dear you lyrics

MidoTsuyu Week- Day Seven: Future

(Their daughter’s design belongs to this amazing artist! 

We’ll bleed and fight for you,

we’ll make it right for you,

If we lay a strong enough foundation,

we’ll pass it on to you,

We’ll give the world to you,

and you’ll blow us all away, some day, some day…

If you only look around.

Will you now forever remain/ out of reach of my arms~
—  Lumière & Plumette, Beauty and the Beast (2017) aka two extra lines I didn’t expect Ewan to sing

Well, I have no other explanation besides I’m complete trash for both of these fandoms, so have @danielhowell and @amazingphil silhouettes with Dear Evan Hansen lyrics in them!

Dan’s is Waving Through A Window, and Phil’s is If I Could Tell Her, by the way. They’re vv good songs.

“I don’t care if I sing Off-Key
I found myself in my melodies”

- Bird Set Free, Sia