dear tumblr i hate you love me

Dear my once upon a time,

You think you’re absolutely ordinary, but do you know why I put you on this pedestal?

To me, you are above everyone. Yes, you have your flaws. And I’m not gonna say, “I love your flaws”, like every cliché you’ve ever heard. Honestly, I hate them. But I love you even along with all of them.

You showed me that even if it doesn’t come to you the way you expected it to, love is love, and it’s great. You showed me how much power there is even in vulnerability. You were everything I wanted and even though for a brief period, you gave me everything I needed. You loved me right and showed me how to love right.

But the biggest reason I’m so thankful for you?

You built me from the ground up. When you were here and when you were away, you taught me how to be brave. You showed me that I am all I need to survive this. And now, whether you’re here or you’re away, I’m not afraid of anything.

I don’t know if you think much of me, but I think the world of you.

Yours truly.


Lakshmi Nagaraj

I’m finally fearless.

You taught me
to love
so very
But you also
broke my heart

You taught me
But you also
caused me
the worst

You taught me
what it means
by adoration.
But you also
kill me slowly
waiting for you
in anticipation.

You taught me
in love
we ought
to believe.
But you also
left me drowning
in so much grief.

You taught me
to love
me for me.
But you also
destroyed me.

You taught me
the ugly truth
about love.
I hope you know
it’s coz of you
that I no longer
believe in love.

Cheese Dick Means I Love You in Ghost Speak and I Think That's Beautiful

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as requested <3

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Pairings: Danny Fenton/Vlad Masters (pupil au)

Rating: G (or RG for Really Gay)

Warnings: i hate formatting ghost speak, do you even know the trouble i went through? it was horrible and shame on both tumblr and ao3 for not letting me use cool fonts. Im warning you now that i ended up just keysmashing it

Summary: Danny is absolutely awful at both ghost speak and confessions but Vlad doesnt seem to mind. Based off this comic by dear @promsien 

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Dear Future Lover,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I couldn’t stay strong. I scarred my body. I pulled unintentional all-nighters. I told myself ugly words that no human deserves to hear. I hated myself, yet I still wanted somebody to love me. I couldn’t love myself back then, but I love myself now. And I’m ready to love you too. I’m ready for the I love yous. I’m ready to hold you and listen to you. I’m ready for the endless kisses. I’m ready for the fights and the hurt because I know we will always make it right in the end. Although it may be a while before we meet, I’m ready for you, and I hope you are ready for me.

—  original word // #8
Dear Ereri Shippers,

I have something to say, I know we all make posts now and then to defend Ereri but I just want to make an appreciation post for the shippers. I have been in a lot of fandoms before on tumblr, and let me start by saying that I haven’t ever seen so much harmony, unity and a sense of family for a ship before, and that means a lot when you consider it is the biggest snk ship out there and comes in top 20 ships of Tumblr. And it is cause each single one of you contributes in it. The amount of beautiful fanarts, doujins, comics of different styles is produced by this fandom just tells you how purely talented it is, Then we have our fanfic writers, all of them produced over 4.5 K worth of fics last year. That’s huge. That makes the ship tag so popular on AO3 but that’s just the numbers; we have writers who write different genres and continue to write brilliant fanfics everyday. 

But that’s not it all.

Let me tell you in one of the major fandoms I was in before, we had to create an anti anon hate network because of the hate, the problem was no one was ready to send anon love so you had to get tumblr users together to send a person love. Then there are fandoms where only one person gets love and you have to be famous to get even one anon telling you to have a nice day, but then there is this ship. I have never ever not received a nice person or anon telling me to have a good day even when I say I am having a bad day. The overwhelming love here is astounding. Shout out to each beautiful blogger who sends love to the shippers and keep running this fandom. Shout out to the people who leave positive comments under artworks and inspire the artists to draw. Shout out to each person who comments on the fics and inspires the authors to write and become a better writer. You guys are the backbone of the fandom. 

