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This line if anyone doesn’t know comes from Tony and Fury’s conversation during Age of Ultron. The conversation where Tony says that the vision Wanda gave him, is the future. He blames himself. 

This is not just the end of the path the group started them on, Tony claims all responsibility. I started us on. This idea that Tony tries to push off the blame for his actions, is honestly baffling. Tony consistently accepts blame for other people’s actions. 

Let’s go through some of the movies and see where Tony takes responsibility. 

In Ironman 1 we see Tony Stark, talking with Yinsen in Afghanistan. He’s scaredd, confused, and in pain. Despite all of that, one of the first things he notices about his kidnappers, they have his weapon. Which he finds absolutely jarring because he only sells his weapons to the US military. 

He is absolutely shocked that these terrorists have his weapons, because Obidiah was the one selling to them behind his back. However, he takes responsibility for his weapons getting in the wrong hands, and sets out to personally destroy every stockpile of weapons.

He took full responsibility for something that was not his fault. 

What about Age of Ultron.

The entire movie in Captain America civil war, is Tony attempting to make up for what happened. Notice he again says my fault. He has taken every bit of blame, he doesn’t blame Wanda for what she did to him, or for what she did to help Ultron with his plan. He doesn’t blame Bruce for helping him study the scepter. He doesn’t blame Ultron because ultimately Ultron’s actions were his own, he was a sentient being. Tony takes all of the blame on his shoulders, and supports the accords as a way of preventing further tragedies like Ultron. 

Tony consistently accepts blames for things he was only marginally connected to. Other people expect him to, and he gets blamed for the actions of others regularly.


This man blamed Tony Stark for the crimes Howard Stark committed against his father. Tony is expected to pay in blood for crimes that are not his own.  

Or what about 

Who after years of planning, and evil deeds blames Tony for all of it. A drunk celebrity said he would talk with him and then didn’t. I understand maybe Aldrich was devastated, and dealing with depression. However, his crimes are still his own, he still chose to commit them. He has had years to get a good therapist, he chose to develop a serum that kills people, and causes them to explode. 

This is not Tony’s fault, this is Killain’s. He made the decision to be a villain. 

Now let’s look at some of the other Avengers accepting responsibility for their actions. 

Well, that doesn’t sound like accepting responsibility for unleashing the Hulk onto a city of innocent people, and completely disrupting Dr. Banner’s peace of mind. She has to have accepted blame at some point, Captain America wouldn’t let her get away with this type of thing, would he?

“She’s just a kid.” Oh, of course well at least he accepts responsibility for his own mistakes.

“Did you know?” 

“I didn’t know it was him.”

“Don’t bullshit me Rogers, did you know?” 


Well he admits that he hid the truth for years after having his own lie waved in his face, not exactly taking responsibility.

What about Clint, he’s well known for considering the consequences of his actions. Mr. Clint “They’re considered.” Barton.

Oh no wait here’s another example of someone breaking the law and then blaming Tony for their own crimes. Wow the Aldrich Killian parallel I never wanted to make with one of my favorite comic book characters.

Now, all of the original team Cap is guilty of refusing responsibility for their crimes. What about Natasha? While we haven’t seen much of her origin Story she is supposed to be known for clearing the red off her ledger, and while we never see her take blame for much in canon, I blame Marvel’s shitiness with female characters and screen time. 

Or Bruce? Bruce is the only original Avenger we see taking blame for things other than Tony. He’ll take blame for any event the Hulk was involved in, that’s why he leaves at the end of AoU, because of Johannesburg. He still blames himself for breaking Harlem, despite the fight being necessary to protect people. 

Tl:dr this idea that Tony never accepts responsibility is really baffling to me, because team Cap never seemed to accept responsibility for anything they did wrong. Whereas Tony is constantly accepting blame, and working to improve himself and the situation. 

I was just thinking about how Tony was so ready to sacrifice his life to save New York. He was prepared to be trapped in the darkness of space, ready to die as long as it meant that everyone was safe and the invasion was stopped. Think about how he was willing to let go of life despite the fact of never seeing Pepper and Rhodey again. The fact that he would never be able to tinker and creation, to invent. To drink coffee and visit his favorite restaurant in town. How he would never be able to truly live life, being back on the right path. 

Him closing his eyes was the acceptance of losing everything, frightened but mentally ready to let go. A part of me wonders if he thought that this was the one good thing that he could do because he never truly though of himself as a hero. But I don’t think he did it with the aim to show people how good he was, he did it because he’s a good man and is always ready to sacrifice for the greater good. 

I was thinking about this. 


