dear tumblr i made you a thing

dear instagram phandom- i’ve made this post before, and i’ll make it again: PLEASE STOP REPOSTING THINGS YOU FIND ON TUMBLR ONTO YOUR ACCOUNTS. i was shown that another one of my posts, as well of one of my friend’s, were reposted and our urls were completely cut out. please stop using other people’s posts to get likes. it’s not cool, it’s stealing.

Stand up, warrior; you are not yet finished.
Beaten you may be, but broken?
Angels have fallen from greater heights
and survived, so why shouldn’t you?
Never mind what you are made of;
you are more than this flesh that binds you.
There is nothing you have to fear
that should not fear you a thousand times more.
Your heart is a galaxy, and your soul is lined in stars.

You are something extraordinary, my dear.
—  so do extraordinary things | m.a.wcommission for @bearholdingashark​ of finding courage

I know no one asked for this, but I made another pixel thing! CASTIEL!! :D
I don’t know what’s going on with the messy wings.. but I’m pretty proud of his trench coat.


No, I do not forget about our kilometric conversations~ And yes, I do remember you said you have a thing for Hyde with animal themed clothes on. And of course, our mania(?) with kigurumis. It all comes together x'DDD

Anyway… I hope you have the greatest day, hun <3

I have a couple of drawings I’ve made from our conversations that I haven’t posted anywhere, so… I declare this day as the LawLicht Fest(?). Hahah, stay tuned xD

Dear best friend

The first thing I noticed was your smile;

It was so real,

so real that it made everyone around you jealous, 

except me.

Instead of being envious of you,

I found myself mentally thanking the people who placed that smile on your lips,

because, my friend-

after everything you’ve been through-

you deserve to be happy.

Dear John Green

Okay I know he’s on tumblr and I am doing this on whim, breaking my anxiety to TRY and get this to him because I just feel like I should do this. I just want to say this;

I’ve read TFIOS and you made me cry. I watch the movie and after both of that, I was storming through my home going, “THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! He can’t die!” I must thank you for writing such a wonderful but heartbreaking book. It was realistic at how even bad things will ruin the most best of things. But even then Good will find a way back.

You made me cry but you also made me laugh and cringe at the best things.

You’ve inspired me and you’ve probably inspired several others to write.

Thank you for writing the book and being you!

Stay Awesome. ^u^

GIF CREDIT: @pcnthcr

Five years ago, I wasn’t even familiar with Tumblr. The first time I heard about it, I was heavily focused on a project that made us create a personal blog of sorts. Now, it’s a place where so many memories were made, and it became a space where I can be as creative as I can be, and show it off to the world– despite being scared of the reception. 

Whether it was my first run as Minato, my attempt in making original characters in the Shield Breakers, or my return to this blue-haired protagonist, I feel like I’ve grown up in front of you people– honed my craft, improved as both a writer and as a person, shared part of my life that I can look back in fondness.

I wanna take this time as a way to give out my thanks, to each and every one of you that’s been with me and stuck with me for the road. I do hope I get to continue to impress you guys, and entertain you with what I can bring to the table with just words, stories and ideas. 

More thanks will be under the cut, with a special message for two specific people and a thanksgiving list!

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Dear younger self

You poor sweet thing
You know nothing of the things that have been
What she says, does, refuses to
This isn’t normal
But don’t worry
You’ll run away soon.

You pretty, innocent thing
Don’t date boys, you’ll see why
It won’t go well
It’ll be down to the both of you
But you’ll find someone good
Someone beautiful and true.

You chipped and battered thing
Been through wars and hedges backwards
But you’ll soon find your way
Never fear now you’re not broken yet
You’ll find solace in notebooks
You’ll fall in love with paint, wet.

You dear and lonely thing
Take all of those adventure opportunities
There’s one not far away
You’ll find something
That many people would beg to take
You’ll shine in ways you never knew
You’ll love her and she’ll love you too.

