dear weed

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: don’t hate on popular musicals and call them generic and boring most of them have won tony awards and are truly inspiring works of genius why do you think they’re popular in the first place oh my god also there’s no such thing as fake fans and people aren’t oblivious to the deeper meanings of shows it’s just fun to have AUs and ships and stuff and never ever call actors untalented why do you think they got the job speaking of jobs don’t get angry when actors have to move on from their current show to a better opportunity this is their profession and how they make a living not just an opportunity to have fun and chill with their castmates okay just stop hate in the musical community please we’re supposed to be artists why are we acting like fucking trump @ mexico

i honestly love the idea of Connor and Michael being friends over weed. And end up having some sort of awful mocking friendship thing?? IDK i feel like it would be great to see them together.

The Weed Club

The ‘Pin Your Gay Sss Best Friend Crush’ Club

Bonus points if JD is included in any way.