dear tumblr i hate you love me

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Some people are just unnecessarily cruel. 

Some people will hurt others, just for the sake of causing pain. 

I can’t tell you why. Maybe they get some sort of satisfaction out of feeling “stronger” than their victims, maybe they carry some hidden pain that they take out on others. Maybe, and i prefer to believe that every person is a kind person deep down, but maybe some people are just evil. 

As these people seek out “weak” targets, they often choose to attack us. 

You may expect it but i’ll not end this letter with “But they can’t hurt us” because that would be a lie. It does hurt. It can be heartbreaking and painful and make you hate yourself. The pain that hateful people cause is real and i don’t want to cover it up with sweet words. 

You’re allowed to feel pain, my dear. You’re human. 

You’re not weak just because you’re not invincible. Strength doesn’t equal “Nothing can hurt me”. 

Hate causes pain. The solution to this should not be “We need to become numb to pain”. 

It’s “They need to stop hating us”. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 


i  normally  don’t  do  things  like  this  because  i’m  super  lazy,    but  also  because  i’ve  never  really  had  too  many  friends  on  my  blogs.    but  since  being  on  kev,    i’ve  found  such  lovely  people.    first,   i’d  like  to  go  through  my  baes  who  i  talk  to  all  the  time  in  no  particular  order  !!   then  i’ll  address  those  of  you  who  i  want  to  get  to  know  better  &&  adore  seeing  on  the  dash.    i  love  you  all  &&  i’ll  inevitably  forget  people  so  please  don’t  hate  me.

@pussycatted / jackie   -   my  dear,    we’ve  been  friends  since  you  really  made  fun  of  me  for  my  og  mumu  of  wretchedhollow  &&  you  made  me  the  tree  with  the  frowny  face.    since  then,   we  still  don’t  know  much  about  each  other,   but  our  banter  gives  me  life  &&  i  just  appreciate  &&  adore  you  with  all  my  heart  &&  think  you’re  so  so  talented..    you’re  incredible  &&  your  url  always  throws  me  off  because  tumblr  doesn’t  like  the  word

@anguishborn / @yourewlcme / kelsey   -    we’ve  been  friends  for  quite  some  time,   back  when  i  think  you  were  just  a  justin  blog ??  i  can’t  even  remember  but  i  adore  you  &&  we’ve  been  talking  so  much.   you’ve  always  been  nothing  but  kind  to  me  &&  you’re  just  so  good  with  your  portrayals  &&  i’m  happy  to  call  you  a  close  friend.    thank  you  for  putting  up  with  my  bullshit  all  the  time <3

@pcrfectdaughter / k   -     i’ve  admired  you  for  way  too  long  &&  just  am  so  happy  we’ve  become  friends.    you’re  incredibly  sweet  &&  i  know  you’re  having  a  hard  time  right  now  so  i  just  want  you  to  know  that  you  have  my  support  &&  i  love  you  so  much  &&  just  thank  you  so  much  for  being  the  betty  to  my  kev  &&  just  being  my  friend  my  love.

@tryingmother / steph    -   aww  steph  we  don’t  talk  enough  lately.   you’re  so  amazing  &&  such  a  sweetheart  &&  i  just  completely  adore  you.    i  love  mama  coop  &&  i’m  so  happy  that  we’ve  become  friends.   i  love  writing  with  you  &&  freaking  out  about  riverdale  with  you  okay  <3

@ponytaled / lauren    -   one  of  my  favorite  new  people.    we  just  met  &&  i  just  think  you’re  one  of  the  kindest,   most  beautiful  &&  positive  people  &&  i’m  so  excited  to  get  to  know  you  better.   i’m  just  excited  to  be  your  friend  &&  have  more  people  to  talk  to  about  our  kids  &&  riverdale  &&  jfakdsljf 

@crimsonuproar / yusi     -     i’m  constantly  admiring  you  from  afar  but  you  know  how  much  i  love  &&  adore  you  &&  you’re  just  so  talented  &&  i  just  hope  we  can  become  better  friends  in  time.   you’re  amazing  okay  keep  doin u  boo