My brother went to Israel last year and he told me something interesting: That Jews have a very strong sense of brotherhood, in their culture each person has to have extra food prepared/ rooms ready to rest in for any person who needs it. Anyone, including pure strangers, can drop by anytime, and you’re sure to have welcoming arms ready for you, the unity comes from their hard past, and it slightly reminds me of our fandom culture, almost every ereri shipper has gotten hate here and have been called disgusting names, but we still stay strong. We are always there to support each other because we’re like a brotherhood, hate doesn’t drive us to hate this ship, it makes us love it more, and each Ereri blog is a safeplace for shippers, no matter if you believe in Top!Eren or Top!Levi, whether you call it Ereri, Riren or Rivaere, or it is your ultimate OTP or you just ship it. You’re always welcomed here.  

For a ship that receives so much hate, we all are strong, have been strong, will be strong. Here is to all of you who make it possible. All the people who contribute to this ship in different ways everyday. 

It is a shoutout to the shippers, you make this ship worth it 

When I opened my mouth to sing
I sang a sweet melody
In a tone you always loved
My dear beloved,
It tasted bitter in my mouth
My heart retained that mutual pain
Don’t you hate it?
False realities and temporary forevers. I knew no better.
I laugh because I know you did.
I was losing sight if what I wanted to see
Better to be alone than prone to your misuse of my time
I always knew there was nothing to see in you, nothing you could attribute to the enhancement of me
I just hoped you had something to prove.
—  jetaime-jasmine, “Thoughts of a Burning Heart” by 

So this is for @sankontesu.

And let me just say…. the bitter InuKik queen in me has some very mixed feelings about you, but in the best way possible.

I am so used to be slammed in this fandom for loving the pairing I do, but ever since I came to tumblr, you have been nothing but accepting. You’ve become a dear friend, even.

And its you that has more or less taken away my bitterness towards lovers of InuKag. Because, truthfully, I love the pairing too, but… I hated the shippers because of the shit they said to me over the years.

But then you come along, and are not only supportive and kind, but you even write me fanfiction for a pairing that you don’t enjoy and I just….

Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you so kind?

Thank you for teaching me that I don’t have to stand in this fandom with my claws out. I swore I would never post my InuKag art for the world to see simply because of petty spite that’s festered over the years, but…

I’ll post it for you.

Thank you for being a sweet heart.

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Dear Tumblr,

To all the people on here that want to comment on my relationships I want to say this. I love tumblr because I can share my experiences with so many different people but for the past 6 months I have stopped sharing these moments and have been hiding my new girlfriend from all of you. I did not want people commenting on my relationship with her and I wanted to let sarah move on without all of this in her face. I cared about sarah a lot and I always will. She needed someone to hate so I let my best friend hate me so she could move on even if I was just trying to be as happy as I could be. A part of me will always hate the way it ended and hate myself for hurting her but I promised myself that I would chase my own happiness wherever it led me. Everyone might have been shocked with the picture and might have their own theories on why I posted it but the only reason I posted it was to share, with the few people that have been supportive of me through all of this, that I am happy. I have been hiding my happiness for months to be sensitive to everyone but its not fair to me to do that anymore. For the people that have been negative and are probably rooting against my happiness im sorry. I have found an amazing person that makes me happy every day. Please unfollow me if it bothers you that much.


Dear followers,

I’m sorry if you hate me for all the Project No Control posts.

I’m trying to rebuild our campaign but I’m certain it’s super annoying having it all over your dash since I just queued up. 

But it would be a HUGE help if you could reblog whenever you see it and help me spread word by spamming Tumblr with me. 

I’d greatly appreciate it.

Happy Aura Fluff Day!

*fluff* *fluff* *fluff* *fluff* *fluff* *fluff* *fluff* *fluff*

Alright kittens, I know I’m a bit late to the game but Sundays without Once are for antiquing and wine with a dash of cleaning, so here we are! Better late than never. I want you to know just how wonderful you are, and how you brighten my life right up.

