ok im actually in work and shouldn’t be on my phone but I’ve got a lot of conspiracy theories about this sl now because I’ve barely slept this week so just wait for how crazy ur gal is going to sound

but anyway hear me out

we knew the wedding date (roughly) by like january, right? but this hour long special is airing in like three weeks and we know nothing other than it being described as a “state of the nation” type episode for aaron and roberts relationship

im telling u there’s a twist. i don’t know what but this episode is so tightly under wraps i bet it is happening there’s gonna be a twist 👀👀

help help help

guys, I need some help. Willow Smith shared my portrait of her on her instagram account, but tagged another person as the artist. could you please go to my illustration in her account (@willowsmith) and ask her to proper credit me? my instagram account is @liamarinart so just comment something such as “the artist is @liamarinart” (if it doesn’t allow the comment, write liamarintart without the @)
I’d be so grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

this is the link to the post:


It’s very [moist in Vancouver] and so my hair gets very frizzy and so it takes forever, and between every single take they’d, we’d have to stand there and blow dry my hair again and things take a long time
And I got pissed at that?
Well, I think it added to the tension of the fact that I took so fucking long to, you know, is that anything to do with it?
Well, kind of makes me sound like an asshole

more really awful midnight ideas: alya writing a ladybug femslash fic featuring an OC that is very obviously marinette with a slightly different name in an attempt to fill the femslash fic void we all feel sometimes — and adrien finds himself a reluctant, slightly heartbroken shipper (this is marinette — cute, isn’t she? he remembers, and the fic is really, truly, very convincing)

i’m not sure where i was going with this but i think it was somewhere with adrien reluctantly making up his mind to step aside if either of his crushes decided they’d like each other better and 

adrien ships maribug more than adrinette

alya ships adrinette more than maribug

ship war that they don’t know is a ship war while both of them are just really intent on making marinette happy

meanwhile marinette’s just in the background like literally wth’s up with everyone?