dear zarry

Person A and Person B went to the same concert when they were itsy bitsy tiny. A few years later they both sign up to win a singing competition. In the bathroom of the competition Person A was fixing his hair in the mirror and Person B came in and looked at him, they made eye contact through the mirror, blue and green.

Person A: oops
Person B: hi

Neither of them was able to get far in the competition as solo artists, but were put together in the same group.

They became close. They had a bond.

Person A’s first real crush was Person B.

Person B cooked his first meal for Person A, it was romantic.

People genuinely thought they were in a relationship.

They weren’t aloud to be together, why? they didn’t know, but they wanted to keep going but there were obstacles to keep loving each other.

They filled their skin with words they weren’t aloud to say, ink telling a story.
the rose and dagger
the ship and compas
the anchor and rope
the cage and the bird
..the oops and hi

Its been years, filled with tears
fake girlfriends and so so many lies

but when you see them on stage, doing what they love, you can see why they are putting up with all of this, the secret glances and touches tells a story, one so pure and beautiful, some fail to believe, but real eyes realise real lies.

*whispers* we call it Larry Stylinson