Dear younger self
Still so naive
Don’t starve yourself
Or carve your limbs
Oh sweet child
You can only dream
Of things you and I have made so real

Dear Future Wife,

Last night, a friend of mine walked into her kitchen to find me making Bechamel sauce for lasagna. I was over at hers to make food, because she’d been ill all weekend, and it had carried on into the week. I had my back turned to her, and was quite happily singing along to Let Me Be Your Girl by Rachael Yamagata – completely carefree, ridiculous dancing included.

I turned around when I heard her cracking up, wheezing and clutching the edge of the countertop to keep herself from falling over.
And then she looked at me, shook her head, and said, “Honestly, any woman would be lucky to have you. You’re sweet, funny, attractive, and ridiculous, but you own it.”

It was an incredibly nice thing to say. It made me smile, and I felt warm inside for hours, when I thought about it.
I just hope you feel the same way about me, when you come into my life.


anonymous asked:

Hello TRASH, stay the fuck out of my Tumblr account in the future. Or you'll get reported.

Hello, dear. I know I might be TRASH, but honestly I have no idea what you meant by 'stay the fuck out of my Tumblr account in the future’, because I’m very sure I’ve never stayed in anyone’s account. What do you exactly mean? Why don’t you let me know what your account is? If you don’t want to see me on your dash, just block me. Very simple. Why bother to report? And report me to whom? And why?
Or do you mean this ‘sherlockspeare’ account is yours? But dear, I had created this account about 6 years ago, and I bet I was the first person on Tumblr who’s ever made ‘sherlockspeare’ account. Do you happen to use the name ‘sherlockspeare’ on Twitter or Facebook and thought I’m copying yours? Then trust me, I’m not copying anyone’s, I’m just using the same account with my Tumblr one. Oh god, you confused me so much. Please don’t hesitate to report me if I’ve ever done bad thing to you, and please let me know why and the result.

that girl isn’t fire, or steel, or ice;
she is the warmth of morning rays,
the softness of freshly-spun silk,
and the slow ebb of gentle rainfall.
her edges aren’t jagged and sharp like yours,
but smooth and rounded; a stone unmarred
by the cruelties of a world that would fashion it
into a weapon, into a monster.
(into you.)

she is no warrior, but something far more rare.
those beautiful eyes have seen the ugliest things
within you, and she has never looked away.
those delicate hands cradled your heart,
never minding the threatening thorns it bore.
she could have crushed it, could have broken it,
could have held it hostage or torn it apart.
instead, she brought it up to her lips and kissed,
smiling with blood running down her chin:

‘if you are made of thorns my dear,
then i will be your flower petals—’
—  and together we shall become a rose | m.a.w
you gave me back life and love


lemme be sappy for a minute here

i left fandom in 2012. i LEFT. i didn’t post a damn thing anywhere anymore, i certainly wasn’t writing any fic, and the way depression was going for me, i did not believe i would ever be back. this was, mind you, after i literally came of age in fandom, so it was an extremely influential part of my life from age 12 to age 22. i also quit skating, which i’d been doing from 17 to 22.

when you go from writing every day to barely writing at all—for five years straight—it feels like you forgot how to do it, and the urge to keep trying gets smaller and smaller until it’s gone.

a lot happened in those five years, mostly dark and sad. but then it started to get better—therapy, cool. meds that worked, awesome. but even though my life was no longer a trash fire, the writing and skating didn’t come back. and i tried not to think about it, because it hurt too much to have lost those things.

my friends started telling me to watch YOI in october or november. i was busy and still kinda depressed and i kept brushing it off… and then in december i suddenly fucking mainlined it, and for the first time in five years i felt that spark ignite again. i couldn’t stop thinking about YOI. the show was over and i wanted more. so i worked up EVERY OUNCE of courage, wrote like 600 words of victuuri, and threw that shit on Ao3. while panicking, tbh. …and a few people read it and liked it. wait, okay, so maybe i hadn’t forgotten EVERYTHING about writing?

i finally read one otayuri fic and my mind LIT THE FUCK UP, and i got back on tumblr and suddenly i was writing every day without even trying. i couldn’t NOT write.