For my girls, the ones who have become true, dear friends. I love Tumblr for bringing you into my life, I hate Tumblr because you are so far away. You gals make me ridiculously happy, and are spectacular friends. Anyone who says internet friends are not real friends can suck a rotten boner.

  • captainhand (forever my Anne, my wife, the cutest cute of all the cutes)
  • sweetestinthegale (Kate my actual soulmate. Not an exaggeration. Cannot remember life before I knew you. Don’t care to.)
  • killians-dimples (BK the light of my life, destroyer of my soul, soon to be smothered with my love IRL)
  • ohmyohpioneer (Sarah my soul twin, purveyor of the most beautiful words and total babe.)
  • qqueenofhades (Hilary, goddess eternal of immense talent and sparkling snark. Makes me unattractively chortle.)
  • wedlakeserenities (The beautiful, talented, kind, actual-Disney-princess goose to my kitten.)
  • jenny-jen-mo (My hilarious lil kookaburra, JMo twin and fashion czar.)
  • the-lady-swan (The Rory to my Amy, my Care Bear extraordinare who’s heart is bigger than the ocean.)
  • i-know-how-you-kiss ( **please sing to tune of Tiny Dancer** Hold me closer, sassy daaaaancer. Make me cry with your perfect storieeeeeees.)
  • i-love-you-swan (Kimmy, my beautiful Irish rose, who is such a good friend and sends me Cadbury.)

The recappers/reviewers that make me fall in love with episodes all over again and bring such perfect insight to the fandom:

Gifmakers who give me life and allow me to sigh over a moment in time over and over and over again obsessively until I collapse into a puddle of feels:

Fic writers who speak to my soul with their beautiful words and make me fall in love with my OTP again and again across times and realms. Their imagination and talent seriously takes my breath away sometimes:

The artists whose talent is INSANE. We are such a crazy lucky fandom to have these brilliant monarch butterflies fluttering in our midst:  

Meta-writers who blow my mind with their brilliance, who pick up on and share themes and ideas that make the show so much more enjoyable to watch:

And then there’s the amazing goons who brighten my dash and inbox on the regular, who help make the tumblr world a wonderful place to be for me:

I’m sure I missed people, but know that all of you reading this are just the loveliest and are the reason I spend farrrrrrrrrrrrrr too much time on this blasted website. I blame each and every one of you kittens for this unhealthy obsession. I hope you’re happy. 

Dear Love,
I haven’t seen you in three months.
It’s kinda rude you know,
To come around and sweep me up,
Pick me up
Build me up
Hold me up
Or even just
Hold me,
When you knew
You were going away.
So damn far away.
I hate you for that.
I hate that you had to do that. 

It’s not totally your fault Love. 
I knew what the ending would be. 
But I will admit,
When I began this story
I had no idea you would show up.
Yet there you were,
Looking at me through the eyes 
Of a 6'4’’ blonde boy
With the deep voice
And even deeper heart.
As soon as I saw you
I knew I was in danger. 

I was right.

I don’t regret it.
Not even a little bit. 
Do I enjoy having my heart 
Packed up and shipped off
For an eternity and a day? 
Not particularly. 
But when you let me hold you Love,
I knew I would never be able to let you go. 
So I let you take hold of me,
And now that you’ve gone,
You still have all of me. 

Maybe that’s why I feel so empty. 

I miss you. 
I have looked for you 
In places I know you won’t be. 
There is a boy who used to look at me
Like I was his sun and moon
And sometimes when I see him
I think I can still see traces of you
Deep in his soul,
Even though I know you’ve left him.
You’ve left me too
And you put False Hope
And Empty Sadness in your place.

Please come home.
I cannot wait forever.

—  T.N.B (via ofangelsandrainstorms)

Hello dear beloved friends of Planet Tumblr!

May I ask a small favor? If you’ve read any of my books and you were blessed, I want to kindly ask that you’d write a review on Amazon. They’re extremely helpful to me and it doesn’t need to be long or anything. Even if you hated it, that’s okay too. It would really take just a few minutes of your day. :)

- What The Church Won’t Talk About
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Love y'all and thank you! – J.S.