@snakeworn / mia     -    mia  where  have  you  been  all  my  life.     i  totally  feel  like  we’re  going  to   continue  to  get  along  swimingly  &&  i’m  excited  to  have  another  person  to  shout  with  me  about  all  things  riverdale.    you’re  so  talented  &&  i’m  so  excited  for  our  kids  on  wednesday  okay  <3 

@gingerspook / @ghostbatteries  /  des     -    we  don’t  talk  enough  anymore  &&  i  miss  u  sm   but  i  just  want  you  to  know  that  ily  sm sm sm   &&   i’m  just  always  blown  away  at  how  truly  talented  you  are.

the  rest  of  you  baes  !!!

@horselikemoose  /  @rchbtch  /  @meddlingheels / @chaosblossomed / @heartguided / @leftown / @crowneddarko / @bravewitch / @illsingalone / @joneshead / @cryoconquer / @idylliics / @lodgebitten / @teencgewitch / @wantsbest / @teenagecasanova / @serpentfamily / @deathfucked / @fuckboiandrews / @infancyheels / @tornpearls / @queenv / @serpentside / @wrecksthings / @writesnovels / @steeledwill / @aimedtrue / @youwrite / @warbleralways / @hackedpower / @blosscmed / @fiercefastball / @hischair / @allamericanxgay / @selflessvixen / @reggies / @descntos / @vanityriot / @ravenvixcn / @cinephilliac / @webwiings / @invisiblechimera / @arrogancekills / @corruptedgood / @nctafailure / @bittenrage / @anguishbrought / @wreckshavoc / @susceptibles / @fatecrossed / @cassette11 / @roseguided  / @deathrepeated / @lodgeds / @mxitre / @creativechaos / @badrogues / @ofbrokenhope / @exceptorange / @snakesided / @leftmourning / @atomicked / @seesworth / @frostslain / @clawridden / @coyoted / @taeted / @reprisale / @heartspure / @dudebroreg / @knowingtruth / @neharah / @cynicalwitted / @venomclaws / @boyvained / @alphaled / @snakefool / @survivingbywits / @stolenparticles / @fictations / @goldenboyed / @bmbshl/ @reformt / @gingerquiff / @bulldogsnvixens / @spookyspellman / @roseached / @spellmcn / @pcwerandcontrol / @witchstrife / @girllorn / @triedhisbest / @burntvixen / @rightried / @goldenjock / @slashesthroats / @gothicfire / @redvixens / @starscrushed / @witchwisp / @r218 /   &&  whoever  else  i  missed  !!!  wow  that’s  a  lot  tho  !!

thank  you  thank  you  thank  you   //    let  me  also  take  this  as  an  opportunity  to  plug  my  multi,   @fragilelycomposed,   as  well  as  announce  that  i’m  working  on  a  fandomless  oc  to  come  very  soon.  //   i  love  you  all  !!  <3

You taught me
to love
so very
But you also
broke my heart

You taught me
But you also
caused me
the worst

You taught me
what it means
by adoration.
But you also
kill me slowly
waiting for you
in anticipation.

You taught me
in love
we ought
to believe.
But you also
left me drowning
in so much grief.

You taught me
to love
me for me.
But you also
destroyed me.

You taught me
the ugly truth
about love.
I hope you know
it’s coz of you
that I no longer
believe in love.

anonymous asked:

Dear Virusap, I'm here just to tell you that I hate you. I'm just having fun in Tumblr but you came by, you destroyed my life. Your Fake Laf Au and your art made me helpless. I hate the sin but I love the sinner. You are the reason why I began shipping Lafham. You turned my heart into ashes. You batard, I will not sit and watch this craziness. Congratulation for corrupting me. I hope that you burn and that would be enough. A. Non (Actually I love you, don't give up and finish what you've begun)



This is brillant

Everything is written here is brillant ahah

Thanks <3

anonymous asked:

Despite of all the hate, do you still ship Ereri?