…because of you. you friendly, loving, kindhearted, encouraging bunch of people. i’ve never met a fandom like you, so dedicated to holding each other up. you read my shit and you commented and you followed me. and you messaged me and you said kind things to me and you told me it was going to be okay. you made me feel like i could write again. all of you are so dear to me, every follower and commenter and blog i ever interact with. i’m literally crying right now because i don’t understand why this is happening to me, why this level of GOOD is flooding into my life. all i want to do is pass it on. i don’t understand why things are going to be okay, but for the first time in so long, i know that they will be okay.

maybe 300 is not that big of a number to some people, idk, i don’t really have a frame of reference. to me it’s unbelievable. this has never happened to me before and i don’t know what to do with it but love you all as hard as i can.

please never think your effect on the world is too small to matter. you rarely know what other people are going through; how much even a short keysmashed comment on their fic or a like on their post might mean to them. you all mean so much to me. come to me anytime, i mean it. sometimes i am slow to answer, but i see you and i care and if you need someone, i’m here for you. thank you for being here for me. <3


Hello my dear tumblr friends and followers.
Even though I haven’t been active on tumblr since last year, I now want to officially confirm that my blog will be inactive.

Why? Because i can hardly find the time for tumblr nowadays. This also applies to my art and fanfictions. I can barely find the time to do things that I enjoy in general. Especially now that i started University
I also just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. Instead of seeing tumblr as a hobby, I started to see it as something I was forced to keep doing because I wanted to keep my followers entertained. I spent hours on finding old and forgotten, but funny and nice posts to keep my blog relevant.

I absolutely loved the time I spent on here though. Never have I ever been so happy to be part of a fandom. All of you people are so amazing. You and your posts kept me smiling through the darkest of times. I gained confidence in my art and writing, which I never had before. And I want to thank you all so much for that! For helping me and keeping me happy.
I also met so many amazing people on this website. And I gained such strong friendships with some of you! I am grateful for this.

Muse will forever be my favorite band. Thanks to them i made this blog and I had the opportunity to meet all of you lovely people! I will surely visit many of their gigs in the future! (hopefully together with some of you guys)

I will NOT be deleting my blog! I will keep it up in case people still enjoy scrolling through it.

Thank you for your support throughout the year. I had an amazing time. You, my followers and friends, you are amazing people. I wish you all the happiness in life.

So I reached this follower goal

and it’s a tiny one bc I’m a tiny trash blog but I want to use this occasion to thank a few people with this psa. 

Firstly, @realmadrid-formula1-mv33 because she’s the best. She’s always there for me and listens to my ramblings even when I can’t shut up about Nico and I really want to say a big DANKE. She found me when I was at my lowest point ever and I don’t know what I would have done hadn’t she started talking to me every day. I’m so happy to have you and I’d love to maybe even meet irl someday! Thanks for everything and I hope our awesome friendship has many years to come. <3 

Then I want to thank everyone I ever talked to on tumblr. My hoes @khwabonkeparindey and @godbastian of course! @mukemyspiritanimal and @whimsy-by-joja, I’m so happy we’re talking! :) @this-is-that-moment and @rosbergkingdom who I only recently started talking too but I enjoy that very much. Then the people I don’t talk to regularly but everytime I reblog your posts (or you reblog mine) I’m happy that we’re in this weird coexistance tumblr friendship space @jabbubabbu @quemadrid @lucasdigrassis
Also the blogs who deactivated over the time span I’ve been hanging around on this hellsite, thanks for talking to me at the time. I hope you have an awesome life. 

Then of course the people I really have to apologize to. @backwardsandinhighheels @wilari and @menschenfresse - I’m so sorry that I’m the worst at replying! I haven’t forgotten about you and I’m so happy everytime I see you post something. I promise I will come back to you at some point, it’s just… taking forever, I’m afraid. ( @andiistufflive and @seeyalater also fit into this category, I’m the worst, I’m so sorry!!)