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Dear Anti Tony Stark Community,

yes, in am well aware that Tony Stark is fictional, as do I understand why it may be difficult to understand a character you may not be able to relate to. However, I don’t think many of you realize the message you’re sending to fellow Marvel fans, and people and general with mental illnesses. By not supporting and validating his manifestations of mental illness, you harm an already taboo and shunned community of people who’s symptoms, like Tony’s, can be destructive and scary.  I 100% empathize with Team Cap. Bucky has been through unimaginable pain and deserves to be protected and supported, as do most of the others. Bucky is seen as a martyr. His pain, his suffering, his mental illness is “pure” and “beautiful”. He is on a pedestal. His issues are handled in an idealized fashion.  As someone who is has symptoms in both categories, I’m not saying Bucky isn’t valid, he very much is, HOWEVER, don’t you dare tell me that Tony Stark is not valid in his pain as well. All of the demonized traits and actions of the man you hate so much stem directly from his own issues. From the beginning of his life, he was a victim of verbal, emotional, and (if the comics are being followed in MCU) physical.  That alone fucks shit up in a person.  Over the course of his life, he’s been taken advantage of by “friends” and romantic partners, betrayed by his only father figure (Obadiah) and best friend (Rhodey in IM2), degraded and demonized by the media and press, kidnapped by terrorists, tortured repeatedly (as a civilian, nonetheless), suffered (misplaced) guilt and over illegal weapons dealing he had no part in and dedicates his life to making right, had a near death experience with the arc reactor, experienced severe PTSD after flying a nuke into a wormhole to save the world, had his mind manipulated by Wanda to take advantage of his love for his teammates and need to protect the world, been physically and mentally abused by said teammates/friends (Natasha in IM2, after he trusts her, Thor in AoU, Team Cap in CW), found out his parents were murdered after having it kept from him by a trusted friend, left by the woman he loves, and other more minor things as well (feel free to add to that list yourself).  

Tony Stark’s mental illness is different than the rest of the MCU characters because it is not beautiful.  He is depressed, paranoid, traumatized, and isolated.  I’m not saying he is guiltless, far from it.  He made bad choices.  He has been selfish, ignorant, volatile, confrontational, defensive, and irresponsible.  But that doesn’t discount his suffering.  Drawing on my own experiences and research, he has classic PTSD and anxiety (panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares, paranoia), severe symptoms of depression (isolation, self deprecation, alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies, guilt, hopelessness), and a possible bipolar or personality disorder (manic energy/hyperactivity, impulsiveness, restlessness, anger).  His creation of Ultron (and other post-Afghanistan behavior) was, in my opinion, the culmination of severe, UNTREATED mental illness and trauma.  There is no evidence in any canon of him receiving counseling, medication or support for his issues, nor are they treated with the consideration, care, or sympathy of the others.  Instead, he becomes the villain.  

The point I’m trying to make is that alienating and abusing those with destructive manifestations of mental illness is not only wrong, it’s harmful to the individual, as well as society.  Mental illness is not pretty or easily sympathized with.  It can be screaming and anger and pushing loved ones away.  It can be recklessness and mania and skewed judgement and ugly breakdowns.  Tony and Bucky are different, but in many ways the same.  The only reason that one is adored and the other hated, is the stigma surrounding an honest portrayal of mental illness.  When you call Tony Stark a villain, a selfish bastard and an irresponsible, egotist, all you’re doing is telling the world that you only support those with depression, PTSD, anxiety and other disorders if they fit into a glorified mold of what mental illness is.  What validates one character demonizes another.  When you say those things, you hurt people like me who love Tony because we see ourselves in him.  He’s not unattainable or better than us.  He is relatable.  He is me.  It feels amazing to see someone we admire so much in a flawed way that makes us feel valid and represented in a positive way, not as the villain, but as the hero for once.  Whether you agree with me or not is up to you, but please, PLEASE, at least think about what you’re saying next time you post.  It could be more hurtful than you know.  Remember, pain is relative, and there is no one size fits all for mental illness.  Support people in pain, even if it’s not easy.

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Who in your otp had the emo phase in high school?

(I asked myself)

Obviously that would be Tony. I mean, come on. Steve went to high school in the 1920s. He probably had an asthma attack while trying to do the charleston on a dare at the school dance.

So yea, definitely Tony. It was a short phase that he went through that Howard was definitely not happy about, and anyone who brings up a photo of him in his emo phase will find their bank accounts empty very quickly.

+ Steve would definitely want to find these photos. Can you imagine Tony’s face when Steve holds up this photo of him.

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Spill the goss, do you think wanda and stephen have something going on?

