Dear Baby Cam girls

I’ve been in this game for a year, not including the months I took off. 

I don’t know why but there has been a flood of new baby camgirls on websites who don’t know what’s going on, what to know and how to price correctly. And because of this, you’re fucking up everyone’s hustle. 

Here’s a thing you should know:

  • Never price new 10+ min videos containing nudity for under $5. Shit like this gets your face/vid put out there on xvideos and pornhub. The more you make a guy pay from pocket, the less likely they will post that shit around for free.
  • Don’t feel pressured into lowering prices. A guy will try to get a ‘discount’ because he’s low on money or because ’____ charges a lower price for more’. Don’t fall for it. You won’t earn much after the service fee and you get screwed over.
  • Take inspiration from other camgirls but do not copy their listings. It’s rude and if she finds out you’re on your own. 
  • Men will try to con you. If his explanation doesn’t seem logical to you, block/report him. Lies include:  'I didn’t see’ 'I got my account deleted and I need your content’ 'I didn’t receive it’ 'You mic wasn’t on’ 'I’ll pay later’. 
  • Take measures to protect yourself. Real names, personal usernames, wishlists, clothing with locations printed on them, etc will get you noticed in the wrong way. Next thing you know, you’re address is all over the web. 
  • Do your research.
  • Look for blacklists.
  • Use an IP address scrambler
  • This isn’t quick cash. Don’t get involved in sex work if you just need under $100. There are women out there who need this income. you’re not only hurting them but you’re hurting yourself in the long run.
  • There is a fetish for everything. You don’t need to take off your clothes if you don’t want to. 

Magcon/26mgmt Preference #1 : When You’re On Your Period

Jacob: He comes home late from the studio wondering where you were since you usually waited up for him. When he walks into your guys shared bedroom he sees you curled up in all the blankest on your bed. He strips down to his boxers and crawls in right behind you, softly pulling the blankets until he was covered by the white comforter. His movements wake you so you slowly turn over wincing in pain as another cramp struck, making you feel like someone was punching you in the gut. “Cramps?” He would question, noticing your pained face. As you nodded he rolled you over rubbing small circles into your stomach as he kissed your neck muttering a sweet “Goodnight princess, I love you.” wow i need a jacob cuddle rn

Nash: Nash hated this week even more than you did because it meant no sex. You guys would be watching friends with benefits when Nash would slowly start kissing your neck and running his hand up your thigh. You would casually brush him off saying that you wanted to watch the movie even though you were clearly more interested in what Nash had in mind.  “Come on baby girl, I need you. And you can’t expect me to not be turned on by this movie.” Nash stated as Justin Timberlake started taking his clothes off on the tv screen. “I can’t Nash, i-it’s kinda that time of the month.” You would stutter, your cheeks heating with embarrassment. “Sorry baby.” Nash would say pecking your cheek, “and besides, I don’t mind cuddling on the couch all night.”

Cam: Cameron would always stay home and cuddle with you while you were on your period, but unfortunately he was in LA for two week so you would have to deal with the cramps alone this week. As you finally got comfortable on the couch with The Notebook in the DVD played, there was a knock on the door. Grumbling profanities as you left your comfy nest you walked to open the door. You opened the door revealing the mailman with a huge box in his hands. After you signed for the package you ran to the kitchen to open the box containing a huge teddy bear and a note from Cam. “Dear Y/N, since I can’t be there for you this week I figured this guy could, Love Cam xx”

Taylor: Tay loved your time of the month or as he called it, “BJ week.” When he got home he would find you in the living room reading a magazine. He would rip the magazine from your grip and throw it across the room kissing up from your collarbone to your ear lobe. “Happy BJ week Y/N” he would mutter, making you chuckle softly as you pushed him on the couch slowly unbuttoning his jeans.

Aaron: Aaron would know when it was your time of the month because you had a calendar with your marked days on it. So the night you started he would run to the mall and buy you pads, tampons, chocolate, some movies and Chinese takeout. When he would get home you’d pull him into a tight hug and cuddle on the couch all night.

Carter: “GET OUT!” You would scream as you slammed the door on Carter’s face running over and jumping on your bed grumbling about how much of an ass he was being. An hour later you felt a hand wrapping around your waist holding you softly. “I’m sorry.” Carter would mutter kissing your cheek. “I was being an ass-“ “Damn right you were.” You rudely interrupted making Carter chuckle. But he didn’t fight with you anymore because you knew how moody you could get.

Shawn: When you came home from school you heard Shawn’s guitar so you quietly snuck up on him listening to the song that he obviously wrote for you. You couldn’t control the sobs anymore so you let the tears flow wow I think im so funny by making bad puns you couldn’t help it, his song was so sweet. As soon as he heard your sobs he spun his head around to catch you sobbing in the doorway of your guys bedroom. “Damn it babe you weren’t supposed to hear this til- why are you crying, you hate it don’t you, I knew I shouldn’t have written this stupi-“ “ no S-Shawn,” you sobbed. “It’s beyond perfect I’m just really emotional right now.” “Oh.” He smiled stupidly knowing what you meant.

Jack G: Your period made you incredibly horny, so unfortunately you had to last through a week of Gilinsky teasing the shit out of you. “Mmmh.” He would groan as you scratched his back under the soft sheets. “Don’t start Glinsky.” You would warn but he wouldn’t stop. “Oh, that feels so good baby.” He would moan out. And with that you turned over crossing your arms across your chest ignoring all of Jack’s protests. A few seconds later he would roll over, kiss your cheek and wrap his arms around you as you both drifted into a deep sleep.

Jack J: You and Jack were having a heated make out session when he started to pull away but you just crashed your lips back on his to keep him from talking, slowly running your hand down his chest to the button of his jeans. Once it was open you pulled his pants until they were around his ankles coming back up to palm him through his boxers attaching your lips to his collar bone. “Stop Y/N, we can’t you’re on your-“ “Shhh baby let me take good care of you.” You interrupted. ”But we ca-“ “ Just because I’m on my period Jack, doesn’t mean I can’t make my man feel good.” You said bringing your lips back to his neck. You didn’t hear anymore protests from Jack that night. i think i went to far with this one

Matt: Matt would come home from hanging out with the guys, but he was still hyper wanting you to get up and do something with him, sighing you would decline all his requests because of your cramps. They made you want to lay in bed for the rest of your life. “Come on babe don’t be a lazy ass and get up and do something with me.” Matt would say frustrated. “Why don’t you leave this lazy ass the fuck alone and piss off.” Matt would stare and you shocked and the profanities that just left your mouth. “Oh, I-I’m sorry Y/N, I’ll jus-“ “No Matt please stay, I’m sorry, I’m just a little moody, cause, um, you know…” You would mutter slightly embarrassed. “It’s ok princess.” Matt you say climbing into bed with you.

a/n: wow im sorry if you guys hate this but it’s my first one and I wanted to try it out. If you have any requests for preferences or imagines my ask is always open.

20th birthday Cameron Alexander Dallas

Dear Cam,

Well. It’s finally the start of the big 20, in which years after will probably be composed of the most pivotal moments of your life, and I wish you well with no days of monotony and great friends to have and to keep. I thank you terribly with all the nights and days you made me laugh because of your funny vines and videos, and making me feel better despite the times I felt the world was against me. Keeping this short, I want to end this by telling you how proud I am by your success and yet still maintain the same old Cameron Dallas despite of all the challenges you have faced.

will forever be supporting you, @dallas17__ / radrabbit