@liviajune gets an extra mention bc we didn’t meet on tumblr but irl.
And while I’m talking about IRL stuff: @whimsy-by-joja and @andiistufflive, I’m so happy I had the possibility to meet each of you in person and I hope very much that we’ll continue this. Also @seeyalater I really hope that meeting up in Spa will work out!! :) 

And I want to thank the blogs who I never really interacted with but I see y’all reblogging my stuff and I reblog yours and I still feel like we have a silent friendship! There are so many but especially @theglimmmertwins @gayish-potato-f1 @livelongandfangirling @lost-decade @illegaile @ramblingsofateaaddict @bekahlonso

Then the blogs who follow me for my Marvel love @greymantledlady @tonydarling @marvelfanuniverse @tony-stark-has-a-heart or for my - not forgotten, never!! - love for Star Trek @urban-trek-thru-middle-earth and @whimsy-by-joja and just in general everyone who follows me for the things I love, but don’t post about all the time anymore bc I got consumed by Formula 1. Thank you so much for sticking around!! Also, maybe blacklist f1 with xkit if you haven’t already hahaha <3 

Thank you to every one I have forgotten on this list but who made my tumblr experience awesome.
I want to thank every single one of my followers!!! You’re awesome! <3
(also, thx, dear car bots, for boosting my ego. lmao.)

I hope we’ll continue to have an awesome time here. Tumblr is my safe space and I love that I can just be myself on here. Everyone who reads this, I hope you have an amazing day. Feel hugged!! 

Thank you! Danke! Merci! Gracias! Bedankt! Dĕkuji! Gratias ago!
All the love in the world, Sam. xx

anonymous asked:

Has there been a moment like this in the fandom before? A moment people were so fucking terrified that Harry is straight that they forget about everything and resort to Larry isn't real? Did hat happen with BG? I wasn't here for that he dear lord this discourse is ridiculous. I never knew singing about a woman made a man straight. Wow I'm floored.

Honestly…when it comes to a lot of fans, often myself included, it’s a lot like 

I’m really quite unaware of this hysteria you speak of, but maybe that’s because I follow mostly humour and dog blogs on Tumblr. Man, I love dogs. They’re a very close second to Harry Styles on the list of things I love most. It goes

1. Harry

2. Dogs

3. Pizza


I think what a lot of people are feeling at the moment is a bit of betrayal. I know that this “girlfriend” thing certainly caught me off guard. The signs were all there, but part of me was naively like, “Maybe it’ll be fine…maybe they’ll just do some no homo past relationship references in print interviews and that’ll be that…” And so I genuinely thought that Harry rainbow-wearin, bee tattoo-havin Styles would be free of any further bearding bullshit and then it was like 

When I say the signs were all there, I mean that the Rolling Stone article was still pushing his ex-”girlfriends”, Grimmy was bantering with him about dating women, and the fact that both Harry and Louis are still with Sony and BG hasn’t ended, all point to the fact that neither of them are looking like they’re about to come out in the immediate future. 

Of course, anyone with eyes can take a look at Harry and see that he’s clearly putting out  at the very least androgynous, and at the very most very pro-LGBTQ+ vibes with all the rainbows and pink. As always I think it’s far more important to look at Harry’s actions as opposed to whatever tabloid trash that Dan Wootton regurgitated for Simon Cowell about Harry.

I think people are entitled to be hurt and maybe feel a bit misled, but there is an entire world that Harry actually exists in that we have no idea about. No one even knew that he was in Jamaica for MONTHS. Most of the general public know a very distinct public image of Harry, and while I don’t like it, I can certainly see where pulling a completely 180 on his identity and possibly sexuality immediately prior to dropping his album would be a very hard no from certain business people. 

