The Games We Don’t Play

MariChat May 6th: Game Night


Being invited to the Dupain-Cheng’s family game night sent a warm feeling through Chat Noir. He didn’t really know why they were so kind to a stranger like him. Maybe because he wasn’t really a stranger anymore. Marinette had definitely gotten her kindness from her parents. Unfortunately he couldn’t make game night due to his father requesting a meeting with him.

“Your grades have been slipping Adrien.”

Ah yes, his father was upset at his grade slipping a point.

His father continued. “While you explain why your grades are dropping why don’t you also explain why you have been missing so many of your appointments.”

He didn’t have an explanation for any of that. What was he supposed to say? He liked hanging out with his friends as his alter-ego? That he had a duty to Paris? Even if he didn’t mind telling his father about his secret he doubted that would earn him any sympathy. His father expected perfection. Right now he wasn’t perfect.

“Answer me, Adrien.” His father’s expression didn’t change from the stern frown he had worn since Adrien had walked in.

“I can’t.” Adrien’s expression wouldn’t be recognizable to his friends as it mirrored his father’s exactly.

“Very well then.” His father let a small grimace appear on his face for a moment, the only sign that he was upset.

Adrien’s arms tensed behind his back as his hands clasped tighter together.

“From this point forward I am removing you from your school. Your appointments will be brought here so that you will no longer have an excuse to miss them. Dismissed.”

His father went back to his work as Adrien was gently led back to his room by his father’s assistant.

“Are you alright kid?” Plagg asked.

“And here I thought I might have enough time to attend game night anyway.” Adrien’s voice sounded hollow as he slowly made his way to his desk.

“Hey now. You’re gonna bounce back from this. Right?” Even the Kwami seemed unsure.

Adrien didn’t answer him as he flopped into his desk chair. He didn’t turn on his computer. Instead he seemed to brood as he sat there with his head hanging over the desk. His hands were clenched in his lap.

“Come on kid, get up. You should go anyway, those bakers always manage to cheer you up.”

Several seconds with no response and Plagg already felt like giving up. He wasn’t very good at comforting people. He sat himself down on Adrien’s head, curled up, and then allowed a soft purr. Adrien’s hands unclenched from each other as a small teardrop hit the desk soon followed by many others.

Marinette frowned. She had invited Chat Noir to game night expecting a night of embarrassment and fun. The thing she hadn’t expected was him not showing up at all. It worried her quite a bit considering he hadn’t ever bailed on her before. Instead of panicking she first checked the Ladyblog. No akuma. The second thing she did was text him asking if he was going to make it. No answer. She groaned in frustration.

“Is Chat alright Marinette?” Sabine asked her daughter.

“I don’t know Maman.” Marinette spoke softly her head hanging as she stared at her phone.

The girl’s parents shared a worried glance. The young hero had grown on them quite a bit since he had started showing up to play games with Marinette and they couldn’t help but feel a bit responsible for his wellbeing.

“He’s pretty strong and I’m sure he knows he can come here if he needs help.” Tom gently put his hand under his daughter chin so he could raise her head.

“And besides-” He continued. “He has a superhero partner he can go to as well so I’m sure he’s fine.”

Tom was surprised that instead of looking comforted by this fact his daughter only looked more worried.

“I’m going to my room.” Marinette said. “Goodnight Maman, Papa.”

The two parents wished her goodnight as well. They only wished they could have reassured her that Chat really was really alright. Unfortunately they weren’t even sure of that themselves.

Marinette sat in her room worrying over Chat. It was late and he still hadn’t texted her back. Although he did have to be transformed to text her. She sighed and decided to send him one last text.

When Adrien saw it the next day he smiled for the first time since he had walked into his father’s office. He sent a quick text apologizing for not showing up and quickly detransformed as he had an appointment.

He took a deep breath and put on his bravest smile.

Not everything was alright, but as long as he had Marinette, and her family, he could at least be happy when he was with them and strong when he wasn’t.

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Everlark one shot: Love Is...

The story of how Peeta Mellark became Peeta Everdeen, spanning fifteen years of partnership, friendship, and love.

Everlark, modern day AU. Complete.

Posted on Ao3 and

Many thanks to loving-mellark for the beautiful banner and to peetasbunmyoven for prereading! Please see my note at the end for any questions about other fic updates. Thank you!

I Blame The Box Set I Just Bought For Wanting To Do This


To say Avery was scared was an understatement. Being only twelve years old only amplified the terror they were feeling at the moment.

Their father had been drunk beyond belief that night and was preparing to give Avery their nightly beating when he tripped and fell. This left him incapacitated, so Avery took the opportunity they saw. They scrambled towards their front door and fumbled with the knob for far longer than they would have liked rushed out as soon as they could get it open.

They scrambled through the woods, tripping all the way. Being blind and terrified was not a good combination when you were trying to make an escape. The sound of their father yelling in the distance only made them run faster.

In the midst of their panic, they ran right into a body. Said body tried to talk to them and complain as they curled up and kept their head down, expecting to be hit. The person, a satyr, had been watching Avery go through their abuse for years and desperately wished he could do something about it, but he could only protect them from monster attacks.

After a long while of coaxing, the satyr had convinced Avery to stand and follow him, which was quite a feat considering he couldn’t really argue with a child that didn’t speak. But he got them to agree and led them to camp half-blood. It wad late at night so they were given ambrosia for their wounds, which took over an hour of convincing to get them to eat it, and left in the Hermes cabin for the night to be fully introduced in the morning.

Today during English we had to act out the story of Pandora’s Box and I couldn’t stop laughing because the people in my group modernized it and it was fucking hilarious I couldn’t say my lines or even fucking stand at the side because I just started laughing

So they told me to get a grip and do the two lines of the entire scene that I had

So I thought of fallen!Castiel and Lucifer. And Sammy and Dean. And the lonely Doctor and of Harry still under the stairs. And how John never knew that Sherlock was still alive.

And it still didn’t work because I was thinking of several sad GIF-sets on Tumblr and suddenly “What if Castiel kept Claire as a vessel”

And that’s how I failed.

Ennis lay on her back, staring wide-eyed into the orange sky.

“Well,” she rasped finally. “That… happened.”

It was a long time before she managed to summon the energy or willpower to move. Her muscles protested as she curled painfully into a fetal position, dragging her limbs through the sand and lifting her head just enough to confirm that the President of Gallifrey was both next to her and breathing. 

She coughed and spit out sand. Even the heat of the sun-flooded Outside afternoon wasn’t quite enough to chase the chill of the vaults out of her lungs–and there was no time to bask even if the sensation had been pleasant–thawing, rather than being seared. They’d created too much of a disturbance.

She didn’t have the strength to shake Romana awake, but she just barely managed to drag her arm around enough to wind sandy fingers through her hair and pull.

“Time Lord,” she said. “We can’t stay here.”

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 It was raining. It was raining and for once, in the small mountain town, it wasn’t frigid, icy rain. He put on a warm jacket over his usual dark attire and stepped out of his trailer, his legs carrying automatically to his friend’s house. He didn’t bother knocking, letting himself in as he usually did turning ‘normal waking hours’ as his mom used to call it, and headed up the stairs. “Hey,” he said as he opened the door, his eyes falling to his friend’s frame, “It’s raining and it’s kinda nice, you wanna take a walk with me?” He asked, his voice raspy and quiet as he flicked his wet hair from his face.