Kendall, we have allowed you to get away with a lot. It seems as though for some reason, you feel like because you are rumored to date rapper, A$AP ROCKY, you are absorbed into a different culture than what you are born from. You are a rich white woman who says she wants to do more nudes with no purpose, and please do not forget that. You also failed to make any public apology for your take in Pepsi commercials where you KNOWINGLY agreed to the concept and plan, and which offended people of color and people who actually were in those marches getting pepper sprayed or hurt fighting for their rights… which you thought could be brought together by a union of a multi billion dollar corporation. Afterwards, to more offense taken, Pepsi apologized to YOU knowing they can lose a lot of popularity in the driving force of millennial celebs that you hang with rather than people this hurt.

In addition, you began to say and do further wild things which concluded in your most recent statement that Tupac is your spirit animal? Tupac, a son of a Black Panther, former gang banger, been shot, and birthed into poverty is NOT your spirit animal. It was enough that you could say he’s your favorite rapper, and maybe you could have gained the credibility of, “Oh this rich white girl listens to Pac? Dope”, but completely failed. The rap legend who gave no fucks since the system gave no fucks about him, is NOT comparable to you going through your rebellious stage in life. You do not really comprehend the thug life he portrayed just because you hang out with the children of minority celebs who’s already made it and just like you, do not understand certain aspects of life that the rest of the world endures.

At this point, everything you do and say completely irritates me because you are the problem with youth thinking it is okay for them to follow the steps of their idol and appropriate black culture or be down… especially being that this are very tense times, you need to be more aware of what you say and do. You are a white woman and that’s okay, but please do not take Tupac or struggles away from black culture to make yourself seem cool.

You are truly “room temperature potato salad” - the best description a Black gossip blog can truly call you.