I think the fact that I run this blog makes the answer to that obvious, no? hehe.

No hate is going to ever stop me from shipping anything. I’ll end up blocking half of this website if I need to before that happens!

I’ve shipped ereri for a long time, way long before I even joined tumblr, and during all this time my love for the ship has only increased. It’s my favorite ship, Eren and Levi are my favorite characters, and I love the fandom and their amazing creations. Ereri is very dear to me, and no hate can change that.

If someday I lose interest on it, it will be probably because many years have passed and the series has ended, and it will be time to move on. But even then, I can see myself still going back and rereading the same fics all over again, enjoying the same old arts, etc., haha. 

Don’t worry, I’m going to be here still appreciating Ereri for a very long time (^_−)

anonymous asked:

Mommy! I missed you so much. I wanted to tell you that I had a crush on a straight friend of mine a while ago and that's how I realised I was bi. She knows now and she's very accepting of it and she's still my friend. It makes me very happy to see her everyday and know that she doesn't hate me even though she knows. I'm over her now but I still talk to her about it sometimes and she listens like she wants to understand. I love you!

My dear bi child, 

I missed you, too! 

Thankyou for sharing your story with us <3 

Having a crush on a straight person can be very painful, so i’m happy that she reacted accepting and wants to understand. It’s sweet to know that you are still friends! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

“There can only be two ways
How tonight will unfold
Either I’ll let you in
Or you’ll still be begging for my soul.

There’s two ways
Of how’s it gonna go,
You might fall irrecoverably in love
Or stay confused, hating me , I know.

Two ways, my dear
The stars are the witness above high.
Either I’ll lock you in my cage
Or you’ll unfasten my wings to fly.

Two ways to dusk
While we melt or sulk
Until then why not let it all in
Live through pain as it unwraps the new beginning.”

anonymous asked:

More facts about you please !! <3

  • My favorite color is black.
  • My favorite movie is “Only Lovers Left Alive”.
  • Favorite actors: Tom Hiddleston & Jeremy Irons.
  • Favorite actresses: Vera Farmiga & Tilda Swinton.
  • I take my coffee black with a teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • I loathe mornings and i’m a night owl.
  • I hate summer, i love autumn/winter
  • I can play the guitar, the ukulele, and a bit of piano.

Just ask me anything you want, dear. I’m not good at this i’m just saying random things. Ahaha.


dear man who loves me,

I’m sorry that my mouth doesn’t form around the word ‘want’ very easily,
that in all my time on this earth
I have only felt the kindness of people on
tv screens and in pages of safe books
that I hide on the shelves of my heart.

that in every case that someone has touched me
it has left scars,
that whatever may be left of the beating organ in my chest
is held together with duct tape
and tense hope
that whoever next comes along
learns to be more gentle.

I’m sorry that I will need reassurance that you love me,
that I’ll constantly feel like a weight
that’s carried in your palms or on your
mind -
dear god, don’t be afraid to tell me to stop.
I’m not so fragile despite my cracks,
I can take the blunt of judgement on my shoulders,
I’ve been told they’re wide enough.

I leave tea-filled strainers on the counter,
my necklaces throughout your home as if a small sign
of me saying you’re mine.
I don’t take sugar in my coffee and I
drink orange juice only in the morning.
that in the span of a few days,
I have memorized what your back feels like
and what side you sleep on.

I’m sorry I won’t ever be comfortable in my own skin
and my mind will try to kill me over and over again,
that I won’t be able to draw a straight line
because my body decides that
staying still is not for me,
that I’ll tell you I’m not enough
I’m too much
I’m too little.

but most of all,
dear man who loves me,
I am sorry that I will never be able to tell you
how much your love means to me
and how,
for the moments that we are together,
I forget what hating myself feels like.