Everythought!Tony for 15 asks - 8/15

“I…really don’t. No, scratch that, I’m completely sure. The only thing they have going on is a very strong, platonic friendship, and I really don’t know why anyone thinks there’s something else going on. Stephen’s married - well, sort of, in a sense. Engaged? Either way, in a committed relationship. And Wanda has Vision. Then there’s the age difference. Wanda always calls him ‘old man,’ I really don’t think that’s how most people flirt. Or it isn’t how you should flirt. Unless you’re into the whole…age-play thing, which is a kettle of fish I’m not going to open. Anyway - usually not the most effective option. Wanda and Stephen do love each other, but not in that way.”

You Were the Guardian Angel

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Prompt: Can I request a Natasha x female reader please? (Reader is an avenger with angel wings.) It takes place at the airport battle during Civil War and Natasha watch the reader trying to stop everyone from tearing each other apart up until the reader gets severely injured from jumping in and take the blows from Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s repulsor beam, which finally caused everyone to stop fighting each other and they take the reader to the hospital, ending the war.

Word Count: 1,555

A/N: Hope you enjoy! My writing skills are a bit rusty, but I really, truly hope that you like this. I love Natasha so much goddamn

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Heya nonny! x3 You got it, #2! Hope you like it, thanks for requesting! The way you said “I love you.” #2, with a hoarse voice, under the blankets.

The sun showed through the blinds, shining in Tony’s eyes as he groaned, burrowing deeper into the warm bed, pulling the sheets over him- Over the both of them. Over him and Steve.

“JARVIS, blinds.” He muttered, and the AI adjusted the settings without even asking, and Tony relaxed back into the comfy bed in the darker setting, before he slowly turned drowsily in Steve’s arms. He smiled at him fondly, his hands reaching over, cupping the blonde’s sleeping face, his calloused thumb sweeping over Steve’s cheek bone affectionately and gently.

He cradled the blonde against him, their legs tangled, with Steve giving a soft sigh as he nuzzled into Tony, still sleeping, worn out from their little session yesterday. They hadn’t had caught any down time for weeks, and they hadn’t been in the mood to stop for anything yesterday, having craved to be with each other for a very long time.

Tony continued to just hold and watch Steve as he slept, drifting off to his own thoughts, dozing on and off, however, when he felt the blonde twitch uneasily in his sleep, he jolted awake, and looked down, frowning. He looked okay. He watched a bit more, intently, and there it was. Steve twitched again, before a soft whimper left him as he moved again, twisting as if he didn’t know where to go. “Steve?” Tony called softly, reaching over and gently shaking him.

Steve didn’t wake, only curling up into a tighter ball and whimpering again, and the brunette tightened his grip on Steve’s shoulder, shaking him a bit more firmly. “Steve.” He called, still soft and quiet, and the blonde started shaking, pressing his face into the pillow.

“No… No, no, Tony. Tony, please, no.” Steve’s broken hearted murmurs and whimpers made Tony’s heart crack, and he steeled himself, shaking the blonde even harder.

“Steve! Wake up!” With that, Steve jolted awake, his eyes wide open as he stared at Tony, jerking away, huddled under the sheets.

“Woah, easy, easy.” Tony soothed, holding his palm out to the blonde, before he reached over slowly and smoothed it down the blonde’s shoulder, and Steve visibly relaxed, and the brunette could tell Steve was hanging onto his tears. “Aw, c’mere, Steve.” He opened his arms, and immediately, the blonde edged closer, nestling against Tony’s warm body, burying his face into the crook of his neck, pressing his cheek into Tony’s pulse point.

“Tony, Tony, you were dead, I couldn’t help you, you died, I couldn’t- I… I didn’t- I didn’t know what to do, I was so lost, I-” He started stammering, and Tony soothed him, making low reassuring noises in the back of his throat, running his fingers through the blonde’s hair, rubbing his back gently.

“No, Steve, it was just a dream, I’m here, sweetheart. You’re okay. We’re safe. It’s alright.” He murmured, and Steve swallowed, and after a while, he significantly calmed, and after a while, the blonde relaxed, nosing against Tony’s neck, exhaling with a shudder.

“There we go… You alright?” He asked, and Steve nodded after a bit, humming quietly, his arm slinging around Tony’s waist, bringing him closer to him. It was a little while later when from under the blankets, his voice still hoarse from the amount of noise he’d made yesterday, he pressed his lips to Tony’s neck, mouthing against the skin there, his hushed voice carrying to Tony.

“I love you…” He murmured quietly, and Tony smiled, leaning in to press a soft kiss into Steve’s lips, before kissing his nose.

“I love you too, dear.”