them, they have coming. Thank you very much!



15. To Santa from Ichigo

Dear Santa,

I don’t know what sort of powers you have, dude, but in my experience people who can fly also have the ability to produce magical swords from their body. So if you could, just see that my friends stay safe. I can’t be everywhere, but I hear that you can be. I’d appreciate the help! You know, just in case I get trapped in any more spheres.