—  I am sorry. K. Kazik.

anonymous asked:

Dear smoothyousef, I'm sitting here where we first met on Tumblr. The time is now late as fuck. I'm sorry you created me. I'm sorry I didn't tell you this would have been the worst decision of your life. Just remember, I will exist for eternity. I will love you forever. -Karl

i hate myself so much

anonymous asked:

Oh, man. I just wanted to say that I love your work - be it art, moodboards or writing. Especially writing, I get chills whenever I read or reread any of your poems, they hit SO HARD. They always keep pulling me back, you know? The things you say, the way you say them... You inspire me so much. Keep being awesome. 💞

Such messages like this make every anon sending hate, every blatant rude ask vanish. People like you dear anon are what makes it worth for me to stay here on tumblr and keep creating. Thank you <3

Cheese Dick Means I Love You in Ghost Speak and I Think That's Beautiful

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as requested <3

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Pairings: Danny Fenton/Vlad Masters (pupil au)

Rating: G (or RG for Really Gay)

Warnings: i hate formatting ghost speak, do you even know the trouble i went through? it was horrible and shame on both tumblr and ao3 for not letting me use cool fonts. Im warning you now that i ended up just keysmashing it

Summary: Danny is absolutely awful at both ghost speak and confessions but Vlad doesnt seem to mind. Based off this comic by dear @promsien 

AO3 Link

Keep reading

xgmara  asked:

OMG!!!! Your Halloween stories they were just divine!! I would love to see inside your brain and see all this creativity you have. ( I gag at the Jared one due to my imagination actually putting smell in my brain, the story was that good it trick my brain. I hate the smell of newborns, they smell like raw meat to me! So bravo on making me want to puke)

Thank you so much, dear! <3  A big hug for you before i forget.

Yes. Jared’s was the gross one. And the one with the strongest content i’d say. Yuck. I just thought about it again. Ahaha!

Till next year… hopefully.


vilemie  asked:

Name: Emi | Age: 18 | Meaning behind tumblr url: I am vile and my name is ridiculous| Hobbies/Interests: memes, videogames, crying because art is hard| Why you follow me: I met you during an inktober discord chat and fell in love with your art and characters! | Random fact about myself: I hate pineapple | Question for you: What is your favorite piece of art ever you did? :] ❤️

Hehehe, I like the meaning behind your url xD Also relate to the crying because art is hard, that’s a hobby of mine as well. Also aahh, thank you ;_;

My favourite piece, oh dear… *dives into the art tag and doesn’t come back for several days* Okay, one that I’m still really proud of just because I managed to finish it is The Blanket - because it was a very personal-ish thing that I had wanted to do for the longest time. Can’t believe it’s so old again already, like wow… Also still really like how these two commissions for @iio-in-thedas turned out: Mah’ri and Mah’ri & Beorne (I just love Iio’s OCs a lot okay XD it’s always a pleasure to draw them :D). And another quite old one is The Mirror because it was the first time I tried to consciously shift my style into a certain direction and I’m still very happy with how Tam’s and Dori’s faces turned out.

To Whom It May Concern

Dear future girlfriend,

I hope you don’t mind all of the poetry that I’m inevitably going to write about you.

About the way that your lips will curve when you smile,

about the way your hand will fit perfectly into mine

like the two pieces that finished the aggravating 500 piece puzzle,

about the way your eyes will twinkle when you look at someone you love,

when you look at me, perhaps.

I will write about the parts of you that you hate,

your lovely smile,

your beautiful, vibrant green eyes,

the cute curls in your hair,

which my fingers will have the pleasure of running through.

Hopefully because of me, you will begin to embrace them in the same way that I will.

I hope you’ll laugh at my puns,

because we’ll have chemistry,

and I’ll also think of you periodically.

I hope that no matter what,

after all of our cheesy coffee shop dates,

after all of our summer nights wasted stargazing upon the rooftop of your house upstate,

you’ll know that you’ll have made a big impact on my life,

whether you’re there with me to share it or not.