dear zarry

Dear 1D Fans, I owe you part of my graduation...

Spoiler alert: this is gonna be a goddamn long post. Sorry.

So, today I did my last exam. I’m officially up for graduation. And this is the day I thought I would have closed tumblr forever. I joined the tumblr fandom due to my “media ethics” class; I made an essay and a presentation about media manipulation. My case study was the “Larry Stylinson” case. So yes, I talked about Larry (with slides!) in front of a crowd of academics. Weird and great at the same time. 

When I started, I didn’t even knew the names of the boys, my knowledge was limited to “Harry is the one who was with Taylor Swift - the directioners are all crazy - one of them left the band”. I’ve been here since January, scrolling through tags, blogs and videos, taking notes about everything. I had to keep up with 5 years of drama, it was a HUGE work. And, in the end, I fell down the rabbit hole

I found myself becoming more and more passionate. More and more a Larrie shipper. Even if this fandom made me question my own ability to think and to look at things straight, and even if sometimes the extraness is real, I started to make posts (some of them, like the “this account never disappoints me” series, were a success beyond my expectations), to talk, interact and being an active part of the whole fandom. And now I just…can’t leave anymore. Not because I physically can’t, but because I don’t want to. I know I’ve been a Larrie (and occasionally a Zouie, I have to admit it) for like 5 minutes compared to you, but now I’m all in this with you, all of you, and I can’t wait to celebrate THE day and all the days to come. Together.

I want to thank all of my followers (can you believe I actually have followers?) and my beloved mutuals. But there are also some people that I really want to thank directly, most of them may not be even aware of the help they gave me, but here we go: @freddiesmyqueen (I owe you everything, your videos are pure gold), @lhrry, @intenselouis (GIROLLE!), @legohousedea, @saltygoodness, @greenylovesbluey, @harrystyleslawyer (our anon conversations were beyond hilarious), @infinitelymint (for “And Then A Bit”, my first and sill favorite Larry fic) and @too-old-for-this-ship.

P.s. The “media ethics” exam went well in the end, I got the highest mark possible. So, thank you, all of you, again.