Of course I don’t need to like that, or in any way condone or excuse the actions of women who contribute to homophobic practises like bearding, but I’m certainly not going to blame Harry for doing what’s within his limits to try and stay as true to himself as possible. To this day neither Louis nor Harry have every said out loud in an interview that they aren’t in a relationship. There was the “people GENUINELY think” and the bullshit tweets, but the fact that something that would be so easy to dismiss, and surely in a respectful way like, “You know, I can understand why people thought that, but we’re just friends” has never been said is quite telling. I hate that Harry was put in that position in the first place, but his complete refusal to just say the word “No” has been prevalent for awhile. 

The only alternative is that they aren’t allowed to deny it because they’re queer baiting a section of the fandom, but given how distinctly homophobic their team has been at times, I find it extremely hard to believe that it’s a priority for them to pander to that demographic. And if you think that Harry “I study rainbows” Styles, who thanks fans for donating to the LGBTQ+ switchboard would stoop so low as to use queer baiting then in that instance I would certainly say that you’re the epitome of a shitty fan. 

If people want to take all of Harry’s lyrics literally, I think they should probably avoid getting a degree in English literature because their ability to read into symbolism and metaphors is severely lacking.    

To her next lover:

Dear whoever is next,

Please take care of her. I know it’s odd of her ex to say but please don’t break her. Let her know that she’s worth it and that you truly love her. Love her like I did, but even more. I made a mistake of doing that, not loving her enough. But make her time worth it. Hold her hand, watch movies and cuddle.

But promise me one thing. Don’t let her go, ever.

—  Theodor H.S.A.

davidmont  asked:

I hope you're less sleepy my friend, I love you and you inspire me always, your newest lot is such precious, you made me imagine a lot of things! Awww

Thank you my dear friend. I absolutely feel better and better each day. Hoping the worst has past. Believe me it’s more fun creating and being creative! Also, thank you for always filling my inbox with lots of LOVE. You’re absolutely the best David. One of my best Tumblr friends…gonna stop because I’m gonna get all sappy and need kleenex. 

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Ok, so I made a post about how "you can ship whatever you want, it is fiction and literally doesn't affect you" and didn't mention a SINGLE pairing in the text. I tagged it with some popular ships (the ones I see fighting mostly), and I got blown up by a lot of antis who were harping on me for crosstagging and can I just say? That on Tumblr there doesn't seem to be any group more angry than the anti-reylos? Coming from an adult, there are more serious things in this world to get worked up over.

Oh dear :( Sorry your post got blown up like that! Especially one that was trying to make peace. 

Yeah, I have to agree. I’ve been in quite a few fandoms, and although every fandom has antis, the ones within the Star Wars fandom that are less favourably inclined towards reylo can be quite…. umm…. we’ll go with angry, yeah. Not all of them, of course. Every fandom/community, including ships. have their bad eggs. Even the reylo ship has its share of bad eggs. But I’ve never been on a ship where it’s antis have lashed out so viciously at times. I’ve received many a hateful anon - thankful they are few and far between - that has had my blood boiling. Some of the stunts some antis have pulled have been really unsavoury, to say the least. Sigh. 

At the end of the day you are completely right, this is fiction and there are more important things to get worked up about. Getting angry at shippers just for enjoying a fictional ship accomplishes nothing. 

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I usually atempt to do pixel art on program like GrafX2 or piskel but they are so to enlarge them?

I’m glad you asked!

In Piskel there is a slider on the export tab made just for this:

But how do you know how much to scale? Or if you’re using other software, what format to save as? Png, gif, jpeg? And what enlarging method (interpolation) to use?

I made this mini-tutorial for Pixel Art Academy backers a while ago, which answers those things (excuse the non-pixel-perfect design, Kickstarter updates have a wider width than tumblr).

The example images are from a young artist Faxdoc and you should totally read how fast he has progressed in this last year in a Retronator Magazine article Progress and Inspiration of Faxdoc.

Hope this helps, dear Anonymous.