dear zelda


Fandom: Zelda BoTW

Summary: After Link accidentally injures Sidon in a sparring match, he is so distraught from the mistake that he runs off. When Sidon tries to chase after him and console him, however, he doesn’t fully realize just how ridiculous his injury is.

Author’s notes: ….of course my first contribution to the Zelda fandom ever is fluffy garbage I’m not even sorry. 

Also yes, yes this is the thing I contemplated writing not long ago. It’s not as shippy as I thought it would have turned into knowing me, but this is still pretty damn cute and I am still pretty damn pleased. 

I just. Can’t stop picturing Sidon with a gap-toothed grin. May you never get the image out of your mind either. 

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Boyf Riends Swap AU: Evan x Michael

~End of August~

Evan’s world was jarred awake by a bump. Barely opening his eyes he saw that he was neither dead or in the forrest anymore. He was in the back of a car lying sideways and when he tried to get up his arm stung causing him to let out a hiss of pain.

“Woah, slow down. I’m pretty sure you broke your arm, we’re almost at the hospital. Just lie down or something.”

“W…who are you? Where am I?”

“Oh, I’m Michael! We go to the same school, you’re a senior right? Ethan or something.”

“E…Evan, how did you find me?”

“I was walking around when I saw you under the tree. Honestly thought you were dead for a while.”

The car came to a stop as Evan found himself trying to stay on the seat as he cringed from the pain in his arm.

“Here, let me help you out.”

Michael got out of the car, opening the door and helping Evan limp out of the back to the hospital doors.

~First Day of School~

Evan made his way through the hall nervously. First day of school was always the most confusing hectic time of the year. The hallways seemed even more crowded than usual as he made good way down to the cafeteria. Jared had a different lunch shift this year so he was going to be forced to sit all alone. Evan got in line for food when he accidentally bumped into someone making him freeze in panic.

‘Oh God, oh God, please…please…don’t say anything…’



Instead of an angry face there stood the kid who took him to the hospital a week ago with a bright smile.

“Michael, h-hey! What are you doing here?”

“I go to school here.”

“Oh right…”

Michael noticed his cast with a grin as he brought a sharpie.

“Do you mind?”


“If I sign your cast?”

“Yeah, uh, sure!”

Michael took the marker, signing his name and putting a little tri-force of power next to it.

“Y…you like Legend of Zelda?”

“Hell yeah I do! You play?”

“It’s one of my favorite game series.”

“Awesome, what’s your favorite game? Mine is A Link to the Past, but Majora’s Mask is pretty cool too.”

“I-I really like Spirit Tracks.”

The two kept talking and by the time they were out of line they found themselves at the same lunch table.

‘Maybe I won’t have to sit alone this year.’

Life is horrible without you because there’s not another living soul with whom I have the slightest communion.
—  Zelda Fitzgerald, letter to Scott; November 1931
Be More Chill x Dear Evan Hansen Boyf Riends Swap AU: Taking it Slow

“I’m cold,” Evan said this as he and Michael stood outside of the GameStop waiting for them to start letting people in to buy the new Zelda game.

“Here,” Michael took off his hoodie handing it to Evan.

“What? No-then you’ll be cold.”

“Pfft, I’ll be fine. Take it.” His shivering told Evan he was lying. Looking into the jacket Evan saw that it was huge. Michael had turned around only to be surprised when the jacket went over him. Moving his head slightly he saw that Evan was squished next to him.

“Now we’ll both be warm.” Michael smiled as he and Evan snuggled next to each other. An hour later the door opened as people began to rush in. The two went to take the hoodie off but began to struggle.

“Ugh, Houston we’re going to have a problem.”


“I-I don’t know. I mean doesn’t this stuff like ruin your teeth or something?” Evan looked at the joint Michael handed him. Michael meanwhile laid on a beanbag chair having lit his minutes ago.

“Only if you like do it all the time.”

“I can’t.”

“That’s okay dude, hey come over here for a sec.” Evan walked over and was surprised when Michael let out a puff of smoke in Evan’s face. Coughing he backed away trying to wave the smoke away.

“Oh Jesus, what the hell Michael?”

“Give it a few minutes, just like sit down a-and then you’ll feel great.” Evan reluctantly sat down next to Michael. It took a few minutes before the feeling hit him. “Woah.”

“Yeah bro.”


“Move it freak,” Connor angrily shoved Evan into the locker.

“Connor wait-oh shit. I’m sorry here let me help you!” Looking up Evan saw someone holding a hand out to him. Accepting it he was pulled up and greeted by a smiling face. “He’s really sorry, it’s just something happened and he’s just really angry right now. And and…well, ugh…”

“What the hell?” Both turned to see Michael and Connor glaring at each other. “What gives you the right to shove Evan like that?”

“Get out of my way asshole.” He tried pushing past Michael who responded by throwing a punch. Connor stood frozen before returning the favor as the fight started.


“Michael!” They looked at each other as they said this at the same time before trying to drag the two off each other while a crowd began to gather around them.

“Michael, he’s not worth it.” Evan tried pulling Michael off when Connor dragged him in causing him to hiss in pain as he landed on his cast. “…fuck…” He gripped his arm as Jeremy tried stopping Connor when a few teachers finally intervened separating the group.

“All of you to the office, Now.”

“But he-”

“Now Mr.Mell.”


“Morning Detention for the next week. All of you.” The four sat in the principal’s office, all in various shades of bruising. “Mr.Murphy we called your father since this is the third time you’ve started a fight this year.”


“But Evan had nothing to do with this!”

“He was lying on the floor Mr.Mell.”

“Exactly, Connor should be the only one going home.”

“You punched him,” the teen who helped Evan up, Jerry?, interjected.

“He started it.”

“Get back to class now, all of you.” They all got up and left the office. Michael and Evan walked together up the stairs as Jeremy and Connor went the other way. They walked in silence until Evan spoke up.

“Thanks…for trying to help me.”

“Like I’m going to let that asshole push you around. Why’d he push you in the first place?”

“His bag…it said Riends. I saw somebody else’s bag that said Boyf and thought it was funny. He heard me laugh.”

“Still didn’t give him the right to push you-shit!”


“I forgot about the math homework, can I borrow yours?”

“What? No.”

“Come on.”

“You should of done it yourself.”

“But you won’t need it until next period.”

“The answer’s still no.”


You and I have been happy; we haven’t been happy just once, we’ve been happy a thousand times.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald, letter to Zelda; April 26, 1934

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